Lunch At Thai Pavilion Taj Vivanta Hyderabad


Thai Pavilion is a signature Thai restaurant of Taj Hotels. Besides this one in Taj Vivanta Hyderabad, there is another one in Mumbai. The restaurant and the Chef invited me to a lunch restaurant.

Thai Pavilion, Vivanta By Taj, Hyderabad
Thai Pavilion, Vivanta By Taj, Hyderabad

I must admit that I was apprehensive to go as my mental makeup of Thai Food and vegetarian food did not go hand in hand. I told the hosts that I am a vegetarian. And they said ‘No Worries’ and I went ahead. So here is what I experienced.

Thai Food at Thai Pavilion, Taj Vivanta Hyderabad

Wine display at Thai Pavilion
Wine display at Thai Pavilion


Being a high-end restaurant, the décor is elegant and inviting. There are patches of Golden color that never let you forget that you are in a Thai restaurant. But the colorful chandeliers give away that you are in the city of Hyderabad. And no place worth its salt in the city can be without the trademark chandeliers. The open kitchen makes you feel closer to the cooking team and adds to your craving for the food. There are young and vintage wines aesthetically displayed against the red and golden wall.

A vegetarian dish at Thai Pavilion, Vivanta
A vegetarian dish at the restaurant

The food at Thai Pavilion, Taj Vivanta Hyderabad

Cliché would say that food was good, but let me tell you what I ate and what I liked. Raw Papaya salad as an appetizer had the typical sugar and spicy flavors of Thailand. And honestly, I would not have made out that it is raw Papaya if I was not told. Then came a Thai version of Chaat i.e. crispy noodles in a tart-like presentation along with Coriander soup. Yod Ma Prao Himmapan or Palm Hearts was good, it looked too hard to be cut but the knife went easily through it. Besides this, I had spring rolls, red curry, jasmine rice, and a must-have for vegetarians – Tofu

Thai Chaat at Thai Pavilion
Thai Chaat at the restaurant


If you like Dessert even after a heavy meal and a full stomach, it must be very good. Tub Tim Grob or Diced Water Chestnut in Coconut Milk looked like a simple dessert when it came to the table. There was white coconut milk with some bright pink things inside it. And on the side was Sago pudding served with a few slices of Mango that I guess was to give the flavor of the season. But one spoon in the mouth and I was grinning. And ask them how did you give this sparkling pink color to the colorless chestnuts. I highly recommend this dessert.

Veg Spread at Thai Pavilion, Vivanta By Taj, Hyderabad
Veg Spread at Thai Pavilion

Overall, I was very happy with the vegetarian spread that I got and the new things that I got to try. I was told that most ingredients are imported from Thailand, especially spices and vegetables. Do we ever realize the amount of planning, effort, and resources that go behind a good-looking and tasty meal on our table?

Dessert Tub Tim Grob
Dessert Tub Tim Grob


I got to eat with the Chef so probably got the best service. But I can safely say that being a Taj restaurant, you can always expect good service. Besides our table, there was a group of ladies who were probably having their kitty party lunch. When they wanted to order something which is more of a Chinese dish, I saw the staff explaining to them that they should try some authentic Thai food, and helped them understand the cuisine. I think it is very important when the guests are not well versed with the cuisine and there is a local version of cuisine made popular by popular joints.

Kitchen decor at Taj Vivanta Hyderabad
Kitchen Decor

The average cost per person, without drinks: Rs 1250/-

This is my first detailed restaurant review. Tell me if would you like them more often…



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