Tourism Best Described – Why We Need To Travel


Tourism Best DescribedI never thought about how would be tourism best described until I started reading ‘Branding India’ by Amitabh Kant and came across this quote by former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee:

‘Now we know why terrorism has hit tourism the most. Tourism is a foe of terrorism. Whereas terrorism feeds on intolerance, tourism breeds tolerance and empathy. Terrorism has no respect for human life. In contrast, tourism teaches us to savor and celebrate all that is beautiful in nature and human life. Terrorism seeks to erect walls of hatred between faiths and communities. Tourism breaks such barriers. Terrorism detests pluralism, whereas tourism celebrates it. Terrorism has no respect for human life. Tourism pays a tribute to all that is beautiful in nature and human life. Terrorism may have temporarily hit tourism in this metaphorical battle between the two. But tourism will make a major contribution to the eventual defeat of terrorism and all other manifestations of fanaticism.’

Is it not that is the Tourism Best Described?

Can there be a better reason to promote tourism?

In fact, since the time I have read this, this has become my personal mission to travel to increase the universal brotherhood. Travel will help bring down the hatred that we feel for each other.  It gives us time and space to be connected to fellow humans who are not very different from us.

I realized that it is impossible to hate the people you have visited. So, travel and your love for the rest of the world increase by leaps and bounds, without you making any special effort. You do not need to be tolerant – for you tolerate people when you do not like them. When you like people, there is no need to tolerate – you simply enjoy sharing your world with each other. You enjoy the diversity of this world and you enjoy the similar fabric that we have beneath the veneer of diversity that we wear.

How according to you is ‘Tourism Best described’?

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