10 Best Day Trips From Jaipur You Must Do


Why would you do Day trips from Jaipur when you have so much to see in the city itself? Valid question. Let me tell you the places I am taking you to as day trips from Jaipur are equally attractive if not more. They take you a little into the not-so-urban heart of Rajasthan. You drive through the bright yellow sunflower fields and wonder if there is any corner of Rajasthan that is devoid of color.

Best Road Trips from Jaipur

Places to visit near Jaipur – Day Trips from Jaipur

Here is the list of Tourist places near Jaipur, get going!

Chand Baori, Abhaneri – Day Trip from Jaipur

Chand Baori, Abhaneri, Rajasthan
Chand Baori, Abhaneri, Rajasthan

Abhaneri is about 90 km from Jaipur towards Agra. So if you are doing the classic golden triangle tour of Delhi-Agra-Jaipur, it is a small detour on that trip. Now, there are many Baoris or Stepwells in India but none is as photogenic as Chand Baori. It is a compact and deep Baori with geometric steps going down on three sides and a carved pavilion on the third.

Do not miss the ancient temple dedicated to Harshad Mata and the sculptures scattered around the premises.

You need 6-7 hours to visit Chand Baori from Jaipur. Roughly keep 2 hours for the drive each way and a couple of hours to spend at the site. Do stop by to admire the fields where men and women in bright colors work.

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Bhangarh Fort

Bhangarh Fort - haunting of the Day Trips from Jaipur
Bhangarh Fort – the haunting place

Just google for the most haunted places in the world and you will see the Bhangarh fort there. During the day though this fort is full of local, domestic, and international tourist. There is no need to fear – it is a very beautiful fort with lots of living temples and a water body. Most structures are in ruins but they are well documented so you can imagine the city when it was living.

Bhangarh is about 80 km from Jaipur. You need to drive on the Agra Highway till Dausa and then take a detour. The road after the highway is not that great but it is not bad either.

If haunted places intrigue you as they do to most people, Bhangarh has to be on your Jaipur itinerary.

If you want to see Bhangarh nicely, climb up and down its hills, and enjoy its temples, you need 3-4 hours at leisure including the time you need for photography.

My suggestion would be to leave Jaipur leisurely after breakfast with a packed lunch. Spend time at Bhangarh and come back by evening tea time.

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Pro Tip – If you start early, you can combine Chand Baori and Bhangarh for a long day trip.

Samode Palace

Samode Palace Durbar Hall
Durbar Hall of Samode Palace

Samode Palace is one of the most beautiful palaces you can see in Rajasthan. It is meticulously maintained. A guided tour takes you around the palace. You would yourself wide-eyed as you go from room to room looking at the colorful walls, well adorned with miniature paintings. Each wall has a patterned background, some mirror work, and then some paintings. Paintings include scenes from mythology, everyday life, and portraits of the royal family. Each room has a color of its own – one is red and the other blue.

Be prepared to be soaked in color and opulence. At the ruined palaces and forts, I have always wondered how they would have looked during their hay days. I found my answer at Samode Palace. If this is how India looked a few centuries back, I wish it restores some of its lost aesthetics.

Even before you reach the palace you pass through the colorful Havelis to reach a porch full of Vintage Cars. Take a flight of stairs escorted by a mustached gentleman in Rajasthani attire. You are taken on a guided tour after which you can have your lunch at the restaurant.

Samode Palace is a private palace located about 45 km from Jaipur in the village of Samode. At the time of writing, there is an entry fee of Rs 1000/- that includes cover charges for the lunch.

Khatu Shyam at Khatu in Sikar District

Shyam Kund
Shyam Kund

Khatu is a small temple town famous for the temple of Khatu Shyam Ji. It is about 80 km’s from Jaipur in the North West direction and technically falls in Sikar district. If you believe in Mahabharata and its characters – this is a unique temple that you must visit. It is dedicated to Barbarik – a lesser know character from Mahabharata. He was the grandson of Bhim – the second Pandav.

It is a simple temple but what makes it unique is the myths and legends associated with it from history. In the present, you see his bow with three arrows everywhere in the town as he is known as ‘Haare ka Sahara’ or the God of the defeated.

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You can do Khatu Shyam and Samode Palace in a day if you leave early and do the temple first. The temple closes by noon, after which you can head to Samode Palace.

