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Colors of Tso Morriri Lake in Ladakh

Best Places for Travel Photography in Himalayas Stunning Landscapes

My first visit to the Himalayas was way back in 2002 during college days. It was a 20-day trip covering Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri, Yamunotri, the Valley of Flowers and Tungnath or Chandrasila trek. I...
Inside Dash Mahavidya Temple - Kankhal, Haridwar

Ancient Shakti or Devi Temples in Haridwar to Visit

Think of Haridwar and the visuals of Har Ki Pauri come to our mind, with the chants of evening Arti surrounded by as many people as the banks of Ganga can fit in. We...
Omkareshwar Island

Omkareshwar Jyotirlinga Temple On Banks of Narmada

Omkareshwar is a river island in the Narmada about 4 km by 2 km in size. It is also a hill that is surrounded by waters of the Narmada on all sides. If you...
Sunset scene by Vivekananda Rock Memorial & Thiruvalluvar Statue

Top Kanyakumari Tourist Places For You To Visit

Going to Kanyakumari was a long-standing dream. Probably since the time I first heard the term Kashmir to Kanyakumari for India. I lived in Kashmir as a child but Kanyakumari was always a far-off place. I...
Woman Biker Shilpa Balakrishnan on her Pan India Solo Ride

Woman Biker & Kindness on the Road – OMG India

I am a woman biker. I rode for 135 days or 4.5 months covering 27000 km. Let me tell you this is just not enough distance to know our country - India.A combination of...
Bamboo Masks as Coorg Souvenirs

Top Coorg Souvenirs To Pick – Shopping In Madikeri

Coorg district is a popular destination for travelers, particularly the weekenders from Bangalore. Can you really travel without bringing back a bit of Coorg back with you? So, we curated a list of Top Coorg...
Lodhi Garden - New Delhi

Lodhi Garden New Delhi – Heritage amidst Nature

Lodhi garden in New Delhi is unique. It not only carries a few eras of the Delhi’s history in its folds but also is one of the rare historical places, which are living. This...
Anand Bhavan - residential Buildings at 84 Kutiya

84 Kutiya Rishikesh – Ruins of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Ashram

84 Kutiya literally means 84 huts. 84 is a number that represents the base numeral of the number of species we believe to exist on this earth 84,00,000. In Indian belief system, you take...
Lake Tekapo - New Zealand

New Zealand South Island – Must Do Things

North or South? No, I am not talking about which region in India I hail from. Which island I plan to visit if I were to say we are heading to New Zealand for...
Rajaji National Park Safari Path

Rajaji National Park – Exploring the Wildlife at Chilla Reserve

Rajaji National Park is something I always managed to miss despite having visited Rishikesh a million times throughout my life. This time when I was in Haridwar, I was invited to stay at the...

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