Chorla Ghat – Drive Through Goa Hinterlands


Exploring the hinterlands of Goa, like Chorla Ghat, is one of our favorite pastimes in the state. We hardly go to the beaches, but we often drive down to the Goa hinterlands. Crossing many small and big bridges over rivers, stopping by to admire the reflection of lush green coconut trees in the waters.

Coconut tree-lined river en route to Chorla Ghat, Goa
Coconut tree-lined river en route to Chorla Ghat, Goa

Chorla Ghat Road Trip – Goa Hinterlands

Of course, one of us is crazy about birds and would stop anywhere there is some chirping.

Anjunem Dam backwaters view from Chorla Ghat, Goa
Anjunem Dam backwaters view from the Ghat

Anjunem Dam

Last month we went exploring a bit of Chorla Ghat – and the first place we stopped at was a Machan close to Anjunem Dam. In an attempt to look at the dam, we skirted the huge lake surrounded by the hills of the Western Ghats. In the process, we ended up coming across the most beautiful swimming pools (yes it is, we saw 2 of them) I have ever seen. An infinity pool that overlooks the valley at the Wildernest Nature Resort. And another one that gets fed from an artificial waterfall and then overlooks the valley.

This one has the waterfalls from the hilltops at Swapnagandha Resort. I would leave it to your imagination how it would be to be in this swimming pool with the help of some pictures.

Swimming Pools

Infinity swimming pool at the Wildernest Nature Resort, Chorla Ghat
Infinity swimming pool at the Wildernest Nature Resort
Swimming pool overlooking the waterfalls at Swapnagandha Resort, Chorla Ghat
Swimming pool overlooking the waterfalls at Swapnagandha Resort

This Chorla Ghat area belongs to the Mhadhei wildlife sanctuary and a forest department board told me that with prior permission you could get inside the forest area. We parked that idea for another day before we headed back.

Brahminy Kite atop a Coconut tree
Brahminy Kite atop a Coconut tree

On our way back we stopped at a small bridge on the Assanora river. Where on both sides, there were tempting green coconut trees. There were sluice gates for fishing and if there are fish in the water, birds can’t be too far away. We spent some time spotting the birds as they played hide and seek with our cameras.

Indian Roller bird en route to Chorla Ghat
Indian Roller bird en route

Amthane Dam, Chorla Ghat

From here instead of going towards Bicholim and hitting the national highway to come back home to Caranzalem, we took a small detour to discover a hidden gem – Amthane Dam.

Panorama of Amthane Dam, Goa
Panorama of Amthane Dam

We knew about this dam from newspaper reports that talk about the water being pumped into the catchment area. Or pumped out to nearby water treatment plants or when excessive rains indicate potential flooding due to the dam overflowing. Of course, we never heard any touristy news from this corner of the state. We had to take a mud road to reach the dam, but it was worth all the effort.

Viewpoint Amthane Dam, Goa
Viewpoint Amthane Dam, Goa

Amthane Dam is one of the most scenic places and secluded places I have seen in the state. The large lake had crystal clear water giving me confidence that the water we are drinking is clean even before it goes to a treatment plant. As the water was clean, it carried a clear blue hue. The shape of the lake depends on the water level so you would always find some unique edges where the water ends.

A pleasant walk on the bund, Amthane Dam
A pleasant walk on the bund, Amthane Dam

The backdrop is the green forest of Sahyadri hills. The rainwater from these Ghats flows down in streams and contributes to the waterbody.

Blue backwaters of Amthane Dam by dusk
Blue backwaters of Amthane Dam by dusk


As you walk on the dam you have the vast blue lake on one side and the green village on one side. A small canal with an artistically done bridge over it flows quietly. Birds fly from here to there. A jetty joining the column standing in the lake makes a perfect place to click pictures. And in fact, is a great place to have a 270 degrees view of the lake.

Canal by Amthane Dam
Canal by Amthane Dam
Wild Flowers at Chorla Ghat
Wild Flowers on the route

Walking on the bund that is all available to you, as hardly anyone comes there is a pleasure difficult to define in words.

Giant Spider at Chorla Ghat, Goa
Giant Spider on the Western Ghats
Barn Swallows near Amthane Dam
Barn Swallows near Amthane Dam

Several birds can be found around the water body. Nature lovers will find this place a must-visit when on a holiday in the state.

Amthane Dam view
Amthane Dam view

After spending an hour at this scenic lake and dam, it was time to head back home. We know we would keep coming back to this ghat section for more. Like seasonal waterfalls during monsoon and visits to the wildlife sanctuary.

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  1. Chorla Ghats is one of the most beautiful areas in Goa!! I just love it & I so much agree that about the Swapnagandha view, it is to die for in the monsoon!!!

  2. wow,
    right now am in goa. on duty.
    visited several beaches, points,etc.
    1 notable part of the my duty time.. course is-
    there is a church by namr 3 kings church which opens only 4 a day every year om 6th of january.
    the view from this hill ltop church of the lush green palmgroves of south goa, the beach is a treat 2 watch.
    u wil b able 2 give a different perspective of such things i m sure.
    flyin back out of goa 2morrow with a heavy hearet and nostalgia.
    one outbound xercise as a part of our mgmnt. course was held here.
    3 cheers.

  3. It’s a beautiful, I eagerly waiting for vacation to drive and enjoy chorala ghat. I had been thr but not seen properly. thanks for information.
    Kedar Shalgar

  4. It was a nice tour of the Goa hinterland. Being on the Western Ghat side it has natural beauty in abundance. Thanks for sharing it.

  5. I’ll be travelling to Goa in May by road. I have the chorla ghat option. But considering its May end, will it be as scenic?

  6. Amazing photos. I never thought about going to Goa… now, I want to go NOW! Nice post, guys!


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