Yachts In Goa – 10 Reasons To Experience Thrilling Rides

Yacht Ride in Goa, Image courtesy
Yacht Ride in Goa, Image courtesy

Yacht – Yes, the same that was first introduced in Kindergarten when we said Y for Yacht. In Goa? Yes. Here is a list of what you can do on Yachts in Goa.

A Yacht is a fancy luxury boat that you can charter to chart your own journey over water. Most of the commercial ones are available for hire. Most come with a team of captains and service people who make sure you enjoy your time on the ride.

Taking a Yacht ride in Goa is fast becoming a trend among the visitors of the sunshine state. After you have explored the beaches of Goa, experiencing a ride is a perfect way to experience its backwaters, its mangroves, and its biodiversity.

10 reasons for a memorable ride on Yachts in Goa

Yachts parks at Britona Jetty on Mandovi
Parked at Britona Jetty on Mandovi

Pamper yourself with Luxury

Having one to yourself is a luxury redefined. A captain driving you around as per your wishes, a host serving you your favorite food and drinks. The air blowing through your hair.

Drive to the sunset
Drive to the sunset

Drive to the Sunset

Sunsets are what makes Goa so much more lovable. You can watch the sunset from the beaches a million times, but it is another experience to watch it in the waters where it is merging. You almost feel the water is going to be on fire. The day I went for the Yacht ride, from one point it felt we were walking into the sunset, and from another, it appeared rolling down the hill.

With friends on a Yacht in Goa
With Friends

Small group celebrations

You planned a reunion with your friends from college and you want to be in your own world – not to be disturbed by other people. Choose to spend time on the Yacht. This is the best place to get up, close and personal in a small group. Even a small family event can be celebrated. Most of them in Goa can accommodate up to 20 people including the crew. The cost of the Yacht is very affordable when it is split across the group.

See a different landscape/cityscape

When you take a ride in Goa on the Mandovi River, you see the city of Panaji on one side with its colorful skyline. On the other side, you see heritage structures like Reis Magos Fort. My favorite point on this ride is crossing the twin bridges. I also like the colorful fishing boats parked near the Betim jetty. I always feel they are relaxing after a night’s work.

Photo Shoot on Yachts in Goa
Try some photography with the whole ocean & sun to yourself

Pre-Wedding Shoot

If you are getting married – hiring a Yacht to have a pre-wedding shoot is an upcoming trend. I looked at some of the shots and they are amazing – against both the sun and the blue waters of the Arabian Sea. I think it would be a memorable experience to begin their journey together, holding each other every time it goes up and down with the sea waves, much like they would have to do in life later.

Enjoy the Backwaters

Goa backwaters are a delight to be in. Unlike the more popular Kerala backwaters, they are not crowded, so you get to see unhindered views. There are mangroves on the banks of the River Mandovi, where you can get down and see the bio-diversity. My recommendation would be to drive upstream on Mandovi and stop at its islands like Chorao & Divar to take a walk and see the simple and rustic Goa. If you enjoy birding – you would have ample to rejoice.

Mandovi at Dusk
Mandovi at Dusk

Night party

While during the day, the sights of the ocean and surrounding earth fill your senses. It is during the night you can feel the solitude of the sea and the river. The twinkling lights in the distance tell you there is a civilization not too far. You can hire artists who can entertain you on board.

View of Yacht Ride in Goa
View of Goa from a ride

Celebrate the artist in you

If you are a musician, there can be nothing more inspiring than singing on the deck of a luxury Yacht for a private audience. I had once such a chance to enjoy music in Goa. And it was an experience that I would always cherish.

Getting married

Well, to be me this sounds a bit too experimental. I was told that it is no longer a dream idea, many weddings or after wedding parties are happening on the private Yachts. I would say spending a part of the honeymoon on Yachts in Goa is not a bad idea at all.

Spend time with family on a Yacht Ride
Spend time with family

Have an office party

What better place for a team bonding than a secluded place like this to bind them in a small space but give them a vast ocean around to think out of the box. Go, convince your boss to have the next offsite meeting on Yachts in Goa.

Travel Tips

Going under the twin bridges on Mandovi
Going under the twin bridges on Mandovi
  • Most of these rides are available on the Mandovi River that runs along with the city of Panaji.
  • The jetty at Britona on the north bank of River Mandovi is where a lot of them are parked and can be boarded from.
  • Wear comfortable clothes if you want to hop up and down, The winds are strong – so dress accordingly.
  • Ladies, it is not easy to leave your hair open when you are outside.
  • Sit on the deck and just enjoy the surroundings – keep your cameras inside for some time – not easy but try.

There are a few companies that run the services in Goa, I tried the one offered by Goa Yacht and I can definitely recommend them to you.


  1. The ideas presented under ‘small group celebrations’ are something new, and do not come to mind easily. I very much liked your thought about boats relaxing after a night’s work 🙂

    Wish you a happy new year!

  2. description of natural sunset beauty is at its best by u.
    the sandy sunset point in mount abu is what comes 2 my mind. a parallel on a different setup and a different background!
    recent past, in goa we had a cousins` reunion….. about 23 people. (no spouses allowed). exclusive for cousins with boys aged from 32-65 and girls aged in the range of 30-58.
    a cruise was arranged on the mandovi river one evening.
    i regret now that we cud have taken a yacht as u did.


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