Sunday Shot: White-bellied Sea Eagle – Birding In Goa

White-bellied Sea Eagle in-flight
White-bellied Sea Eagle in-flight

Sunday Shot: White-bellied Sea Eagle in-flight

White-bellied Sea Eagle

White-bellied Sea Eagle is a predatory bird. Seen in small numbers along the sea coast, backwaters and estuaries along the coast, circling over the waters to spot the prey. Fish and water snakes are its primary food. Larger size, smaller numbers, higher flight paths, white belly, neck, head, and upper wings distinguish it from other kites. It is predatory while other birds like Brahminy and Black Kites are scavengers. Hence other birds keep a safe distance from this Sea Eagle, Sunday Shot managed to photograph in-flight.

It does not dive into the water but catches the prey in talons while they appear on the surface of the water. Flies to the nearby tall treetop to feed and rest. It nests in winter. Known to display amazing aerodynamics in-flight, it is a master of the coastal skies. It is a relatively rare bird and not seen in the hinterlands.

This image of Sunday Shot was captured near Santa Monica jetty at Panjim, Goa.

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