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10 years back I had taken a quiz on ‘What Type of Traveler You Are’ and wrote about it. It called me a ‘Rough Traveler’ which was quite true then. I wondered if I would remain the same kind of traveler a few years down the line. Taking 10 years as a milestone, I decided to look at the quiz once again. That particular quiz was not to be found but I found so many of them on the Internet. Spent some hours taking the quizzes, playing around with them, and then thought of sharing the ones I liked with you guys.

What Type of Traveler Are you - IndiTales

Matador Network’s What Type of Traveler Are you?

what type of traveler are you Quiz by Matador Network
Matador Network Quiz

The Matador Network is a respected name in the travel space, so there’s was the first quiz I took.

This is what it said for me:

No, you are not a tourist, you are definitely a traveller. You seek constant opportunities to embrace, discover, and immerse yourself in the entire experience of the culture, people, and settings of the places you visit.

You don’t really spend a lot of time visiting tourist sights. Prefer to participate in the modern-day culture, so you attempt to converse with locals, attend the local festivals, and go couch surfing. In fact, you try to avoid everything you can that could possibly expose you as a tourist.

Not sure of the second part, as I do visit all monuments and explore the usual popular stuff. Yes, I couch surf when possible as that is the best way to get closer to local living.

Projects Abroad’s

What type of traveller are you travel quiz by projects abroad
Projects Abroad’s Travel Quiz

Projects Abroad is a volunteer management company, that sends volunteers from one part of the world to another.

This quiz also put the stamp of culture on me and I am not complaining:

Culture Vulture: You don’t just want to visit a country – you want to experience it. And you want to experience everything.

You like to fully immerse yourself and learn the local lingo. You’re most likely to be found exploring the Angkor Wat temples in Cambodia and trying your hand at Khmer cooking in the evening.

Come on Cambodia, shout out for me. We need to meet.

Play Buzz’s What Type Of Traveler Are You?

PlayBuzz's Travelling personalities
PlayBuzz’s Travelling personalities

I know PlayBuzz as a place for some funky Quizzing so took their Travel Quiz.

It called me a Type A Traveler. I am keen to know the other Type B, C, and D…types.

Type A Traveler: Every step of the way is planned out perfectly. You keep your clothes in zip-lock plastic bags, you know exactly where you will eat at each airport, and you know which bathroom is on the way between terminals. You have left nothing to chance… except for the weather and that frustrates you more than you can describe.

I do not agree with this at all. I do a bit of planning, but leave most to chance/destiny. Surprises are the most delightful part of travel.

Beliefnet’s What Kind of Traveler are you?

Beliefnet's Travel Quiz
Beliefnet’s Travel Quiz

Beliefnet inspires people towards spirituality. I thought this is another strong angle of travel, so chose their Travel Quiz to feature here. They classify travelers as – Active Traveler, Cosy Traveler, Curious travelers, and Reflective Traveler.

They called me a Curious Traveler – and I agree to a large extent. I am driven by my curiosity most of the time – travel or otherwise.

You’re a Curious Traveler! You never know exactly how a trip is going to end, and you like it that way. Whether you go to a secluded resort or a bustling city, you’re always open to new experiences. Try Lago Atitlan in Guatemala

Now Guatemala, please send the summons. Closest I came to you was in San Antonio and have been curious about you since then.

Virgin Money’s What Kind of Traveler are you?

Virgin Money's Infographic
Virgin Money’s Infographic

The Virgin Money – Virgin group company in their trademark way has made a spunky infographic to find your way

They also point me to Culture Vulture. In fact, they repeat what the Projects Abroad quiz says almost verbatim but in a visually appealing way – also giving a peep into how the algorithms work behind the scene. This is a quiz for those who do not want to answer questions but would go with the flow of an arrow.

In the End

What I realized while taking these quizzes is that one evolves as a traveler. There are so many dimensions of travel and what excites you keeps changing with time. It also gave me insights into some types of travel that I have never experienced and widened my horizon a bit. Will do this again in May 2025, if I and IndiTales are still around 🙂

I had fun choosing this quiz for you.

Tell me which quiz you liked and do you agree with what they say about you?

What type of traveler are you?


  1. Regarding your question – What type of traveler are you?
    All I can say – I am a student who travels a lot to study on road.

  2. Love to visit every possible place on our little blue planet but not sure if I will be able to in my lifetime!!! Love visiting museums, art galleries, cultural sights, historical places, meeting people, couch surfing (hosted more than I’ve surfed with!!!), astronomical sites, archaeological sites, churches, temples, mosques, synagogues for their art and architecture (I’m an atheist!!!), aviation related sites, eat all kinds of food in all the different places I get to visit and love to photograph everything I see.

  3. Well I quite like this post, as this was something really new for me to read .Various types of Quiz to prove what travellers Im . But soon Ill take one quiz from this list. I always believed you are a travellers of its own.. I m sure Im slow traveller 🙂 Lets take this quiz and see it 🙂


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