Butterfly Conservatory Of Goa At Ponda – Butterfly Park


Who is not enchanted by the colorful butterflies flying around them? Have we all not tried to catch them as kids? Have we not wondered about these fragile beings that carry so many colors? The Butterfly Conservatory of Goa is one family’s effort to create a haven for butterflies…

Butterfly conservatory nearby sign board

Butterfly Conservatory, Goa – A Butterfly Park

Butterfly Conservatory info board
Info board

Located on a remote hill in the Ponda district of Goa, this conservatory is designed as a sanctuary and not as a zoo. It was a barren hill a few years back. The efforts of Jyoti & Yashodhan Heblekar have converted it into a forest complete with a stream flowing through it.


They have documented close to 100 species of butterflies in this sanctuary. But at any point in time, you can view up to 25 varieties.

Mud Puddle
Mud Puddle

An interesting corner of the sanctuary has been curiously named The Butterfly Pub. A place primarily visited by the male butterflies – instead of a bar, it is a mud puddle, though. Apparently, this is where the males come before mating.

Passiflora coccinea or Red Passion flower
Passiflora Coccinea or Red Passion Flower

Flowering Trees and plants that attract Butterflies have been planted, aplenty in the conservatory.


Aviary planned

Heblekar’s are planning a walk in the aviary next. They already have a small one, where they have colorful birds that can be legitimately bought and kept inside. For the rest, they are trying to create an environment that naturally attracts birds to this conservatory. Like putting the right food for them and of course, a green cover that they love.

The Heblekars also have a beautiful house next to this hill that has a green cover and a collection of cacti on top. The roof of the house is like a garden where you can sit and admire the butterfly hill from a distance.

The entry fee to Butterfly Conservatory is Rs 100/- per person.

It takes a bit of effort to reach this place and public transport does not help much.


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