Top 15 Jaipur Souvenirs To Pick – Shopping In Jaipur


Jaipur Souvenirs - Shopping in RajasthanJaipur is one of my favorite shopping destination along with the Bazaars of Old Delhi. Markets of Jaipur are full of colors that would entice you to take them home. It is home to everything desirable – garments, home linen, jewelry, and ubiquitous puppets. Being a planned city, it is a pleasure to walk through the Pink Corridors while shopping for Jaipur Souvenirs.

Not just traditional bazaars, Jaipur is also home to many homegrown brands like Anokhi and Soma that offer you a unique combination of tradition and modern sensibilities.

Basically, when you go shopping for Jaipur Souvenirs you can come back with a basket full of things that have the tradition, use, chic look, kitsch look but always with lots of colors.

Shopping in Jaipur

So here is my list of favorite Jaipur Souvenirs.

Lehariya Sari

The Lehariya Saris - Must Buy in Jaipur
The Lehariya Saris – Must Buy in Jaipur

Lehariya is a design – comes from the word Lehar or Waves. The fabric has a pattern of waves on it – usually in two colors. One is a base color and other makes the random diagonal lines on it giving an impression of waves. This looks the best in Saris. You will see Lehariya Saris in all possible color combinations and all possible fabrics. This means they come in all possible price ranges. You can buy a Lehariya Sari for as low as Rs 200/- or something in georgette or crape for as high as Rs 20,000/-.

If you do not wear Saris, Dupattas are the next best buy in Lehariya.

You can also pick stoles to go with your western outfits.

Buy them in any Jaipur Market – Jauhari Bazaar, Bapu Bazaar.

Bandhani Work Jaipur Souvenirs

The Bandhani Work Fabrics from Jaipur
The Bandhani Work Fabrics from Jaipur

Bandhani or Tie and Dye is something that is the signature design of Rajasthan. It is a tiresome process where threads are tied around a part of the fabric before it is dyed. When you untie and remove those threads you realize the effort that goes into creating these simple yet elegant designs. Pulakband is the old name of Bandhani.

Do you know Bandhani design can be seen in some Ajanta Paintings?

Pick your choice of colors. Bandhani is available in all possible shapes and forms for you to experiment. I would say pick up the unstitched cloth and let your creativity flow.

A popular Bandhani or Bandhej souvenir is pagri or colorful headgear for men.

Buy them in any Jaipur Market – Jauhari Bazaar, Bapu Bazaar.

Meenakari Work Jaipur Souvenirs

Meenakari or Enamel Work Peacock
Meenakari or Enamel Work Peacock

The Meenakari or the enamel work on metal creates magic when it is done on Jhumkis and pendants. Traditionally, it was done in red and green color, now it can be seen in other colors as well like Pink and Blue.

This lightweight, but rich look jewelry is a must buy in Jaipur.

Gulabi Minakari or Meenakari in pink color incidentally does not belong to Jaipur but is instead done in Varanasi.

My personal favorites in Meenakari work are the small colorful artifacts. Peacock in Meenakari looks lovely. I personally bought a small statue of Ganesha with Meenakari work.

Kundan Work

The Kundan or Polki Jewelry from Jaipur
The Kundan or Polki Jewelry from Jaipur

Kundan or the uncut stone jewelry has its origins in royal courts of Rajasthan. These uncut diamonds set in metal with a gold leaf around them look stunning. White and gold look good on most skin tones and can make anyone feel royal. Stones are usually large in size.

I find Kundan jewelry a bit too heavy to wear, but it is great to wear for occasions like weddings. It perfectly matches the elegant Indian wears like Saris and Lehengas.

A lot of Kundan Jewelry in Jaipur comes with Minakari work in reverse. So you have a piece of reversible jewelry – especially the necklaces and pendants.

I wish someone makes lightweight Kundan Jewelry.

Gem Stones

Gems as Souvenirs from Jaipur
Amethyst from a gem store in Jaipur

Jaipur is well-known for its gemstones trade. Walk through the lanes of Jauhari Bazaar around Hawa Mahal and you would see many gemstone stores.

Go, explore, choose and pick what you like – but remember to bargain hard. Jaipur is a tourist place and the tourist prices are always higher than regular prices.

Ghevar – the Quintessential Jaipur Mithai

Ghevar - a traditional Rajasthani Mithai
Ghevar – a traditional Rajasthani Mithai

The Ghevar is a traditional Rajasthani sweet made for the festival of Teej that comes at the onset of monsoons. It is typically sent to the daughter and daughters-in-law. Nowadays, of course, you can buy it anytime in Jaipur.

Even if you are not one to buy sweets, do taste it. For your foodie family and friends, this is a perfect Jaipur Souvenir to carry back.


