Bheemeshwari & Shivasamudram Waterfalls Travelogue


In line with my goal of going out of Bangalore once a month, I planned to go to Shivasamudram Falls or Shivanasamudra Falls last weekend. The original plan was to go on a Saturday, but as a friend who wanted to go was working on Saturday, we decided to postpone the trip by a day. Sunday early morning, four of us Amit, Reshmi, Shweta, and I was ready by 6:00 AM sharp to start our journey. Incidentally, all of us turned out to be pretty punctual.

Shivasamudram Falls or Shivanasamudra Falls
Shivasamudram Falls or Shivanasamudra Falls

After having our morning cup of tea, we started our drive towards Shivasamudram. Following the directions, given in Outlook’s ’52 weekend gateways from Bangalore’, what we found was that the directions were correct, but the distances were all confusing. If we had followed the directions and distances to the ‘T’, we would have landed somewhere else.

Shivasamudram Waterfalls or Shivanasamudra Falls

We stopped once on the way to have breakfast, at the only available Dhaba on the way. Shivasamudram was a small spot, with twin waterfalls, which were beautiful. Whenever I have visited places like this in Karnataka, I can see an effort by the Karnataka government to market every possible tourist spot in the state, but ironically no effort to provide the infrastructure. The road from Bangalore via Kanakapura, Malavalli, and Panditahalli was as potholed as it can be. You would be amazed at the depth of the potholes. At times you really wonder do we have potholes on the road or if there is some road between the potholes.

At the waterfalls, in front of the beautiful view of the twin waterfalls, there was this huge garbage lying around. Looks like it has never been cleaned and every visiting tourist has contributed to it. There were only small tea stalls available and the only eatables that you could get there were Cold drinks, Nariyal Pani, and a few snacks. It can be a good place to sit and have your meals while admiring the natural beauty around. But then someone has to be enterprising enough to set up a small restaurant there.

Waterfalls Up Close

There was a trekking trail available to go down and see the mighty waterfalls from there. Due to some work going on there, we were not allowed to take that route. But soon enough we managed to figure out the way to the other side of the falls, i.e. the stream from where the water was coming. It was a stream interspersed with lots of rocks and provided a good view. Looked like an inviting place to go and sit with your feet playing with the water.

After a small trek (if I may call it so), we reached the other part of the falls. At one point in time, I was almost on the tip where the falls started. The sound of falling water with its roar can be the best music that you ever hear. I enjoyed it for some time and then ventured a bit around that area. Shweta and Reshmi did not cross the stream and were on the other side taking pictures from there. I missed not carrying my camera to the fall, but then I am sure I don’t need a camera to remember that music and that view.


Bheemeshwari Visit

By 12 noon, we were done with that part and we decided to go and see Bheemeshwari also. As it was almost on the way. I had heard a lot about this river fishing camp. The ride to Bheemeshwari was amazing with almost no traffic around.

Here and there we could see a lot of pictures of tigers, elephants, and deer painted around. I sincerely hope we would see some of them around, but it seems they were not in the mood to meet us that day. The river camp was a site developed on the banks of the Cauvery River, with minimal infrastructure but with a good concept. The river shores were too dirty to be able to think of getting into it. So we just clicked a few pictures and we were set to get back. Here again, no food, till you buy a package from them. Which included trekking, fishing, boating, and safari. The package cost according to me is out of reach of an average Indian. But then I am sure that is not the segment that Jungle Lodges targets.

Driving Back

We drove back via another route which was slightly better as far as the road was concerned. Every now and then we drove over Jowar crops spread over the road for trashing. It was annoying at times. The ride through a small valley was scenic. As soon as we hit the main road to drive back to Bangalore, we kept scouting for any food joint open, as most of us were feeling hungry. But looks like all of them were celebrating Sunday and we had to wait till we hit back to the city and then had our lunch.

Writing the travelogues is like revisiting the place.

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  1. Wow! your idea of “going out of Bangalore once a month” is great. Then you might have seen hell lot of places. We friends were planing to go out for 2 days on 31st and 1st, so, sugest a place…. Here is what i am looking for “I wish I could goto a remote place…spend all day exploring the jugle and trekking. Then put a tent bside a silent river, with camp fire, and some flavoured water 😉 once again lots of food. Ok, how
    about that…may be I will find some palce near to bangalore..may be I will not. ha…iam not sure..”.

    Santosh ([email protected])

  2. Hi Santosh,

    There are a lot of places in vicinity of Bangalore, places like Bheemeshwari, Bandipur, Coorg, Hoggenakkal, Honnemarlu all fit the description that you are looking for.


  3. Mariana Trench is the deepest place on planet earth. At a depth of almost 11,000 m (!), It is located in North-Western Pacific Ocean. Essetntially the -ive axis counterpart of Mt Everest! 🙂

  4. Hi Anuradha,

    Do we need permission to put a tent in the places you mentioned (Bandipur, Coorg) or just find a spot and set up our tent.
    We have 2 kids under 8 yrs old and 2 adults. We love hiking and trekking. We have recently moved to Bangalore.


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