Top 20 Hong Kong Souvenirs To Pick – Shopping In Hong Kong


Hong Kong Souvenirs

I explored so many street markets in Hong Kong that I have a long list of Hong Kong Souvenirs to share with you. Honestly, before the trip, my image of the city was that of a modern city with glittering malls where you mostly get the branded stuff. Brands tend to be pretty global these days, especially if we think of urban areas of the world as a universe. I could not have been more wrong. At the base of tall buildings are these charming street markets full of choices for the Souvenirs from Hong Kong.

Top 20 Hong Kong Souvenirs – Shopping in Hong Kong

My recommendation for shopping the Best Souvenirs from Hong Kong are:

Jade & Other Precious Stone Products

Jade - the most popular of Hong Kong Souvenirs
Jade – the most popular of Hong Kong Souvenirs

The Jade is a favorite stone of the Chinese. They believe that it brings good health, long life and with that a good fortune. No wonder, every market here has Jade accessories. Most popular are the Jade charms. There is a charm for each of the zodiac signs. Tell them your year of birth and they will give you your charm. You can tie it to your wallet, your bag or your bracelet.

Pick up the bracelets or earrings or rings in Jade. I picked up simple Jade earrings from Jade Street.

For better quality Jade products, you can visit the shops next to the Jade Street Market. Here you can get the more exquisitely carved Jade Products. They, of course, come at a price.

You can get basic jade accessories almost everywhere in the city. It is a must-buy souvenir from Hong Kong.


Chopsticks - Hong Kong Souvenirs

I always wondered if I will ever be able to learn to use chopsticks to eat. At Hong Kong, food always came with ChopSticks. At a Chinese restaurant, they even had a card telling you how to eat Dim Sums with chopsticks. Another time I observed people around and managed to finish my bowl of noodles with chopsticks. So, it is not difficult, just demands a bit of practice.

At different markets, I found these lovely sets of chopsticks. The most used ones are the wooden ones, although I saw them in ceramics or porcelain as well. I wonder if I would be too scared to use them or are they meant for some special occasions.

In any case, chopsticks would make a perfect souvenir. They come in lovely packaging along with smallholders used to rest them on.

Engraved Cypress Block

Prayers written on Cypress Tree blocks
Prayers written on Cypress Tree blocks

On the cross-section of a trunk of Cypress tree – artists write prayers by engraving them. Sometimes they carve a Buddha or a Bodhisattva instead of a prayer. These wooden blocks, when put on a stand, look beautiful.

I could not communicate with the artisans, but I believe if you can, you can get any design of your choice etched on these blocks of wood.

Cypress blocks would be one of my favorite souvenirs to get from Hong Kong.

Lace Work or White on White Embroidery

Lace work Umbrella
Lacework Umbrella

At Stanley market, I saw these shops selling home linen in delicate white on white embroidery. It looks a classic thing to pick as a gift. It was not cheap but then when does exquisiteness come cheap.

You can choose from bedsheets to bed covers to cushion covers. They even had small embroidered bags. It would be one of those classic gifts for family and friends.

Netsuke Art

Netsuke Art is nothing but the miniature metal figurines. They are usually animal and human figurines. They were probably used as like tassels, suspended at the end of the garments.

Today, they can be a miniature collector’s muse.

Chinese Silk Dresses

Chinese Silk Souvenirs
The Chinese Silk Souvenirs

China is known for its silks. Here you get these shining silk dresses, mostly in red color but sometimes in other bright colors like golden and bright blue too. An alternative to dresses is small pouches or handbags or mobile cases made of same shining silk.

I would pick them up for young girls in the family.

Gold Jewelry

Gold Jewelry from Hong Kong
Gold Jewelry

Like Indians, Chinese also seem to be fond of heavy gold jewelry. In every market, I could see these heavy gold jewelry on display. They are available both as branded and custom-made jewelry. Designs are very different and always have some defining element that tells you that it is Chinese.

Gold Jewelry is obviously is the costliest souvenir you can pick.

Funky Souvenirs

Baggage Tags

Baggage Tags from Hong Kong
Baggage Tags

In the Ladies Market, I found these quirky baggage tags. They would not just tell you which is your bag but also bring a smile to anyone’s face who sees them on the baggage belt at the airport.

Creative Memory Cards

Imagine a plastic Coke bottle that is actually a memory stick. I know some people who collect these funky shaped or quirkily designed memory sticks. I think it would make a great gift for the younger generation who are always in need of memory and who would not love these designs.

