Travel Stories

Kids at Barabar Hills in Bihar

When I Became A Catalyst By Destiny – Story From Bihar

This blog just turned eight, 8 years of non-stop blogging. I could not have asked for a better story to come my way to...
Dhaba that we took over at Pattadakal

Taking Over A Dhaba For Food – Travel Experience

It was November of 2008 that we took over a Dhaba. We were a group 15 or so couch surfers out to explore the...
India-Bhutan Border

Getting Stuck At The India-Bhutan Border

This was March of 2007, and I was returning back to India after spending one week in Bhutan in a taxi that was supposed...
Homeless? Handling two laptops at a time

Homeless – Are You? Travel Tales From USA

It was November of 2006. I was in Houston, Texas for an assignment. It was my penultimate day there. Between me and a colleague,...
Travel Experiences

My World Through Her Eyes – Travel Experience

Traveling is more than sightseeing and looking at unknown people. It is about our interactions with the place. That most of the times come...
Bangalore International Airport

Day 1 At The Bangalore International Airport

I was to land in Bangalore on 24th April morning 8:45 AM. This turned out to be the exact date of which Bangalore’s new...
A Short Story

A Short Story… Moments You Live – The Real Life

A short story inspired by a real-life incident... It was just another day in Bangalore, she got up mechanically, moved around to get ready, headed...
Ice Skating Houston

Anecdotes From Houston, Texas – Short Trip

I came back from Houston about four weeks back and there are so many anecdotes from Houston that are playing in my mind. This...
Sunday off the city

Sunday Off The City – Bangalore, Weekend Getaway

This Sunday, I and my two friends ventured into an unplanned trek. Or rather a walk to spend a Sunday Off the City. Sunday Off...
Wagon R Car

Wagon R Advertisement – Inspiring A Travel Life

Wagon R Image - Maruti Suzuki Website. I just love the new Wagon R ad… It has everything that I would love to have....

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