Tryst With White-throated Kingfisher Bird At Hyderabad


Last month, I finally managed to click a decent image of this beautiful White-throated Kingfisher bird at Shilparamam. An arts & crafts village in Hyderabad. Is it really a King of fishing birds or why it is named so, it is for the experts to comment on. However, it really is a colorful bird with a red beak, blue feathers/wings, and trademark white throat.

White-throated Kingfisher bird

It seems there are about 90 species of Kingfishers – a medium size bird with bright plumage, large head & long bills is their common feature.

White-throated Kingfisher bird photography

Earlier attempts at photographing the bird
Earlier attempts at photographing the bird

My photography tryst with the bird started with the one captured on our residential compound in Gurgaon. And a couple of more images at Kompally, Hyderabad where it was a regular morning bird resting for a while on the electricity lines & telephone lines visible through our window. Although quite far for a good image. It appears that this Kingfisher is widely found in India and has a degree of comfort with human habitation.

Collage of a juvenile White-throated Kingfisher bird
Collage of a juvenile bird

And then one fine evening, last year, walking along the lake at Jalagam Vengala Rao Park, Banjara Hills spotted this juvenile bird on a rock by the lake. Looking here & there, sometimes towards me & at times towards sky as if looking for its parent.

Close-up of White-throated Kingfisher bird
Close-up of the bird

After giving me a perfect pose, it chose to fly off to a nearby tree branch. Bird photography in nature is tough, and the best is catching them in action like with prey in the beaks, in-flight, etc. Hope to get one someday!

I will be happy to know your observations of this bird.

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