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Keoladeo National Park is popularly called Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary. It is in Rajasthan. Among the top-rated bird sanctuaries of India and the world. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The sanctuary is about 29 sq. km of dry and wet grassland.

Keoladeo National Park – Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary Tour

Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary is home to a large variety of residents as well as flocks of migratory birds, especially during winters. It is located just a bit off the most popular tourist triangle of Agra – Jaipur – Delhi and hence visited by a large number of visitors.

Saras Crane the tallest bird
Saras Crane the tallest bird

This national park can be explored by walking, with bicycles available for rent, cycle-rickshaw, and horse carts. Depending upon your interest in sighting the birds and bird photography 1 day to one week can be easily spent exploring the national park. It opens early in the morning and closes by around sunset time. There are many hotels and lodges nearby the sanctuary and one within the sanctuary.

Saras Crane Bird

Saras Crane is the tallest flying bird in the world. The Saras Crane measures about 6 ft. in height and has a wingspan of about 2.5 meters. According to our cycle-rickshaw driver cum guide, spotting them at Bharatpur is considered lucky for you. They are always seen in pairs, monogamous, and are known to fast to death if the companion loses a life. As of now, they are vulnerable and considered an endangered species. This bird could well be the pride of India.

Black-Shouldered Kite bird
Black-Shouldered Kite

A lookup the dry branches of the trees one may be able to spot the Black-Winged Kite watching over you. The peafowls during sunset fly up to the tree branches and park there for safety.

Pathways of Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary

Pathways at Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary
Pathways at the sanctuary

A typical tree-lined raised walking path amidst the low-lying wetlands is a delight for the explorers. It helps cover the entire sanctuary on foot or on a cycle rickshaw for bird watchers and photography enthusiasts.

White-throated Kingfisher bird
White-throated Kingfisher

Sanctuary of Birds & Butterflies

Birds and Butterflies can be seen at a close distance here. While they are in relative comfort and feel safe with people and their cameras. There are several colorful butterflies in the national park.

Cepora Nadina or the Lesser Gull butterflies mating at Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary
Cepora Nadina or the Lesser Gull butterflies mating

Scavengers like the Indian Fox can be seen crossing the path. They can be seen assessing the men intruding into their territories. Like this one crossed our path after posing for the photograph.

Indian Jackal at Keoladeo National Park
Indian Jackal
Purple Heron bird in-flight
Purple Heron in-flight
Pied Kingfishers birds in-flight at Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary
Pied Kingfishers in-flight

A variety of Birds at Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary

A variety of birds like Herons, Kingfishers, Cormorants, Eagles, Kites, Parakeets, Pigeons, Cranes, Stilts, Lapwings, Storks, Woodpeckers, Owls, Wagtails, Waterhens, Moorhens, Swamphens, Bulbuls, Babblers, Doves, Duck’s, Egrets, Ibis, and Pelicans can be seen here. It helps to carry a field guide on Indian birds to identify them. Carry a binocular for a better view of the features of the birds.

Male Nilgai at Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary
Male Nilgai

Nilgais are the common antelopes seen at the sanctuary. They are seen relishing the lush green grass of the low-lying wetlands. Female nilgais are brownish colored, without horns, and seen in the small group with juveniles. Males are dark greyish in color with sharp small horns mostly seen alone.

Crested Serpent Eagle bird
Crested Serpent Eagle

The dozen-odd parakeets were not happy with the presence of this resting Crested Serpent Eagle. Parakeets were making loud shrill noises to disturb and nudge the eagle away. The eagle first flared the crest to look larger, an opportunity to photograph, before it got disturbed by the noise and flew away.

Ixias Marianne or the White Orange Tip butterfly at Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary
Ixias Marianne or the White Orange Tip butterfly
Lesser Whistling Ducks at Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary
Lesser Whistling Ducks

Islands at the sanctuary

Man-made small islands can be seen inhabited by hundreds of ducks, cormorants, and egrets. They can be seen enjoying a sunbath, after the cold winter nights. There are several such islands in the sanctuary where ducks are seen in frenzied flapping and squawking away to glory.

Indian Pond Heron bird at Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary
Indian Pond Heron

Overall it is a must-visit place for bird, wildlife, nature, and photography enthusiasts.

Bharatpur Tour can be clubbed with Deeg Palace and Fort & Mathura Museum visit. Satpura National Park, Kaziranga National Park & Nameri National Park are also wonderful national parks for nature lovers & wildlife enthusiasts.

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