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Old style wooden Bridge over a river in Bhutan

Bhutan Visit – For The First Time Tourists

This post is what you would usually find in the Lonely Planet book, but it is not easy to source the lonely planet for...
Bhutan Travel is like viewing layers and layers of mountains

Bhutan Travel – An Experience Of A Traveler

Bhutan Travel is like experiencing a few small precious jewels scattered in a Himalayan valley folded between layers and layers of mountains. It is...
Art of Living Ashram Bangalore

Visit To The Spiritual Ashrams In Bangalore

Apart from being a headquarter for Indian IT companies, Bangalore also happens to be a hotspot for spiritual organizations. A few of them are...

Sonu Nigam, Parasailing, Books & Girish Karnad

If you have all the above packed in a single weekend, is there anything else that you could ask for. While Sonu Nigam was...
Bollywood Songs make a wall Mural at Kala Ghoda Festival, Mumbai 2006

Art At Kala Ghoda Arts Festival – Annual Festival At Mumbai

I happened to be in Mumbai on some office work and the newspapers informed me about the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival. A friend kindly...
Long Journey by Train

Long Journey By Train In India

Indian Train image source - Shutterstock. For last few years I had not done any long Journey by Train. When I was a student...
Lake Tahoe

Looking Back At 2004 And The Travel Passion

2004 was the first year when I was based out of Bangalore for the whole year. So this is the year when Bangalore became...

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