Sambhar Lake – Day Trips from Jaipur

Salt Mining at Sambhar Lake near Jaipur
Salt Mining at Sambhar Lake near Jaipur, Image source – Shutterstock

Sambhar Lake or Shakambhari Lake is the largest saltwater lake in India. The salt from this lake serves the total salt requirement of Rajasthan which is the biggest state in India. It is home to many species of birds and insects. During monsoons, flamingos can be seen here.

To me, its charm is in the fact that it is a region that is mentioned in epics like Mahabharata. It is also the place where Shakambhari Devi’s temple is. She is the presiding goddess of the Chauhan clan of Rajputs of Rajasthan.

Archaeologically, it is home to Naliasar – an ancient site. As you know, the older the place, the more it fascinates me. I have just passed by Sambhar Lake – I have yet to explore them in detail.

Sambhar Lake is about 95 km southwest of Jaipur. I would assume to go early morning for birding and then explore the lake and heritage structures around it. If done at leisure it would take a full day to discover Sambhar Lake and its treasures.

You may check Rajputana Cabs Jaipur sightseeing packages to explore Jaipur and nearby attractions.

Sanganer – A day trip from Jaipur to the textile town

Block Printed Fabric from Sanganer & Bagru
Block Printed Fabric from Sanganer & Bagru

Sanganer and Bagru are two textile villages close to Jaipur. Sanganer is about 15-20 from Jaipur.

If you follow Indian Textiles, particularly Rajasthani block prints, you would have heard the names – Sanganer & Bagru as the styles of block prints. Just like the Kuchipudi dance form gets its name from Kuchipudi village in Andhra Pradesh, Sanganeri Prints get their name from Sanganer. Now they even have a Geographical Indicator assigned to them. Sanganer is known for its handmade paper industry.

Sanganer is also a pilgrim town for Jains with many ancient Jain temples. Jain temples of Rajasthan like Ranakpur and Dilwara Temples are known for their intricate carvings. At Sanganer, the temple is in Red sandstone.

I visited Sanganer many years back and I still have the bedsheets I bought from there. For those of you who love to shop for hand-block printed fabrics and home linen, there is no better place than Sanganer to shop. You can literally see the fabric you buy being printed right in front of you.

Bagru – Textile & Leather Work Village – Day Trips from Jaipur

Colorful leather footwear as Jaipur Souvenirs
Colorful leather footwear as Jaipur Souvenirs

Bagru is similar to Sanganer in the sense that it is also a village engaged in hand printing. What makes it different is its designs which are distinct from Sanganer. Here they use a lot of Indigo colors and mainly floral patterns. Bagru is also known for the small-scale leather industry. So all the colorful Juttis or bags that you buy as Jaipur Souvenirs are probably made in Bagru.

If you love visiting artisans in their workspaces – Bagru is for you.

Like all old places, Bagru also has a fort – but this is a private fort that opens to the public only for a few festivals.

Bagru is about 32 km from Jaipur. How much time you spend depends entirely on you.

Pro Tip – You can easily combine Sanganer and Bagru for a trip from Jaipur.

Amer Fort & Town

Ganesh Pol - Amer Fort
Ganesh Pol – Amer Fort

I know everyone who visits Jaipur visits the Amer Fort. But there is so much more to Amer than its Fort, which is, of course, full of curious myths and legends. While the trained guides would tell you the story, I enjoyed listening to them in the evening light and sound show there. Interspersed with folk music the fort tells its own story surrounded by pitch darkness.

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When you look down from the ramparts of Amber Fort, you see the town of Amer with many tall temple Shikharas. Guides tell us there are 365 temples in Amber town– one temple for each day of the year. The idea is that it is an old city full of temples.

Walk through the streets of Amer to reach the Chanvar Palkiwalon ki Haveli. This restored old Haveli is home to the Anokhi Museum which showcases the textile tradition of Rajasthan and in fact, many parts of India. See what the patterns of block print tell the status of a woman – if she is unmarried, married, or widow. The museum beautifully showcases the restoration of this heritage haveli that is now such a delight to go around even though the staircases still remain as steep.

Ajmer – Day Trips from Jaipur

Soniji Ki Nasiyan or Lal Mandir in Ajmer
Soniji Ki Nasiyan or Lal Mandir in Ajmer

Ajmer is about 130 km or 2 hours away from Jaipur by road. You can do it in a day, but I would suggest staying at either Ajmer or Pushkar to do it properly.

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While most people visit the Dargah in Ajmer and come back, I discovered so many things to see and experience in Ajmer. This includes two lovely lakes and a stunning Jain temple that has the model of the universe re-created.

