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Singapore Souvenirs are not too difficult to find. You can find them just about anywhere – outside any tourist attraction or in any shopping mall. The trick is to find interesting and unique souvenirs, so here is my list of souvenirs to pick on your next visit.

Singapore Souvenirs

Shopping in Singapore – Best Singapore Souvenirs

Tiger Balm

Tiger Balm as Singapore Souvenir
Tiger Balm
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The Tiger Balm is the Singaporean version of our very own Amrutanjan. It is an analgesic used for external application, and commonly used for pain relief. The recipe is supposed to be secret, but of course, we know all the ingredients – the active ingredients being menthol and camphor in petroleum jelly and paraffin base.

Now Tiger Brand is a BIG Singapore brand. Born in 1870, Tiger Balm is actually far older than the country itself. The classic range comes in Red and White colors, and there are many new products being rolled out. Available in colorful packaging, you can find it proudly displayed in most souvenir shops in Singapore. Visit their website to read their detailed story.

Pain Balm as a souvenir! Is that not unique but at the same time a very symbolic gift? A gift that gives the vibes that you care, a gift to help you out of pain, and a gift to ensure you are pain-free. That is what makes it a unique souvenir.

Kaya Jam

Kaya Jam, Singapore Souvenirs
Kaya Jam

The Kaya Toast i.e. Kaya Jam and butter sandwiched between two toasted slices of bread a staple breakfast that you can have on any street. Kaya Jam is nothing but coconut Jam. I am not sure how it gets the pale green colors, though. You can pick up small bottles of this jam as a perfect souvenir from Singapore. Every time you eat it, you would remember Singapore’s Kopitiams.

Kaya Truffles
Kaya Truffles

You can also pick up Kaya Truffles at Changi Airport.

Durian based products

Durian Cake as souvenir from Singapore
Durian Cake

I am not sure if you can carry a Durian with you without offending your fellow passengers and respective customs officers. However, you can carry the flavor of Durian in the form of:

  • Cookies Durian flavored
  • Durian flavored Coffee
  • Durian Sandwich Biscuits

I am not a Durian fan. I tried it during my first visit, but have felt no urge to try it since. They say you either love or you hate Durian. In case you love Durian, these are good options to carry back home. It is also a good option for those who have never tasted Durian before.

TWG Tea Products

TWG Tea Products as Singapore Souvenirs
TWG Tea Products

Till I explored a TWG Tea store at T3 of Changi Airport while waiting to board my flight, I had no idea that tea can be made to look so fascinating. I would later learn that TWG was established in 1837 but they started these stores only in 2003. In fact, they are present worldwide. In Singapore, they have 9 stores of which 3 are at the three active terminals of Changi Airport.

You can pick up tea packaged very invitingly in various colorful boxes carrying innovative names like Weekend in Singapore Tea, Midnight Hour Tea, Love Me Tea, Tea Party Tea, Maharaja Tea, Gentleman Tea and I can go on and on… All I can tell you is that you would have a tough time choosing the flavors to pick. I would probably pick up them on the basis of the keepsake boxes they come in.

Tea cookies from TWG as Singapore Souvenirs
Tea cookies from TWG

The store also offers many other souvenirs – all centered on the theme of tea like:

  • Tea-flavored cookies come in all bright colors.
  • The teacups are in lovely designs.
  • Handcrafted Tea Pots some even with a layer of silver, gold, or platinum on them.
  • Tea Jelly

Orchid Jewelry – Singapore Souvenirs

Orchid Jewelry, Singapore Souvenirs
Orchid Jewelry

The hybrid purple orchid – the national flower of Singapore is the most popular display at souvenir shops. A bright flower shining through the glass it is framed into – a cheerful little thing to buy.

However, this time, I discovered orchid frames jewelry at Discover Singapore Store at Changi Airport. There were earrings and pendants with small flowers shining through the glass molding. They came in various shapes and sizes – with a real flower inside them. I saw them in bright green, bright orange, mild purple, and a mix of all of them.

Priced at around SGD 20 or so, I think they would make a lovely gift for the women you love, including yourself!

Miniature Merlion – Singapore Souvenirs to shop

Miniature Merlion
Miniature Merlion

Merlion is the symbol of Singapore – half fish and half lion. You would, of course, visit Merlion Park sometime during your visit. Miniature Merlion is one of the hot-selling souvenirs. You get it in various mediums and sizes.

Years back, when I first visited Singapore, I bought a toothpick holder with Merlion floating in it. However, today I would prefer something cast in crystal or metal that would look good on a display.

Peranakan Souvenirs – Things to Buy in Singapore

Peranakan Prints Merchandise
Peranakan Prints

Remember the prints worn by the Singapore Airlines crew! That print comes from the Peranakan community. You can buy various souvenirs made from the fabric with that print – be it dresses, men’s shirts, bags, or pouches. One look at these souvenirs and people know that it has come from Singapore. You can find them in most curios and souvenir shops.

Beaded Footwear - Peranakan Style
Beaded Footwear

However, there is one Peranakan gift for which you would have to go to Arab Street – hand-weaved beads and slippers. I know you can find something similar in India as well, but these shoes carry the stamp of the Peranakan community. For those who love to collect shoes, this is one of the perfect souvenirs to pick.

Peranakan Porcelain
Peranakan Porcelain

The colorful Peranakan crockery and cutlery are also nice to pick though you may have to pack them well for safe delivery.

You can also pick up these souvenirs from Peranakan Museum Shop.

Sweets of Bengawan Solo Shops

Bengawan Solo Outlet
Bengawan Solo Outlet

Buy typical Chinese sweets from shops like Bengawan Solo. I had written in detail about sweets to carry as souvenirs in my Changi Airport Post.

Paper Cut Outs at China Town

Chinese paper cut designs
Chinese paper-cut designs

Paper cutting is one of the oldest folk art in China. Its origins can be traced back to ancient times and based on who you believe it can be anywhere from the 3rd BCE to the 6th CE. It is said that the designs pertain to ancestor worship. Entrances of homes and workplaces are decorated with these paper-cut designs and are considered a sign of good luck and prosperity.

Auspicious designs on red paper intricately cut and folded can be found in many curio shops in China Town. If you think you can do it yourself try watching this DIY video

If you like Folk Art, I think this would make an excellent pick for Singapore Souvenirs.

Flavored Nuts from China Town

Chinatown market
Chinatown in Singapore

You get all possible nuts right from humble peanuts to walnuts to almonds to pistachios flavored with different flavors. Now my limited language interface did not allow me to pick up the names of the flavors.

I picked up some black peanuts and a mix of all possible nuts. It was a good snack to carry back home.

Would you like to add to my list of Singapore Souvenirs?

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  1. I have been using Tiger balm all my life and never figured that its from Singapore! I loved your post esp because Singapore is such an amazing place. Definitely getting all these sovenirs back home in my next trip to Singapore!

  2. I’m planning to explore Singapore this New Year night….hope this list helps me in covering all the main souvenirs there, Thanks for the amazing post Anuradha.


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