On a lighter note, it would be easy to remember which stick you use for what purpose ????

Funny Ladies Stuff

Funky Ladies Items
Funky Ladies Items

Imagine these manicure sets in colorful designs or some funky colorful wigs. Or a hand mirror that no one can ever guess is a mirror. There are so many of these things available in the markets that you would be spoilt with options to choose from.

Paper Cutting Punch Machines

Punch Machines to cut paper in various shapes
Punch Machines to cut paper in various shapes

These colorful bits are punch machines to cut paper in various shapes. A perfect gift for young ones who can use them creatively.

Classic Chinese Souvenirs

Wooden Furniture

Classical Chinese Wood Carved Furniture
Classical Chinese Wood Carved Furniture

Wood Carves Furniture in many places would remind you of old furniture in your grandparent’s home. Remember those four-poster beds with colorful porcelain tiles in them. You can still get them at furniture shops. I agree they are not the easiest souvenirs to carry back home, but then some of us like to fill our homes with designs from around the world.

I would love a well-carved chair in my library.

Chinese Paintings

Chinese Paintings on Fridge Magnets
Chinese Paintings on Fridge Magnets

Traditional Chinese Paintings have an air of delicacy married to finesse. Colors used are soft yet vibrant. You mostly see finely dressed women surrounded by flowers, or their silk costumes shimmering in the moonlight as they walk in gardens.

An easy way to carry them back is to buy them as fridge magnets or bookmarks.

Chinese Porcelain

Chinese Porcelain items
Chinese Porcelain items

Now, if you visit museums as I do – you cannot but be fascinated by the fine Chinese Porcelain. When I visited Meissen Porcelain in Germany – I heard the stories of Chinese Porcelain. So, it was always on my Hong Kong Souvenirs List.

Well, I did not pick one, but I explored all possible Chinese Porcelain that I could. You can pick up the inexpensive tea sets at Ladies Market or Temple Street or walk to high-end showrooms and buy the exquisite Chinese Porcelain with delicate hand-painted designs.

Most Chinese Porcelain I have seen outside China is Blue and White in color, but here, I found them in all possible colors and color combinations.

Chinese Board Games

Chinese Board Games
Chinese Board Games

The Chinese have a set of board games that they have given to the world. In fact, on the streets, I could still find groups of men playing these games. Some of the classic Chinese games that you can buy are:

  • Mahjong
  • Chinese Checkers
  • Abacus – Not a game, but they come in such cute designs

Feng Shui Items

Feng Shui is China’s Vaastu Shastra. They have these arrays of red and golden products that they believe bring all kinds of fortune, wealth, and happiness. For every problem in life, there is an item that you must keep in a certain place and in a certain direction. For example, golden coins kept in your wallet attract wealth.

The shopkeepers would be able to guide you or even a google search can help you pick the right feng shui item for you.

I think Feng Shui is a traditional souvenir to buy for anyone. They are not too expensive and can easily fit in your luggage.

For the Foodies


China gave us tea. So, Tea is an obvious choice as a souvenir from the city. I would love to learn how they make Chilled Milk Tea or Nai Cha. It was one of my discoveries there.



The Mooncakes are a delicacy that is at its peak during the Mid-Autumn Festival. A little birdie tells me that this dessert has a mysterious history – it seems they were used as messengers during the times of love and war. They were used to conceal messages both my lovers and by army generals.

I could see mooncakes everywhere in bakeries and sweet shops around the city. Big advertisements adorned the walls of MTR stations. You can pick up in nice tin boxes – with a single piece of square moon cake or multiple pieces.

Coconut Tarts

You can find these at most local bakers. You must sample them and pack them for your journey back home.

My favorite shops to buy would be souvenir shops of Hong Kong History of Museum and Chi Lin Nunnery.

So, which is your favorite pick?

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  1. This is a great list Anuradha…I had only purchased the shop-sticks, but I do realise that there is so much more to pick from HK. I really like the idea of buying some local board games…they will be fun to try out back home 🙂

  2. Those look so colorful and cute! I love those little fridge tiles and hole punches. Last time I was in Hong Kong, we didn’t get to do much of anything because a typhoon hit, so I’ll definitely need to go back at least once more in my life 🙂

  3. I will have a big problem in Hong Kong! I will need to budget for shopping. There are so many beautiful things to bring back. I am practical so I would buy things I can wear (like jade jewelry) or eat (the moon cakes look delicious).