Pushkar – the city with a holy Lake

The Pushkar Lake in summers
The Pushkar Lake in summers

Pushkar also deserves at least a day with all its temples and Pushkar Lake. It is best to do it with Ajmer. If you are short of short and curious to see Pushkar – it is one of the day trips from Jaipur.

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Besides these, you can explore Alwar and Ranthambore too, from Jaipur. I would, however, treat them as separate trips.

Best Road Trips from Jaipur

Do you know of any other interesting Day Trips from Jaipur?

I would love to hear from you about any other tourist places near Jaipur.


  1. Hi Annuradha
    Thank you for a wonderfully detailed write up. This is going to be my itienary for my next visit to India. God willing.
    I have been to Jaipur and Amer Fort during a short visit in 1993. So a 2nd visit is due now. ????

  2. Of all these I could only visit Amer when I was in Jaipur last year for 3 days. I very much wanted to visit Anokhi also, but it was closed on the day we went. So, that’s due. Also, Bhangarh and the step wells are very high on my list. In fact I plan to stay in Jaipur sometimes for longer, and do day trips of each of these places. You have done a great work brining them together in one single article! I have got to refer back to it.

  3. Have been to Jaipur atleast 6-7 times now and still 3 places on this list eludes me.I don’t know how I missed Samode Palace,the frescoes look beautiful.I must have seen the ticket price and given it a miss.But with lunch included the price seena reasonable.

    • Meenakshi, you have to see the opulence of Samode Palace to believe it. Each room would leave you in awe. I think with lunch Rs 1000/- is not really bad. We pay much more for ordinary monuments outside India.

  4. Thanks so much for this awesome post. I always wanted to travel to Pushkar from a pilgrim’s perspective. Hopefully, I will be able to do that someday soon.

  5. I’ve seen so many wonderful photos of Chand Baori but none that really showed its true scale – yours does! It makes me wonder how long it took to build such an incredible structure and it’s good to know it can easily be visited on the Delhi-Agra-Jaipur tour route you mentioned. I also love the intricate details of the Durbar Hall in Samode Palace, so cool how the rooms have their own dedicated colours, too. Very fascinating!

    • Alyse – I do not think it took too long to build structures like Chand Baori but we have lost the technique that was used to build structures like these in past. Samode Palace is a delight – one of the best-preserved palaces I have seen.

  6. There is just so much to do in this area. I do plan to go to Jaipur when I eventually get to India but for me, I would want to check out the Chand Baori, Abhaneri. This place looks totally stunning

    • Danik – Chand Baori is a stunning structure – imagine even our water management schemes used to be so beautiful 1300 years ago. Even Samode palace is very beautiful – you should check that out as well.

  7. This is a really helpful post! Bhangarh looks cool to me because I find haunted places so intriguing haha! I bet there are some good ghost tours there 😉 Sambhar lake looks amazing too, I’ve never seen anything like that.

    • Dana – Incidentally there are no conducted ghost tours here. I guess that is because you are not allowed to be at Bhangarh after its dark and Ghost tours may be no fun during the day. Yes, Sambhar Lake is amazing.

  8. This sounds like a great write-up of day trips from Jaipur. I would love to visit the most haunted place in the world. It sounds so ominous, yet beautiful and sad at the same time. Your photography was stunning and brought me right into the region. Thank you for a beautiful journey.

  9. That’s a fantastic compilation of the day trips from Jaipur! I have been hearing a lot about Bhangarh Fort lately and I so want to go, not only because it’s so beautiful in terms of the architecture but also because its haunted and I love exploring haunted places! Apart from that, there is a wealth of history to be explore in Rajasthan and I really need to visit soon!

    • Thank You Anuradha, for the fantastic compilation of the day trips from Jaipur. I have been to Jaipur about 2-3 times but I have truly enjoyed the place only after reading your blog. All the places are photogenic and are to die for. Hoping to see you add a new list of places to visit in Jaipur. A 2nd visit is due now.

  10. Good list of places, all of them worth a visit.I have done on Ajmer and Pushkar in this list. I am keen to visit the baoris around Jaipur. They are really photogenic. And those colorful textiles and jutis… I am dying to lay my hands on them.

  11. Great post. I was born in Jaipur, but have explored a lot of it and Rajasthan only as an adult. The chand baori and the Sambhar lake looks really interesting. I have seen many beautiful pics of this stepwell before, but heard of this lake and salt mining only through your post. Would love to visit someday.

