Walk Through Basavanagudi – Bangalore Walking Trail


I had written about the Victorian Walk on MG Road by Bangalore Walks a couple of years back. Last week I was invited to the trial run of their to-be-launched Basavanagudi Walk.

Walk through Basavanagudi

Bull Temple Basavanagudi Bangalore
Bull Temple

As expected the walk was interesting and informative. Punctuated by some awesome food, traditional Bangalore stuff, and lots of interesting trivia about this part of the city. If you have migrated to Bangalore in the recent past, as in the last few years, in all probability it is not the area that you frequent. You may be aware of a couple of famous attractions in that area. Like Bull Temple and Ramakrishna Math (I had written about these two places after our heritage walk).

But you may not know a few other hidden treasures scattered around that locality. And I am quite sure that you would not know a lot of stories about the origin of this area in the city. And a whole lot of things that have their origin in here.

As you walk around with the enthusiastic walk guide, she takes you through some of the area’s landmarks. And talks about the evolution of this city area which at some point in time would have been a town in itself.

Kannada Katte Meeting Point at Basavanagudi
Kannada Katte Meeting Point


There are beautiful buildings from various eras that you would have passed by at times. But may not have noticed, and there are connections that you may never establish. There are temples that you may have heard of but never visited. There are origins of culture, education, migration, and lifestyle. Some by design and some by default. It’s a place that has seen many bygone eras.

You see the remnants of these eras lying here and there, which would escape your eye in the usual hustle and bustle of everyday life. Walking around early morning, you get to see them, listen about them, and wonder why you had not seen them earlier.

An old House at Basavanagudi
An old House in the area

As an ardent Walking Tours fan, I thoroughly enjoyed this walk too. All the best Bangalore Walks for this new walk…


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