Amboli Ghat – Kingdom Of Waterfalls In Western Ghats


Amboli Ghat is a small part of the lush green Western Ghats that is a biodiversity hotspot of India and the world. However, during monsoons, the way they come alive and mesmerize anyone passing through is seen to be believed. We had a brief rendezvous with the ghat section last year while we were on our way to explore Kaas Plateau and Satara. We knew we would be coming back and this year we made a special trip to enjoy the Kingdom of Waterfalls at Amboli Ghat.

Amboli Ghat, Western Ghats, Maharashtra, India

This weekend getaway from Mumbai is a Hill station Tourist place in Maharashtra.

Amboli Ghat Waterfalls, Maharashtra

Amboli Ghat main Waterfalls
The Main Waterfalls
The Amboli Ghat Waterfalls close-up
The Amboli Ghat Waterfalls close-up

Only about 90 km from Panjim, where we live, it is an easy destination to drive to. We stopped at Sawantwadi for a quick breakfast. And stopped at a few seasonal rivers while sipping hot tea before we met the easy incline of the Western Ghats. The greenery and the valleys slowly start making an appearance and so do the monkeys in big groups.

Waterfalls at Amboli Ghat
More streams of Waterfalls on the Ghats during the monsoon
Amboli Ghat Waterfalls landscape
The Waterfalls landscape

As soon as we spotted the first waterfall, we stopped to have a closer look, to click pictures. To breathe in the fresh air and to soak in the green surroundings. Thanks to our earlier trip we knew that from here till the ‘Bada Dabdaba’ or the big waterfall there are a series of big and small waterfalls. So we decided to walk this stretch. We passed through streams of water eager to go down and meet a river. The rivers that we had earlier met and were eager to meet the sea. The sea was eager to impregnate the clouds and clouds that would bring smiles to our fields. And our faces when they come back as these waterfalls.

Take a Walk along to Explore the Amboli Ghat

Waterfalls at Amboli Ghat
One of the innumerable waterfalls

Amboli Falls Video

Watch the Video Clip of the drive to Ghat and the Waterfalls.

The falls go through the roads and fall into the deep valley. From certain vantage points, you can see multiple falls falling from steep cliffs. At other points, they are hidden behind the trees and only make their presence felt with their gushing sound. In one place they were like an artificial wall with tiny pink flowers coming out of it. It felt like a natural watering mechanism for this vertical garden. Tall mountains carry streams of water on one side and deep valleys receiving this water on the other side.

It is like walking through the waterfalls but thanks to the engineers who built the road. Without the need to be wet unless, of course, it starts raining. In some places, we walked through the clouds and at times we waited for the clouds to clear the view. Sometimes they obliged sometimes they did not.

View of a Waterfall at Amboli Ghat
View of one of the Waterfall

Try Mouth Watering Snacks by the Falls

By the time we reached the big waterfall, we were hungry and ready to have the hot Sabudana Vada. The simple shacks offer tea, Onion Bhaji, Sabudana Vada, and Roasted Bhutta. Everything is made fresh right in front of you. Last year their hottest-selling dish was Maggi noodles but this year there was no Maggi. With rain and water all around, tea and pakoras could not have tasted better. It was raining here at Bada Dabdaba. So we decided to go and meet another waterfall some 10 km away.

Roasted corn or Buna Bhutta - Street food to cherish during the monsoons
Roasted corn or Buna Bhutta – Street food to cherish during the monsoons

Nangar Tas Waterfalls at Amboli Ghat

Nangar Tas Waterfalls Amboli Ghat
Nangar Tas Waterfalls

Video of Nangar Tas Waterfalls

Watch the Nangar Tas Waterfalls Video Clip we captured.

Nangar Tas is a huge waterfall that is, of course, seasonal. But what is worth noting here is the sharp narrow gauge that the water falls into. You can see how the water has made its way through the giant laterite rock. There is a small temple before the entrance that leads to the platform to view the waterfall. With a huge bunch of bells hanging in front of an idol. I am sure there is a story out there but today was the day for the waterfall. We went on the platform to have a look at the river that becomes a fall. We went to another bridge-like structure that stands on the narrow valley created by the strength of the water. I am sure I have never seen anything like this anywhere.

Nangar Tas statue
Nangar Tas statue
Hrinyakeshi cave Shiva temple
Hiranyakeshi Cave Shiva temple

Hiranyakeshi Cave Temple

Wandering around we reached the Hiranyakeshi cave – which is in practice a Shiva temple. To reach this cave, we drove through a road with a breathtaking landscape on both sides, that went up and down. This is where we first spotted the round ball-like plants that dotted the green landscape – wherever there were no trees. I am still trying to search for its name, if you know please help. We crossed a metal bridge that stood over a stream. We walked through the meadow-like valleys and finally reached this ancient temple that once upon a time was just a cave.

The Temple ponds that connected to the flowing stream nearby had an interesting shape. An open Havan Kund added to the aura of the simple temple. The pathway to the temple was well-laid and made the walk pleasurable. Again with small water streams flowing from one side to another.

The Ghat road landscape view
The Ghat road landscape view
Cloudy road to Kavlesad
A cloudy road to Kavlesad

Kavleshet or Kavlesad View Point

We came back to the main road and took another detour to Kavleshet or Kavlesad – and the drive to this point was ethereal. We drove through the sugarcane fields completely covered in mist. The valley that we had all the way to see refused to reveal itself and remained hidden behind a thick cover of clouds. Just when we were about to leave it gave a glimpse for a split second as if to tease us. We could have waited below a structure made for tourists. An ugly incomplete cement structure that was as filthy as it can be. So we left and headed to a restaurant to eat some Malwani food.

Photography amidst the clouds on the Ghats
Photography amidst the clouds on the Ghats

Enjoy the Beauty of Nature amidst clouds

It was time to come back to Big Waterfall. We spent some time standing on the staircase leading to the top of the waterfall. We saw families enjoying the water and people posing wearing their best smiles while being careful of falling down. This is the crowded part and if you like your solitude in nature, you may just pass by it. If you enjoy people, you can spend some time here. Like we did eating Pakodas and sipping Chai. Being a crowded place, this is not as clean as the rest of the road. Sometimes you can have rowdy groups of men drinking away to glory.

Amboli Ghat collage
Amboli Ghat collage

It was time to return home, albeit with a stop at Sawantwadi – stay tuned for another post on the town, right here.

Water Lily flower in a local pond
Water Lily flower in a local pond
Swollen river enroute
Swollen river en route

You need at least half a day, ideally, a full day to enjoy the numerous waterfalls there. And the Hill Station is one of the best Hill Stations in Maharashtra.

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  1. The beautiful pictures are a treat for the eyes. I love travelling and exploring new places with my kids. The way you have described about the Amboli Ghat tempts me to visit this place at the earliest and capture the beautiful location under the lenses.

  2. Seems straight out of a fantasy world, Your pictures do justice to the beauty of Amboli.

    Could you tell me whether the waterfalls are perennial and would we have them around in the month of April. We would like to drop anchor en route to Goa. Thanks for sharing

  3. read your wonderful comments about amboli ghat. since i have my own land, near amboli ghat would request you to suggest whether i should develop it as residential villas , apartments or row houses. If u have any suggestions for new development, please guide me.

  4. Wonderful log. Awesome photography and Awesome Ghat. Does September first week is good to travel to this place and enjoy the beauty.


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