Could have been there …

full moon in kozhikode
Full Moon on Tsunami Night at Kozhikode

Last weekend (25-26 Dec, 04), being a weekend around the full moon, I wanted to be in Kanyakumari to see the sun set and the moon rise together and to see the sunrise again next morning. This had been on plan for a few full moon weekends now, but every time something or the other comes up. But then came an official trip to Calicut, and I had to postpone my Kanyakumari trip to next weekend that would fall close to full moon. In Calicut on Thursday, I and two of my colleagues were sitting on a high rock besides the beach. As you would read in my last post which was posted around the same time when Tsunami’ would have been happening on Indian coasts, Satish kept repeating that the sea was making scary sounds and I chose to ignore him, saying that since it was pitch dark and there were no other sounds, and sea was obviously on a high tide, he was finding it scary.

Now after hearing and watching all the disaster caused by Tsunami, I am constantly reminded of the sounds that I heard in Calicut. I wanted to stay back in Calicut as it was a weekend and come back on Sunday, had I stayed back, I would in all probability be on some beach when the Tsunami hit the Calicut coast. It was all on the persistence of my other colleague that I came back with her and was safely in Bangalore on Friday itself.

Wondering, how life (or no life) could have been different had I stayed back or if no Calicut trip had happened and I was in Kanyakumari…:-)

I could have been there …that night swept away or stuck somewhere.


  1. No life wouldnt have made a difference, the world would simply go on just as it has for millions or years – but life, now life can be totally different to what has been….

  2. Hi Ramesh,

    Life as a whole is not affected by any of these things, but if you go through these experiences, I am sure the life around you changes for ever. I can see this in the eyes on people around me who had seen the aftermath of the calamity.


  3. Hi Anuradha, I just dropped in on my way back to my Muslim site. I liked what I
    found and thought that I would leave you a note for your efforts in creating Could have been there….

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