Choorma - foodie souvenir from Jaipur
Choorma of the Daal Baati Choorma Fame

The Choorma of the famous Daal Baati Choorma of Rajasthan now comes in neatly packaged form – easy to carry back home. If I am not wrong, this is the sweetΒ dish that you can keep for many days, unlike Ghevar which has a short shelf life.

Choorma is full of ghee, a bit heavy on the tummy, but blissful on the tongue.

Perfect Rajasthan souvenir for people like me who love Desi Food.


Puppets as Jaipur Souvenirs
Colorful puppets of Rajasthan

Wherever you stay in Jaipur or most of Rajasthan, you would see a puppet show. Most high-end hotels have a puppet house for the performance. Wherever you walk in the Jaipur City someone will walk up to you to sell puppets.

I think colorful puppets make a great takeaway for home decor and for young children to play with. You can ask them to create a play or a dance with puppets.

You can get a base pair of puppets for as low as Rs 100/-.

Block Print Home Linen

Block Printed Fabric from Sanganer & Bagru
Block Printed Fabric from Sanganer & Bagru

The Block prints from Sanganer and Bagru are famous for their exquisite patterns. I remember visiting Sanganer many years ago and picking up bed sheets that I am still using. During a recent visit to Jaipur, I visited the Anokhi Museum near Amer Fort and was nostalgic to see the map of Sanganer there.

The Wooden Blocks used in Block Printing
The Wooden Blocks used in Block Printing

You can buy block printed home linen or a piece of fabric. The best place to buy is Sanganer where you can see the block printing workshops.

If you want to try your hands on block printing at home, buy the wooden blocks of your choice. A good souvenir from Jaipur for your creatively inclined friends.

Jaipuri Razai

Jaipuri Razai or thin lightweight quilt
Jaipuri Razai or thin lightweight quilt

Lightweight soft cotton quilts – that can be folded into a very small bundle are a favorite souvenir from Jaipur. Now, I do not need them in Goa, but all the years I lived in North India, I used the thin Jaipuri Razais. I like the ones that come in a soft cotton cover, although these days you get them in all fancy fabrics.

In colors again, I like the traditional Jaipuri prints in either White & Blue or White and Pink.
You can get these in all markets.

Jaipur Blue Pottery

Blue Pottery from Jaipur
Blue Pottery from Jaipur

Jaipur Blue Pottery is not really from Jaipur, but just like Azulejos in Goa, it had become a key art form of Jaipur. There are a few blue pottery workshops around Jaipur. I visited the Jaipur Blue Pottery Art Center on Amer Road, near Jain Temple. The center gives you a small demonstration of the art form and then lets you roam around in its double-story showroom.

The place is full of colorful potteries primarily in blue and yellow color. There are pots and pans, soap cases, jewelry, and games.

I already have a few blue pottery items received as gifts from generous friends. This time I picked up a pair of earrings.

Lac Bangles

Rajasthani Lac Bangles
Rajasthani Lac Bangles

Every region of India has its own tradition of bangle making. Ferozabad has glass bangles, Hyderabad has loud ornate Lac Bangles. In Jaipur, you get Lac Bangles with Kundan work on them. Traditional ones come in auspicious colors like red and green.

You get variations in, colors and sizes – from thin bangles to heavy Kadas.

You find these bangles anywhere in Jaipur markets.

Jaipur Rugs

The Jaipur Hand Knotted Rugs
The Jaipur Hand Knotted Rugs

Jaipur is famous for its hand-knotted carpets in wool and silk. Jaipur Rugs are one of the biggest exported handmade products from India. The quality of these carpets is measured in terms of no of knots per centimeter – the higher the knots, the better the quality and higher the price.

If you live in hot climates, pick the silk rugs. For cold weathers woolen ones are good.

National Handloom Emporiums are a good place to buy genuine Jaipur Rugs.

Rajasthani Miniature Paintings as Jaipur Souvenirs

Rajasthani Miniature Paintings
Rajasthani Miniature Paintings

Rajasthan is well known for its various schools of miniature paintings. The originals may be out of reach for most of us. However, there are the ones that are painting on old court papers that you can buy. Another option is miniature paintings on marble plates or paintings made with gemstone dust.

Watch here how they make such fine miniature paintings.

Colorful Leather Shoes

Colorful leather footwear as Jaipur Souvenirs
Colorful leather footwear

Colors of Rajasthan are not limited to fabrics, quilts, and carpets – even the footwear in Jaipur is colorful. You get both simple colorful footwear as well as embellished ones. Once upon a time, I used to pick them up on my Jaipur trips.

Whatever you buy, I am sure you would enjoy walking around in the colorful bazaars of Jaipur.

Do let me know which of these are your favorite one.


