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Downtown Vancouver BC was my first real introduction to Canada. I walked so much around the city that by end of my trip I felt a certain intimacy with the city. I could navigate its grid-like roads remembering the popular ones as the reference point. Vancouver BC is an easy city – in many ways.

First and foremost – it is a city that loves to walk and is fit for walking. The downtown area is best done on foot. There are so many people walking that you naturally walk along. No wonder I did not see many gyms in the downtown area.

History of Vancouver City

Gas Town at Vancouver BC
Vancouver BC – Canada

Vancouver BC is located at the mouth of River Fraser. Archaeologically, there is evidence of it being inhabited for 8000-10,000 years. There are first nations people like Salish, Musqueam’s and Squamish have inhabited this area in the known history. However, as a city, it is a European settlement of the 1860s.

George Vancouver – a British naval captain first arrived in the city in 1792 CE. His chronicles talk about the pleasant landscape of the city. The city would later take his name. Hudson Bay Company set up their first trading post here in 1827. The gold rush brought thousands of people and hence was born the Vancouver City.

Canada Pacific Railway connecting Vancouver to East Canada would play a significant role in bringing people here and shaping the city.

The influx of people to Vancouver BC continues to date.

Abundant Nature at Vancouver BC Canada

My friends in Vancouver BC asked me where else can you live in a city and a rainforest simultaneously. I did not have a ready answer to that. Step out of downtown Vancouver and you are in the middle of the rainforest. One good place to see the flora of Vancouver BC is to visit the Capilano Suspension Bridge or some hiking trails around it.

The Maple tree – the iconic symbol of Canada is all over to see. Even in the urbanest parts of Vancouver BC, you will see a row of trees. If you go during the fall, as I did, you will see the hues of yellow, red and bright pink lining the city.

Vancouver, North Vancouver and Vancouver Island

Explore Vancouver BC
Explore Vancouver BC

As a first-time visitor to Vancouver BC, you are likely to be confused between Vancouver, North Vancouver and Vancouver Island. Check out Google Maps and you will know they are three different entities. Vancouver BC is the metropolitan city. North Vancouver is another city on the other side of the Lions Gate bridge. Vancouver Island is a large island where the capital of British Columbia – Victoria is located.

Places to see in Downtown Vancouver BC

Ok, now let us wear the traveler hat and check out some cool places to see in Vancouver BC Canada:

Flyover Canada

Flyover Canada
Flyover Canada

The Flyover Canada is one of the latest attractions of downtown Vancouver BC. It is a virtual reality show that takes you over the Canadian landscape as if you are flying low all over the country.

Now, I am not really into these kinds of things, but our friends at Vancouver Tourism highly recommended this. So, one evening after it was dark and there was not much for me to explore, I decided to check out Flyover Canada. I am so happy I listened to the Vancouver tourism guys.

It is definitely an experience worth having. Not only it takes you through the diverse landscapes of the country with breath-taking visuals but it also makes you feel a part of that. When it felt we are about to hit a rock, all of us raised our feet, when it passes close to a field, we feel a jerk and when it rains, light mist falls over you.

Now, I highly recommend Flyover Canada experience as one of the must-see attractions in Vancouver BC. It is conveniently located at Canada Place. For the prices and timings check out their website.

Vancouver Art Gallery

Vancouver Art Gallery was one of the first things I explored in downtown Vancouver BC. It has an imposing colonial building that once used to be the main court building. The flight of stairs does give it an air of importance.

Visiting Vancouver Art gallery was my introduction to the modern and contemporary art of British Columbia. Check out this gallery of images from the Vancouver Art Gallery.

You must see the Emily Carr collection – the most celebrated artist of British Columbia.

Check out their visiting exhibitions and other programs on their website. If you appreciate art, keep a couple of hours to explore the Vancouver Art Gallery.

Walk around Gas Town – Downtown Vancouver BC

Gas Town & Its Steam Clock - Downtown Vancouver BC
Gas Town & Its Steam Clock – Downtown Vancouver BC

The Gas town is one of the oldest areas of downtown Vancouver BC. It is famous for a steam clock located right on the main road. Every hour you can hear it perform and at any time of the day you can see the steam coming out of it.

I was curious why this town is called the Gas town and then on top of it a steam-emitting clock. However, they are not as connected as they seem. Gas Town gets its name from a Gassy Jack Deighton – an English seaman, whose statue can still be seen in the street. It is one of the oldest settlements in Vancouver city, the original downtown if I can say. The steam clock commemorates the times when the Gas Town had a steam-powered heating system.

It is a happening place even today with bustling boutique showrooms and eateries. There is a youthful buzz around the town in a vintage setting. This is a good place to go shopping or to try some fusion food.


