Walking On M G Road With Bangalore Walks


There is a Bangalore that you live in, drive by, and move around. But hidden somewhere there is a city that our eyes probably see but fail to notice. Which you feel good about but do not explore. This Bangalore walks takes you to some of those spots on the most popular and most frequented road in the city.

MG Road walk with Bangalore Walks
MG Road walk with Bangalore Walks

MG Road – Bangalore Walks

There are monuments and buildings which are right there talking about the history of the city. Some talking to you to your face and some asking for a bit of effort to peep into them, some carrying a deceptive look. Some are being renovated, some waiting for demolition and some preparing to wear a new face. There are stories of military men who were the first inhabitants of the land and their women. There are stories of famous men who spent important years of their lives in the city, who influenced and got influenced by the city. The famous ‘firsts’ from the city. And the story is about how the global character of the city as we know it today has its origin in the very foundation of the city.

Of course, all this is followed by a much-awaited sumptuous breakfast while it is still morning, with co-walkers sharing their association with the city. And their exploration of various places while walking. An ‘absolute Bangalore’ souvenir at the end of the walk is worth looking forward to.

Arun, it’s a great effort on your part to have started this initiative. The best part of the walk is the little tidbits that you have gathered about the city. And the way you co-relate them. Hope to see more walks coming in various parts of the city. And would like to go on one of your ‘research walks’.

For people looking for more discrete information on the walk can visit this website Walks.



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