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Woman Biker Shilpa Balakrishnan on her Pan India Solo Ride

Woman Biker & Kindness on the Road – OMG India

I am a woman biker. I rode for 135 days or 4.5 months covering 27000 km. Let me tell you this is just not enough distance to know our country - India.A combination of...
Bamboo Masks as Coorg Souvenirs

Top Coorg Souvenirs To Pick – Shopping In Madikeri

Coorg district is a popular destination for travelers, particularly the weekenders from Bangalore. Can you really travel without bringing back a bit of Coorg back with you? So, we curated a list of Top Coorg...
Lake Tekapo - New Zealand

New Zealand South Island – Must Do Things

North or South? No, I am not talking about which region in India I hail from. Which island I plan to visit if I were to say we are heading to New Zealand for...
Bhagamandal or Bhagandeshwara temple landscape view

Talakaveri, Bhagamandala & Triveni Sangam – Coorg Attractions

Kaveri or Cauvery as the British spelled it, is the life-sustaining river of two major South Indian states. These days we hear Kaveri only with reference to the dispute over its waters between Karnataka...

Scenic Lofoten Islands of Norway, A Road Trip You Must Explore

Lofoten islands of Norway is one of those places where you can literally feel you are at the far edge of this world. This was my first visit to Europe and was looking for...
Igguthappa Temple complex

Padi Igguthappa Temple – Meet the Presiding Deity of Coorg

Padi Igguthappa Temple, dedicated to Igguthappa is the most important deity of Kodavas and Kul Devta of the of Kodagu or Coorg. In the ancient times, he was probably the God of rain and...
One of the 16000 Lakes on Sakhalin Island - Far East Russia

Sakhalin Island – Where Russia meets Japan

When it comes to Russia, you may not have heard of Sakhalin Island. The first images of Russia that enter an Indian traveler’s mind are the St Basil’s Church and Red Square in Moscow....
Flock of migratory Seagulls at beach, Goa

15 Best Places for Birding in Goa You Must Explore

Birding in Goa is our favorite pastime. We see birds everywhere, in the fields behind our home, in the villages not too far from us, on islands just a ferry ride away, by the...
Hong Kong Festival Guide

Hong Kong Festival Guide – Traditions by Month

Hello all, I am going to introduce you to 10 traditional Chinese festivals celebrated in Hong Kong. I am sure you have heard about some of them such as Chinese New Year and Dragon...
Vegetable Market in Mario Miranda style wall murals

Mario Miranda Cartoons All Over In Goa

Mario Miranda is never far when in Goa.I have visited Goa off and on, sometimes for work, sometimes for pleasure before destiny made it my home. It was when I was here for 2...

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