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Large clean well lit work desk at Business Hotel

10 Things Business Travelers Need In Luxury Business Hotels

Business travel is the oldest form of travel. When you study trade in the ancient world, you discover that most trade routes catered to...
Travel Health

Health – Only thing you need to Travel Well

Every time I am asked - How do you earn money to travel? My answer has been - Health is the only thing you...
My dream destinations

Top Destinations On My Wish List To Visit

What are the 3 top destinations that you want to visit? I have been asked this question umpteen number of times. My usually answer...
Travel Photography

Travel Photography: DSLR Or Point & Shoot Camera?

Travel Photography happened much later. I was in love with photography ever since I was a 3-4-year-old. My first brush with a camera was...
Travel books that inspire Wanderlust

Top 47 Must Read Travel Books That Inspire Wanderlust

Travel is a basic instinct. Humans are born with an urge to travel. Some of us write about it while most tend to keep...
What Type of Traveler Are you - IndiTales

What Type Of Traveler Are You? Read And Choose Yourself

10 years back I had taken a quiz on 'What Type of Traveler You Are' and wrote about it. It called me a 'Rough Traveler'...
Tourism Best Described

Tourism Best Described – Why We Need To Travel

I never thought about how would be tourism best described until I started reading 'Branding India' by Amitabh Kant and came across this quote...

Short Travels – Rail vs Air Travel? My Thoughts

The thought for this post, Rail vs Air Travel, triggered when I was at Pune, Bangalore and Delhi airports in quick succession and the...
An Evening with Moon

An Evening With Moon – Overcoming Claustrophobia

Living in a hotel for a long time can bring its own challenges. At times, some strange insights as it gives you a kind...
Indian Roads

Various Species On The Bangalore Roads

In last two years, I have graduated from being a non-driver to a driver. Who can predict what is happening on the Bangalore roads...

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