  1. We obviously didn’t do nearly enough shopping when we came to Jaipur. I had no idea there were so many different options. Love all the fabrics, the colours and the patterns. Rajasthani miniatures are also super impressive. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Anuradha,

    Quick question about the ghevar… I’ve never been to Jaipur, but when I went to Jodhpur I tried something that looked like the ghevar in your post. I’m trying to find the name of it… would that have been ghevar, or does Jodhpur have its own version?

  3. I still have those colorful puppets at my home, we first bought them from Jaipur second from Ajmer!! My mum is a fan of Bandhani work and she always one suit in her wardrobe of Bandhani!! When in Ajmer I bough colorful juttis and bangles. I still have those bangles and regularly wear them with my Indian clothes. Honestly I didn’t know about the pottery, I might have missed that, will get myself that beauty in my next trip to Jaipur!!

  4. The Lehariya Saris are so beautiful, I definitely need many of those soft cotton quilts for every bedroom in my house, and a cupboard full of pottery, wow, every food bloggers dream. Reckon I’d be leaving with MANY loaded suitcases. Wish I could go shopping there now. πŸ™‚

    • Anna, In fact, I had a food blogger with me on this trip, and she did buy a lot of bowls for food photography, particularly the yellow ones. Unfortunately, not many of these things are available online.

  5. Oh, you can leave me there by those colorful saris! And you’d probably find me in the same spot after an hour or so. πŸ˜€ Love those traditional stores.
    And another thing I’d certainly find interesting – Jaipur carpets! I can only imagine the variety of colors and craft. Would take one home, that’s for sure. πŸ™‚

  6. I’m not one for souvenirs but, this is a great list. I do like clothes and jewelry. The Saris are so colorful and I’d love to wear them. I think the puppets are pretty cool too, I’d buy them for my niece!

  7. I have been to Jaipur and I remember seeing all these beautiful garments and bangles and carpets. India offers such colorful souvenirs. What a great place to shop!

  8. What great suggestions! When my wife and I were in Jaipur we were at the end of our trip and didn’t have much room left for souvenirs. This makes me want to go back for all the great stuff we missed. And I can’t believe we missed out on the sweets! Thanks for the info.

  9. I have visited Jaipur several times but I don’t know why I never get bored of it. The charms of Jaipur, colorful bright colored souvenirs, and its monuments always attract me much. I never its Ghewar is also that famous. Thanks for sharing this info.

  10. Being close to Jaipur, I have always gone to Jaipur for shopping. Have shopped heaps of Bandhani, lahariya and silver work from Jaipur. It’s a place I can never get bored of.

  11. The rugs look really pretty but it would be had to bring home so I would go for the bangles and the jewelry stone its really pretty. Thanks for an interesting list. I love collecting souvenirs from places I visit, seems like I would bring home a lot from Jaipur. The pottery is also nice.

  12. Oh my gosh, I’d definitely be picking up some linen and pottery – how beautiful! I’ve always been fascinated with block printing like that. Would love to see it in person, as you did. The razai also looks lovely. I had no idea πŸ™‚

  13. I would love to visit India – the fabric and the saris are so beautiful! An Indian friend of mine went to visit once and brought me pack this cute, hand-sewn purse for my change. The colors of the fabric are vibrant, much like the fabric you showed here. Thanks for this post πŸ™‚

  14. Excellent collection of souvenir of Jaipur with detailed information. Thanks for sharing this information with the world. people like you doing a great job and feel us proud.

  15. Hey, I love the Rajasthan printing and always search of these type of blogs which give a info about Rajasthan prints but Its always confusing but now I finally found the exact blogs about the Rajasthani print’s That’s really helpful info for me thanks for sharing.

  16. Jaipur is a very good place. There is a lot of place in Jaipur, here is a lot of traditional clothes or rings,Colorful Leather Shoes, Jaipur Rugs, Lac Bangles, Puppets etc. This is all about here

  17. The article made me nostalgic. Had shopped 2 bags of many of these items in Jaipur last time. Unfortunately bargaining is prevalent in the local markets like Nehru and bapu bazar. And many shops contain low quality products. I found Rajasthali to be one genuine place for shopping.prices are fixed and higher than those markets but products are really good there.

  18. hey you have shared a very beautiful blog you have shared each and every Bazar of Jaipur which are famous for shopping it is very helpful for those who want to do shopping from Jaipur

  19. Very good information!
    We are in Jaipur and looking for souvenirs for family and friends like famous Rajasthani jhumkas, jutti, stoles etc. Any idea where I can find all of these in one place or market?
    Thanks in advance

  20. Very good information!
    We are in Jaipur and looking for souvenirs for family and friends like famous Rajasthani jhumkas, jutti, stoles etc. Any idea where I can find all of these in one place or market?
    Thanks in advance


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