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Indian Monuments Built by Women

Famous Indian Monuments Built By Women

Indian Monuments belonging to different historical eras can be found across the length and breadth of the country. Wherever you go you would find...
Travel words IndiTales

10 Travel Phrases I Learnt While Traveling

While Traveling You learn the Meaning of Phrases & Words. While traveling our intent is not to learn new words. We learn the words and phrases...
Adventure girl from Karnataka taking guests on a Banana Ride

Chandravathi – Adventure Girl From Karnataka

We got ready for the day to be spent with the waters of the Arabian Sea. The adventure team of Sai Vishram Beach Resort...
Premlata - Lady Tourist Guide in Orccha

Lady Tourist Guide In Orchha – Living Fort City Of Madhya Pradesh

Her name was Premlata, a lady tourist guide. We met her at Orchha when we reached the gates of the palace there. Many guides...
Medals of a World War II Soldier

Meeting The World War II Soldier In Krakow, Poland

This was an evening after a long day in Aug 2012. I was roaming in the Krakow’s old town area in Poland. One of those...
Pilsner Urquell brewery, Prague, Brands from the Czech Republic

Popular Global Brands From Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic, I heard that any government that raises the price of beer would go down. Such is the bonding that people...
Kids at Barabar Hills in Bihar

When I Became A Catalyst By Destiny – Story From Bihar

This blog just turned eight, 8 years of non-stop blogging. I could not have asked for a better story to come my way to...
Dhaba that we took over at Pattadakal

Taking Over A Dhaba For Food – Travel Experience

It was the November of 2008 that we took over a Dhaba. We were a group 15 or so couch surfers out to explore...
India-Bhutan Border

Getting Stuck At The India-Bhutan Border

This was March of 2007, and I was returning back to India after spending one week in Bhutan in a taxi that was supposed...

Homeless – Are You? Travel Tales From USA

It was the November of 2006. I was in Houston, Texas for an assignment. It was my penultimate day there. Between me and a...

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