  4. I collect chopsticks, or so have I told myself the last time when I bought a dozen different bamboo chopsticks. I started to appreciate them with noodle soup dishes such as thukpa and thentuk and I find them so pretty. I wonder too if the porcelain ones are for special occasions.

  5. What a fun post idea! I love that there are so many things to collect from Hong Kong! My grandma went in the 80’s and she picked up a million cloisonné bracelets that she’s now given to me and they’re such treasured items to me. I would be grabbing lots of jade – I love jade!

  6. For me, it would be the chopsticks, since sushi is my favorite food. I would also have lots and lots of mooncakes and coconut tarts. I hear the city is basically one endless shopping mall, but I would be really keen on seeing the smaller, street vendors rather than the giant malls. This is a great list to keep in mind.

    • Skye – that is what I also thought but I discovered lovely street markets in Hong Kong, and I found old temples, walled cities, and lovely gardens. In fact, I did not even step into a shopping mall for 5 days that I was there.

  7. My favorites from the list 😛 Coconut tarts and Chinese paintings 😉 You have also inspired me to do something similiar for Italy. Although I have zero pictures

  8. Ladies market is the place we enjoyed browsing through fancy and quirky stuff and some times useful things too. I think this is quite comprehensive. There are some good art shops in Stanley market too. There are so many options by way of street shops and local markets.

    • Nisha, I was so fascinated by the street markets of Hong Kong that I did a complete post on them. In my 5-6 day stay in Hong Kong I did not even step into a shopping mall – while everyone said HK is one big shopping mall.

  9. I am going to HK this December. Glad to stumble upon your blog. I was wondering if which is better to take home, mooncakes or egg tarts? I heard a lot about egg tarts in hong kong! Also, is it any good to buy gadgets?

  10. Thanks for the great recommendations! While I liked the idea of the Chinese Paintings and Porcelain, I think my favorite was the Engraved Cypress Block, especially if you can get it personalized. I think out of all the recommendations, the cypress block really tells a story. It would start conversations and really represent your time in Hong Kong. Will definitely have to keep my eye out for these if I ever visit Hong Kong!

  11. This is such an informative post! I’ve never been to Hong Kong but now I’ll have a good place to start on my shopping during my future visit. You covered a variety of things to suit any tastes as well as a wide price range which is pretty helpful for all of your readers – thanks! Now I just have to figure out how to get it all home! Lol.

  12. I know HK is highly recommended for the food. I didn’t know they have so many nice souvenirs as well. The engraved Cypress Block is nice, but I probably won’t buy it. No space 🙁 However, I would love to buy some of those embroidery for my bed, the cute baggage tags for my friends, and the Chinese paintings for our living room. What a cute post!

    • Penny – as a vegetarian, I had nothing much to discover in food, so I went looking for street markets and souvenirs and street art. In East, we say, if you seek you find – so this is what I found. Glad that you liked it.

  13. I love this! I can go window shopping in Hong Kong even though I haven’t yet been 😀 I would love to bring back a pair of chopsticks – I think the wood ones are the most lovely. Porcelain chopsticks don’t seem like they would be used too often!

    A Chinese silk dress would be an incredible souvenir too – what a great idea for the young girls in your family 🙂 I bet you’re they’re favorite!

    • Megan – I got one for my niece though, from Singapore, she loved it. So, I am speaking from experience here :-). I loved all the souvenirs I mention here, but honestly, just got a pair of Jade earrings and few bookmarks for myself 🙂

  14. Chinese board games would definitely be the souvenir of choice for me. I would specially be interested if these are traditional games, like the Pachisi in India. I wonder if they come with instructions 🙂

  15. Thanks for writing such a good article on souvenirs of Hong knog. It is not bendy in souvenirs. People always try direct method but most of time these trick don’t works. Your tips are helpful for the person to make good souvenirs. This content is so valuable and surely unique that people are happy and really helpful for them. any pressure from your side, neither in the form of request nor hint or reminder in any ways.

  16. Oh, Hong Kong has so many cute and unique souvenirs. I still think that shopping in Hong Kong is just window shopping via some luxury brands. Thanks so much for sharing!

  17. Whether or not I would use them, I think I will buy chopsticks. They are so cool, and also with the designs and floral art.


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