  12. My wife and i were in Pushkar for the camel festival in 2014. Glad to see it on the list! The tours of the forts and palaces are a great idea. The story behind the beauty makes it all even more interesting. We can’t wait to visit India again!

    • Stevo – Pushkar Mela is very popular. I am told these days there are more photographers than camels there. Rajasthan, in fact most of India has so much to offer that you will have to keep coming back to India.

  13. Wow what a great list! I did not even know a couple of them. I have only seen Amer & Ajmer-Pushkar. I do intent to visit Sambhar and neighboring places such as Kishangarh soon. In fact, I should also visit Pushkar again because last time it was too crwded because of the fair.

  14. India just keeps looking better and better. That fortress looks really interesting to explore, as I’ve never been to a fortress like it. I’d like to see the flamingos at the salt lake, as I missed them at the salt flats in Cyprus last year. Seems they really like salt!

    • Yes, looks like flamingos like salt. Every winter there are thousands of flamingos that come on the shores of Mumbai – again salty sea water. There is no end to forts and palaces in India. You can literally get lost in them.

  15. I had no idea there was so much to do around Jaipur; I would love to explore the area. Chand Baori looks incredible, and the decoration at The Samode Palace is unreal!! I love how you’ve included the estimated travel times and visit times too – that helps so much with planning a visit!

  16. This is a brilliant list of day trips!! I would have probably just gone to Jaipur city and back… thanks for sharing this. I will definitely try to do one if not a few day trips you suggested whenever I visit Jaipur.

  17. I love Jaipur and if I see what I can visit from this town I need to go back and spend some time here!! I love those stairs, for washing areas! Your first picture is just great! I have seen a couple of these places but not as deep as this one!!

    • Jocomijn – Jaipur has a lot to offer to the tourists. You can spend time within the city or around the city. I travel to explore, to find stories and to feel the place, so you see some depth in my stories.

  18. I have visited most of these places and I really agree with you for Chand Baori. It is really an amazing place to visit. But you should mention the best time to visit there as it is no sense to visit Abhaneri in summer.

  19. All are very stunning places to visit in Rajasthan. You can also visit Nahargarh Fort in Jaipur to add your day trip more lavishing.

  20. I have never yet traveled to India, so these guides are proving essential. This one in particular because I have made some friends in this area as I continue on my endeavor to speak Hindi.

  21. Great piece of architecture at Samode Palace. Can you suggest me some more places in Rajasthan to take the heap of architectural scenario?

  22. Hi Anuradha, the information you have shared regarding day trips from Jaipur is absolutely amazing. Jaipur is a gateway to several beautiful tourist destinations in Rajasthan, best for the true heritage lover.

  23. Yep Jaipur is one of the most popular places in the country. the best place to for the people looking to have a break from their daily life. I have visited many time like nahargarh and jaigarh and Amer fort. a very beautiful state.

  24. Great Post and Perfect Itinerary for Jaipur. All these things you mentioned are the best one can do to explore the beauty of Jaipur city.

  25. I was looking for such a nice information about jaipur. i went through so many blog but you described really well in your words.it will help me alot to visit jaipur

  26. After reading so many blogs i spotted this one thank god. Beautiful post. I am planning my trip accordingly. My next destination right now is Rajasthan as winters are coming – best season.

  27. It’s a great write-up of Jaipur to plan day tours and local sightseeing. I have done on Ajmer and Pushkar on my bucketlist and next I will be heading to Bhangarh. I feel the spooky attraction is calling me…
    Thank you for sharing this list.

  28. Brilliant collection! I loved Abhaneri and Lal Mandir’s architectural structure. Hope I get to enjoy them soon. thanks for sharing.

  29. Hi,

    I’m a huge fan of Your Blog and I’ve really been enjoying your writing. In fact, I’m already writing regularly.
    I traveled in Jaipur, I have some some list of places you must visit in Jaipur.
    I hope you like it.

  30. What a fantastic guide to exploring the best day trips from Jaipur! This article offers a treasure trove of insights into nearby destinations that promise to enrich any traveler’s experience in Rajasthan. From the majestic forts of Amer and Nahargarh to the tranquil countryside of Sanganer and Samode, each recommendation is a testament to the region’s rich history and cultural diversity. The detailed descriptions and practical tips provide invaluable guidance for planning unforgettable day excursions from Jaipur. As someone passionate about immersive travel experiences, I truly appreciate the emphasis on discovering hidden gems and engaging with local communities. Kudos to the author for curating such an informative and inspiring resource for travelers eager to delve deeper into the wonders of Rajasthan


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