Tiger Temple & Monastery At Kanchanaburi, Thailand


I have never been this up close and personal with tigers. Getting within a few centimeters of them. Some of my fellow travelers even patted them and played with them. I did not have the courage. But after a while, I was comfortable moving around with many tigers tied to various trees in the open dusty ground. Standing there at Tiger Temple, I realized the difference between reading and hearing about some experiences. And actually being a part of them.

Buddhist monk with Tigers at Tiger Temple
A Buddhist monk with Tigers at Tiger Temple

Tiger Temple, Kanchanaburi

I was scared and excited at the same time. Some instinct gave me the courage to stand there with ease and click pictures and videos. Maybe it was the chains around the necks of these big cats. Or was it the volunteers in shining pink color or the monk who was treating them like children and playing with them? I did go a bit white every time they opened their mouth. And showed those long sharp teeth sometimes to yawn and sometimes to make a bit of noise. At the same time, when I saw their movements being restricted by the chains around their neck, it felt sad. I felt empathy for them with an impulse to open their chains.

Rows of tigers tied to the trees
Rows of tigers tied to the trees

Thoughts of visitors

Before entering I had read the details outside the ticket window in Shuddh Hindi. That spoke about how tigers are trained to live with humans from a very young age. And why the allegation of them being drugged is false. I came back and read many views of earlier travelers. And I found most western media very skeptical about animals being maltreated for the purpose of tourism. However, there were undercover reports too that said they found nothing to prove the use of any drugs or any bad treatment of animals. What is my view – well animals looked healthy, though some had bruises and cuts on their skins, but, that can be because of living in the wild. They were definitely tamed or were they too used to humans and cameras?

The show that is put up for almost 2 hours every afternoon is obviously to make money. I am sure tigers are least interested in being patted by petite humans or having cameras clicking them from all angles. I saw them being fed with a spoon and even water being given from old Coca-Cola bottles. As mighty animals I am sure they would like to go out and hunt but then does it hurt them if their food walks up to their mouth – I don’t think so.

An attempt to roar - no he is not untied
An attempt to roar – no he is not untied

Old Monastery

We were told that there are about 140 tigers in this 2-decade-old monastery that is officially called Wat Pha Luang Ta Bua. And the reason the display for visitors happens around lunchtime is that this is when tigers are at their laziest best after they have been well-fed. Makes sense though they make you sign a declaration that you enter the sanctuary at your own risk. And the temple will take no responsibility in case of a mishappening. If one wants to see them in a more active phase, there are programs where you can see them playing in a not-so-restrictive environment, feeding them, and making them exercise.

Towards the end, you can walk the Tigers to their canyon, pat them while walking, or hold their tails or leash. I did walk with the tiger but at a safe distance with many people between the tiger and me.

Feeding noodles to a Tiger with spoon
Feeding noodles to a Tiger with a spoon

Many international volunteers work there and they actually act as a wall between you and the animals and keep an eagle eye on what you do with the animals. The day we went, there was just one monk and it was all volunteers handling the show.

Chained Tiger Hugging the Tree
Chained Tiger Hugging the Tree

Dress code

As per the dress code, you are not allowed to wear bright colors as they can excite the animals. Since this is also a monastery, though visitors do not get to see the temple or the living area of monks, women are supposed to wear clothes that cover their shoulders and knees. And men are also not allowed in shorts as it is considered disrespectful to the monks. You are also not allowed closer to tigers with any bags on you. Fair enough.

Volunteers walking a Tiger
Volunteers walking a Tiger

It is an experience to be so close to Tigers, though the controversies are bound to tear you apart on the ethics of the whole program.

Video of Tiger Temple

You may also like to watch this short video on the Tiger Temple.

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  1. Do we have some place like this one in India, if yes then I would love to visit it. I truly enjoyed reading this blog. It looks like an amazing experience. How close can you go to these Tigers? I have never been so close to a Tiger. These are one of the most beautiful creatures on our planet.

  2. It looks like an amazing experience. How close can you go to these Tigers? I have never been so close to a Tiger. These are one of the most beautiful creatures

  3. I have volunteered at Safari Park in Kanchanaburi, a similar concept. There they do not tie these animals or chain them. That makes it better. As tourists, you can pet them and feed them. I got to monitor their eating habits, play with them, walk them. Since I knew French I was the only one who could converse with some of the tourists. You meet a lot of people of various nationalities, with varied interests. That made it a wholesome experience.

  4. It was one of the best experience and attraction in Thailand . And I must say that it’s once in a lifetime experience and totally recommended. Totally safe place for all the age group.

    But the attraction was closed down in 2017 after the discovery of 40 dead baby tiger cubs .

    We got lucky as we experienced the same in 2014 but now you can explore same in tiger zoo pattaya.


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