Vegetarian Food In Houston – I Happend To Try

Vegetarian food in Houston
Vegetarian food in Houston

Finding Vegetarian food in Houston was not impossible. But it was definitely a task. Being a vegetarian brings its own challenges when you live in the western world. Or should I say anywhere outside India? And once you have visited a restaurant once, you know the complete veggie menu if you have 4 vegetarians in the group. So this is what and where I had been eating in last 3-4 weeks. Mostly in north Houston and the veggie dishes that you get there. If you know of more places where you get Vegetarian food in Houston, do let me know:

Vegetarian food in Houston

  1. Pappasitos – Good Mexican joint, you get cheese enchiladas, and two more veggie dishes, all of which are huge and can be conveniently consumed by 2 adults.
  2. China Bear – Huge spread, this is probably the biggest spread of food I have seen, maybe after a couple of grand Indian marriages. Decent variety for vegetarians as well, especially a lot of choice in desserts.
  3. Piazza – An Italian joint, which I kind of liked a very neat and clean place, you get veggie Pizza, pasta and a baked potato with lots of vegetables in tomato sauce tossed with cheese.
  4. Panda – A smaller version of China Bear with a decent number of vegetarian dishes.
  5. Inchibon – A Japanese joint, honestly whatever vegetarian dishes we ordered, we could not eat beyond the first spoon. Completely avoidable for vegetarians.
  6. Zio’s Kitchen – A typical Italian joint, where they serve bread with spiced olive oil. 3-4 vegetarian dishes are served and you have the choice to make your own pizza. The quantity is too big, 2 dishes can serve 5 people comfortably.
  7. Aquarium Restaurant – One of the best conceptualization of restaurants that I have seen, you almost feel that you are inside a water body and having your food. There were the only couple of vegetarian items, but both were amazing. One was a pasta and another was a Pizza.
  8. Minerva – An Indian cuisine – with a mix of South and North Indian food.
  9. Sitar – Another Indian joint, more of a North Indian touch.
  10. Dakshin – A south Indian joint.

Roadside vegetarian food

Apart from this, there are usually on the road kind of places to get some Vegetarian food in Houston:

  • Subway – you get one veggie sandwich.
  • Taco Bell – Has a couple of baked beans based items.
  • Burger King – One veggie burger, which does not actually feel vegetarian.
  • HEB on the run Café – have a good choice of salads, pasta-based salad, lasagnas, and a lot of baked stuff, and you can pick up good food when you do not want to eat too much, or you have to eat on the move.

Look forward to having some more options in the coming 4-6 weeks.

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  1. Check out there should be some chain as FreshChoice. Was there in Dallas. Treat for veggies … !!

    Piece of advice – don’t get greedy. Don’t fill your plate with grass in the first few sections … you have at least 30+ things on offer …

    Confused … check out …

  2. Parth, I went to hillcroft the same day that I posted this, will feature in my next series.

    Me, haven’t seen this around this area, but will see it in Chicago when I go there on long weekend.



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