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What Type of Traveler Are you - IndiTales

What Type Of Traveler Are You? Read And Choose Yourself

10 years back I had taken a quiz on 'What Type of Traveler You Are' and written about it. It called me a 'Rough Traveler' which was quite true then. I wondered if I would remain...
Tourism Best Described

Tourism Best Described – Why We Need To Travel

I never thought about how would be tourism best described until I started reading 'Branding India' by Amitabh Kant and came across this quote by former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee: 'Now we know why...

Short Travels – Rail Vs Air Travel? My Thoughts

The thought for this post, Rail Vs Air Travel, triggered when I was at Pune, Bangalore and Delhi airports in quick succession and the mad rush there made me think, what can be the...
An Evening with Moon

An Evening With Moon – Overcoming Claustrophobia

Living in a hotel for a long time can bring its own challenges. At times, some strange insights as it gives you a kind of solitude. May not be the perfect one, but it...
Indian Roads

Various Species On The Bangalore Roads

In last two years, I have graduated from being a non-driver to a driver. Who can predict what is happening on the Bangalore roads that I am driving and the leading and lagging roads?...
Wagon R Car

Wagon R Advertisement – Inspiring A Travel Life

Wagon R Image - Maruti Suzuki Website. I just love the new Wagon R ad… It has everything that I would love to have. It just showcases the kind of life I have to...
Changing Face of India

Changing Face of India & We – What Do You Think?

This weekend there was a Travel and Tourism fair organized in Bangalore. The major travel agents, tour operators, ITDC (India Tourism Development Corporation) and state tourism development corporations were the major participants. Is it...
Ideal City

What Is The Optimal Size For A City? Share Your Thoughts

Cycling Image source Shutterstock. When people in Bangalore meet each other, what they talk about is anybody’s guess, yes, it is the traffic problems. But what people not living here may not know is...
Banaras Ghat

Magical Places – Driving Energy Out Of Nature’s Reserves

Some time back I read a book called ‘Celestine Prophecy’ by James Redfield. It was about 10 secrets of evolution, of the Human race. And the various psychological states that the race would go through....
full moon in kozhikode

Could Have Been There … On The Tsunami Day

Last weekend (25-26 Dec, 04), being a weekend around the full moon, I wanted to be in Kanyakumari. To see the sunset and the moon rise together. And to see the sunrise again next...

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