Utopia Dystopia Art Project Goa Week III And Completion

Utopia Dystopia Art Tree
Utopia Dystopia Art Tree

An iron frame in the shape of the Utopia Dystopia Art tree stood tall, watching all of us create things that would eventually belong to it. For the first three days, I saw junk all around as most of us struggled to create something out of it.

Utopia Dystopia Art Installation Project, Goa University

Recycled electrical and electronic items
Recycled electrical and electronic items

Having never done any such work earlier, I was totally lost till I was guided to a giant pile of wires. And asked to put them in neat braids that would act as the roots of the tree. This kept me engaged for two days. I learned a few new ways to braid. Colorful beads gave some more options to play around with. Everyone else was creating some creatures out of dismantled pieces. Finally, I found a few pieces that put together would look like the face of a cat.

Fresh out of Kiln for Utopia Dystopia
Fresh out of Kiln for Utopia Dystopia

Mid-week our ceramics pieces came to the site – hot from the kiln. We Ooh-aahed over them. Each of us ran to see our pieces and with a bit of sprinkling of colors, some of them looked just lovely. Whole space was filled up with red earth with some colors shining from here and there. Leaves, flowers, animals, birds, piano and my very own pre-historic labyrinth. Ceramics brought a sense of energy in the air and everyone was recharged.

Assembling Utopia Dystopia Art Tree

As the pieces started going up on the tree, they started becoming a part of it. A city made of computer cabins came up on one side and ceramic roots on other. Last minute some collages were made to fit on the dystopic side. Here I partnered with Nirmala to create a crossword with broken keys of the keyboards. While others created some lovely pieces with circuit boards, colorful wires, keys and bottle caps among many other things.

One by one they go on the Utopia Dystopia Tree
One by one they go on the Utopia Dystopia Tree

Learning Art

Overall, I think I contributed the least to this project. But my learning was probably the most as I began with a big zero. Have to thank Thomas for introducing me to the world of ceramics and Orijit Sen for taking on people like me who had no understanding of this type of project. I am sure it meant a lot of patience from his their side. My biggest learning from the project was a realization of the amount of patience you need to make even a seemingly simple thing. And an ability to keep looking at things till they start talking to you and then the fun begins – when you start creating stories together.

It was my conscious effort to spend some time in a space that I am inherently uncomfortable in – a deliberate attempt to visit an alien world at an intersection – where I always say Ideas & Innovation happen.

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As Utopia Dystopia Goa comes to a finish, so does the wonderful year 2014. May 2015 bring in more adventures.



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