Adventure Activities At Amaravati Over Krishna River


I was in Amaravati. It is the new upcoming capital of the state of Andhra Pradesh. Incidentally, it was also the ancient capital city that shares its name with the capital of Lord Indra in heaven. If you wonder how this place would look from the skies – to Indra or to the birds flying over it, I have a few glimpses captured during my aerial adventure activities here to share with you.

Banks of Krishna river, Amaravati, Andhra Pradesh
Banks of Krishna River, Amaravati, Andhra Pradesh

Global Music & Dance Festival at Pavitra Sangamam, Amaravati

I was in Amaravati to attend the global music and dance festival. On the banks of the Krishna River, where a canal from the Godavari merges with the river. The place is called Pavitra Sangamam. You can witness the lovely Krishna Arti in the evening here.

Aerial view of Amaravati campsite
Aerial view of Amaravati campsite

I stayed at Bhawani Island No 7. An island on the Krishna River, located just across the Pavitra Sangamam. A boat ferried us to and fro from our campsite on the island. The forests on the other end of the island were visible. But we had no time to go and explore them. But as they say, if you really wish for something you get it eventually.

Wave trails of boat ride over Krishna river, Amaravati
Wave trails of a boat ride over the Krishna River

Adventure Activities to explore at Amaravati, Andhra Pradesh

Powered Paragliding over Krishna River

Powered Paraglider or Paramotor
Powered Paraglider or Paramotor

On my first morning at Bhawani Island, I set out to explore Powered Paragliding also called Paramotoring while the air around me was still misty. Paramotoring is powered paragliding using a motor. Since it is mechanized, you really do not depend on the wind for launch or for taking off. Strong winds, of course, can impact the flight.

We drove to the other side of the island. In the open fields, the gliders were set up. The umbrellas covered the ground with strings neatly placed to avoid any entanglement. A small tricycle like a vehicle with a small motor and two fragile seats stood like a star in the middle. I walked to it to have a closer look at it. It would be a lie if I said, I was not scared. We were told you cannot take anything with you on this flight. Of course, you cannot. The seat can hardly hold you – where would you keep any stuff? Having said that, I did hang my camera around my neck and assumed it is a part of my body. How else, would I get these videos and images for you?

Paragliding Take-off
Landscape view during Paragliding
Landscape view during Paragliding

I sat in the front seat with a pilot behind me. I was told take-off can be a bit scary. Being prepared helps to an extent. But when you have to face the fear, you have to deal with it. As soon as the glider took off, we were flying above the river. I was scared for like 30 seconds and then the views took over. The rest of the flight was all about soaking in the unique views that only low flying can give you. The islands on the river looked like green jewels in the river. The thick forests looked lovely. The interplay of water and greenery was lovely. The rising Sun participated with its first rays.

Paramotoring adventure activities at Amaravati
Paramotoring adventure activities

We went up and down, coming very close to our campsite, which looked picture-perfect with its white tents erected in a neat square. We flew for almost an hour and I could have stayed up there forever.

Powered Paraglider hovering over Krishna river
Powered Paraglider hovering over Krishna River

Video of my adventure activities – Powered Paragliding

Watch the video in HD mode for the best effects. Subscribe to the IndiTales YouTube channel to view all of our videos.

The landing was again a bit scary. But all is well that ends well. As we drove back, I was already counting places where I would like to do low flying. Majuli island in Assam is definitely something to explore with paramotoring.

Hot Air Balloon Ride over Krishna River

Heating up the air for the balloon
Heating up the air for the balloon

The next day early morning we were out at 5 AM to take a ride in the Hot Air Balloon. Till then, I had always seen them in pictures. I had no idea that balloons are so huge. They measure a few hundred kgs when rolled up.

At an open ground, where our balloons – one blue and one red were being prepared, I was all curious. It was magical to see the fabric spread on the ground slowly swell up as the hot air was pumped into them. The basket that would carry us looked tiny with respect to the balloon.

Hot Air Balloon getting ready for the take-off
Getting ready for the take-off

After paramotoring, standing in the basket seemed like an easy task. Once the balloon is full of air and stands upright, you jump into the basket. The pilot pushes some more hot air and the balloon starts flying in the air. In a few minutes, we were back on top of the river.

Adventure activities of Hot Air Balloon ride & Paragliding at Amaravati
Adventure activities of Hot Air Balloon rides & Paragliding

Stunning Aerial views of Sunrise and Landscape

The presence of other balloons and later Paramotors added to the scenery before us. The surprise was when our pilot decided to add a dash of adventure to our otherwise comfortable ride. He took a sudden dip in the river. Our feet were in the water. Thankfully the balloon was ready to pull us back.

Sunrise scene over Krishna river
Sunrise scene

It was again Sunrise time. Sun reflecting its amber color in the waters of the river felt like it wanted to soak Krishna in its color.

Top view from the adventure activities captured during my experience
Top view from the adventure activities captured during my experience

After an hour of flying, we started our descent. For the villagers, we created quite a spectacle. Everyone watching us had their mobile camera pointed toward the balloon.

Landscape view from the skies
Landscape view from the skies

Video of my Adventure activities

Watch the video in HD mode for the best effects.

Landing from the ride was easy. The basket goes and sits on the ground. All you have to do is jump or step out of it. However, what was intriguing in the landing process was for the pilots to ensure that the balloon does not land on the basket. It must deflate on the ground. The ground should be clear enough not to damage the balloon.

Hot Air Balloon rides and Paragliders over scenic Krishna river, Amaravati
Hot Air Balloon rides and Paragliders over the scenic river

These adventure activities were conducted by E-Factor Entertainment. They are also behind Taj Balloon Festival – that I hope to attend this year.

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  1. Hi Anu,

    Paramotering and Hot Balloon Ride seem a great source of entertainment especially for people like us – mountain people. Reading your post how I wished I were you. But you didn’t mention anything about fees they charge for the ride. Or is it some sort of festivals where people can come together and try for free? Anyway, you seems to have fun there. Keep sharing your experiences.


    • Sherab, this ride was a part of Global Music and Dance Festival. I was invited by the company operating the rides, so I did not pay. However, they have different rates for joy rides & I assume they vary from location to location.

      I had total fun, especially because I could be in the air for almost an hour on both the rides. Paramotoring was a bit scary but ballooning was cool.

  2. This looks like a lovely place for a hot air balloon, too! And I also want to try paragliding someday! It’s fun to see the world from a bird’s eye view. 🙂

    • Absolutely – it is fun to fly little over the cities and landscapes and look at their top view. I missed doing this at Taj Mahal twice in a row – that would also be some sight to cherish.

  3. hey.. I have been trying to find different places in AP where I can go for paragliding or hot air balloon rides etc. , but couldn’t find anything as interesting as your trip. It is really impressive and creates a lot of interest . So can u kind of help me in searching few adventurous trips like yours, or suggesting some in AP could totally help me.

    Thank you

    • Jahnavi, this was done for a music festival in Amaravati. This is not a regular activity in AP as of now. You can explore Undavalli Caves, Kanak Durga Temple, Kondapalli Village and Fort around Vijayawada.

  4. Amazing! Superb place for hot air balloon. Images shown in this post are too beautiful. Thanks for such a wonderful post.

  5. Paramotoring and Hot Balloon Ride appear to be an extraordinary wellspring of amusement particularly for individuals like us – mountain individuals. Perusing your post how I wanted to be you. Yet, you didn’t specify anything about the expenses they charge for the ride. Or then again is it some kind of celebrations where individuals can meet up and go after free? In any case, you appear to have some good times there. Continue to share your encounters.


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