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Calcutta in watercolors

Calcutta – Melting Pot Of Cultures Walking Tour

For a long time, Calcutta or Kolkata was the city that the whole world wanted to come to. This was the trading and business hub and attracted merchants from all over. Over time, some...
Kolkata Calcutta Heritage Walk

Kolkata – Colonial Calcutta Heritage Walk

Calcutta Heritage Walk through the heritage precinct of Colonial Kolkata takes ones through the era when Calcutta was the center of British Raj, when all big companies had offices in Calcutta and when the colonial architecture was the norm. A walk through the heritage buildings of Calcutta takes you back to that era for a while. These are important Places to visit in Kolkata.
Humayun's Tomb, New Delhi

Humayun Tomb Complex – Places To Visit In Delhi

A heritage walk through the Humayun's Tomb Complex in Delhi, best known for the tomb of Mughal King Humayun but it is a melange of heritage monuments belonging to known and unknown officers and nobles of Mughal Court. At the moment it is Delhi's best preserved heritage monument. This travel blog guides you through the different section of the Humayun's tomb complex.
Hindu deities shrines in Bangkok

Ratchaprasong Walk – Hindu Deities In Heart Of Bangkok

Ratchaprasong prides itself as being the heart of Bangkok. It is a bustling business district with the sky train and skywalk dominating its skyline. Wherever you stand in Ratchaprasong, you see massive buildings, mostly...
Arvalem Caves, Arvalem Waterfalls, Arvalem Temples in North Goa

A Walk Of Discovery At Arvalem, North Goa

A little ahead of the town of Bicholim in North Goa, lies a small village that is now called Arvalem. But was originally called Harvale or Harvalem. It is known for its 60 feet...
Erawan National Park, Kanchanaburi, Thailand

A Walk Through Erawan National Park, Kanchanaburi, Thailand

If you are in the western part of Thailand and in a mood for some light hiking in the lap of nature, here is a suggestion – head to Erawan National Park located in...
Ancient Roman Bath at Bath, UK

Bath – City Of Roman Baths, Jane Austen & River Avon

I lived in Marlow Valley, the UK for a work assignment for about 6 months a few years back. The first thing I did on reaching the UK was to buy the lonely planet...
Lights of Vasco Goa in the evening

Night Walk On South Goa Beaches On A Full Moon Night

From the day I landed in Goa to make it my home, I wanted to do Night Walk on the beaches of South Goa on a full moon night. I had to wait some...

Exploring The Street Art In Bandra, Mumbai Cityscape

Suburbs of Bandra in Mumbai offer a unique mix of rustic heritage villages and the glamor of Bollywood. On one hand, there are Gaonthans - as the villages of Mumbai were called and the...

Walk Through The Backwaters Of Moira Village, Goa

I am always on the look out for interesting walking trails in any city I live in or visit. We started doing it a bit late in Goa. But then Goa kept me busy...

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