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Top 10 Sailing Phrases We Use Everyday

Sailing phrases kept popping up recently as I was reading two books simultaneously on sea adventures. One was on maritime history and another on...
Indian Monuments Built by Women

Famous Indian Monuments Built By Women

Indian Monuments belonging to different historical eras can be found across the length and breadth of the country. Wherever you go you would find...
Do you feel lost in Museums - Tips to make the best out of museums

Do You Feel Lost In Museums? – Read This

Museums are a window into the past. They bring alive the tales that we heard in childhood or read in a textbook through some...
Colors of Goa skies

Looking Back At 2014 – A Decade Of Travel Blogging

2014 for me was a year of receiving or of getting back. It was a year of milestones and a year that I would...
10 years of blogging - Travel Blogger

My 10 Years Of Blogging – Travel Blogger Thoughts

Today, I complete 10 years of blogging. What a journey it has been! 10 years of blogging - Travel Blog Pausing at this milestone to look...
Reflections from 2013

Reflections From 2013 – Look Forward To 2014

In 2013, I entered the 10th year of blogging. Looking back it is a journey that opened so many doors and windows for me. It...
Qawwali Singing at Yousufain Dargah Hyderabad

Qawwali At Yousufain Dargah, Hyderabad

Qawwalis are sung at Yousufain Dargah at Nampally, Hyderabad on every Thursday evening after the Isha prayers or the last prayer of the day....
Ciro Rendas

Travelling Soul – Ciro Rendas – Interview

I met Ciro Rendas about 5 years back when he CouchSurfed with me in Bangalore. And he is still traveling. He had just begun...
Happy New Year 2012 – Looking back at 2011

Looking Back At 2011 – Happy New Year 2012

New Year means different things to different people. I like to look at it as a point in time, where you look back at...
Indian Summer Drinks

Top 22 Indian Summer Drinks – Helping You Stay Cool

Summer is something that I dreaded the most when I was shifting back from Bangalore to Gurgaon. But at the same time, I was...

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