Cherish The Coffee Chocolates At Araku Valley


Bang opposite the Tribal Museum in Araku town a board atop a tribal wrought iron gate says ‘Araku Valley Coffee House’. The subtext says – Coffee Beverages, Powder, Chocolates, and accessories. The food court and Coffee show. Araku is a very small town, a center of tourism in this tribal belt with a wealth of nature – ghats, waterfalls, caves, and rich flora and fauna. It is also a hub for organic coffee plantations and its coffee is marketed under the brand Emerald. Still, what you do not expect is an upmarket coffee house in the midst of tribal culture.

Coffee Chocolates of Araku Valley Coffee House
Coffee Chocolates of Araku Valley Coffee House

Araku Valley Coffee Chocolates

Araku Valley Coffee House
Araku Valley Coffee House

We stepped in expecting to get some coffee and maybe taste some chocolates based on it. As we entered through the beautiful gate, we saw a well-designed sit-out with tables and chairs in the same wrought iron with tribal motifs. With few horses in the backdrop giving it a ranch kind of feel.

Variety of Coffee Chocolates in colorful wrappers
Variety of Coffee Chocolates in colorful wrappers

Inside the coffee house, we saw the love of Araku Valley coffee sprinkled all over with interesting quotes about coffee. A well-designed shop that had large varieties of chocolates – for tasting and for taking back home. The packaging was very basic yet modern and stylized. There were all kinds of chocolates, brownies, mousses, and tarts. And of course, a full menu of coffees and drinks based on it. You can pick and choose what you want or take the pre-packaged packets home. There are accessories like coffee mugs and other paraphernalia like posters.

History of Coffee

Interesting quotes on the subject
Interesting quotes on the subject

At the back of the shop, there was a coffee-making machine to demonstrate the process to the visitors. A door from here led to the Sampoorna gallery which is like a small museum. Showcasing the birth of Coffee in Ethiopia. And its journey all the way to Araku Valley. In the process covering the history of coffee drinking too, using dioramas. The staff cum guides will educate you about the different types of coffee. While most of India grows Robusta coffee, Araku Valley primarily grows Arabica coffee.

When we visited this center was under renovation. But the owner had a clear vision of the way he wants to have a state of art coffee gallery.

Sampoorna gallery
Sampoorna gallery

I am neither a coffee person nor a chocolate person. But I admired the concept. And more than that the courage of the owner to design and run such a beautiful outlet in Araku. To me, it looked like a dedication to the place, for producing South India’s favorite drink. By creating a mini-world of all the products that the homegrown coffee ends up in.

Hope this inspires many more of its kind.

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  1. Well, I did Visit the Tribal museum , But the Coffee gallery Was not there. Must be a New one Established.

    Must have a look on my Next Visit.

    Thank You for Sharing your Views and experiences of Visiting the Araku Coffee Gallery!

  2. We went to the coffee museum in araku and we bought the coffee bean toffees there. It was quite different. It had a mixed flavour of coffee powder and mint. But overall, it tasted quite good !


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