Yaletown is actually the erstwhile rail town of Vancouver. This is where the Canada Pacific Railway ended. The area was once full of railyards and warehouses. Many factories came up in the vicinity. An Expo in 1986 brought a new lease of life to this area when it underwent redevelopment. There are some streets like Hamilton street and mainland street where you can still see the old buildings. Most of the rest of the area in this part of downtown Vancouver BC is a recent development.

Like Gas Town, Yaletown is also full of happening restaurants and bars interspersed with designer boutiques. Is that not a perfect combination for a tourist location – have a lot of options to eat, meet and shop.

Vancouver Lookout

Vancouver Lookout was on the list to get the bird’s eye view of the city. Ever since I went on top of Empire State building in New York and saw the massive high-rise buildings look like lego blocks, the tall viewing spaces have fascinated me. I enjoyed it in Thailand from the 84th floor of Baiyoke Sky Hotel. I think most cities in the western world have a vantage point viewpoint in the city. At Vancouver, it is called Vancouver Lookout.


360 degrees view of the City of Vancouver

You get a 360 degrees view of the City of Vancouver. Canada place with its giant sails looks beautiful. Gas Town with railway lines running parallel to it takes you back in time. The Stadium catches your eye in the evenings with its magnificent lighting. You can see the streets of downtown Vancouver BC running in a grid manner. If you go with a local friend they would be able to point out anything in the city from here.

You get to read some trivia about the city like the famous people who were born here or the important events that took place here.

I recommend you visit the Vancouver lookout twice – once during the day & once at night. The good news is that your Vancouver Lookout tickets allow you any no of entries within a day. For more details, check their website.

Granville Island

Granville Island is located across the false creek from downtown. Like Yaletown this is also an industrial town turned tourist hot spot of Vancouver. Old warehouses now serve as artist studios, some of which you can enter and see. There is graffiti or street art as you like to see it. The biggest draw of Granville island is its Public Market.

Granville Island Public Market



It is a fairly large market enclosed in what looks a huge warehouse. Step in and it is a different world. The space inside is bustling with activity. There are people shopping for all kinds of things. In one corner people were eating freshly cooked food.

I took a walk through the aisles of the Granville Island public market. I have to admit that I was tempted to stop and buy many things. The jewelry designers were working on their new pieces while displaying the old ones. Bakers were churning out freshly baked items. I learned about the cinnamon records that seemed tempting like our Desi Jalebi.

There was a whole range of fresh fruits, dried fruits, and spiced dry fruits. I would let you see this gallery to admire this market.


After the market, I went to the false creek to admire the boats. You can easily spend half a day or more at Granville Island in Vancouver BC.

Olympic Village

Olympic Village - Vancouver BC
Olympic Village – Vancouver BC

Vancouver played the host for 2010 Winter Olympics and 2010 Winter Paralympics. The glimpses of the Olympics can be seen across the city. There is a giant Inukshuk – the symbol of 2010 Olympic games can be seen while driving around.

Salt Sculpture at Olympic Village - Vancouver BC
Salt Sculpture at Olympic Village – Vancouver BC

Olympic village came up in a place that was once a salt trading center. In the middle of tall buildings built to accommodate the visiting athletes, stand the little memoirs of the past in form of sculptures. I saw a giant sculpture of a house sparrow and another of a pile of salt. An open area had wooden log benches and on a rainy day, they presented a beautiful picture of the area.

There is nothing much to see in Olympic village apart from sculptures, but it is good to walk by or drive by it as it is a part of Vancouver’s important milestone.

Stanley Park

This beautiful park is not really a part of the downtown Vancouver BC, but then it is hardly separate from downtown Vancouver. Any Vancouver BC guide will tell you that Stanley Park is one of the must-do places in Vancouver BC.

Stanley Park - Fall Colors in full bloom
Stanley Park – Fall Colors in full bloom

I was fascinated to see the seawall – that is a perfect place to walk in nature while being in a big city. I also saw the images of Totem Poles in Stanley Park and wanted to see them. However, by the time I reached Stanley Park, I had seen enough of these Totem poles in Whistler & Victoria.

It was raining the day I went to Stanley Park, so I just drove through it, stopping here and there to take pictures while Alfred of Vancouver Private Tours introduced me to the old trees of this park and showed me the best places to click Lion’s gate bridge. I did manage to see the Totem Poles – and these are the only ones that give you an explanation of the carvings on the poles.

Canada Place

Canada Place at Night - Downtown Vancouver BC
Canada Place at Night – Downtown Vancouver BC

This is the beautiful waterfront of downtown Vancouver BC. On a pier of Canadian Pacific Rail, now stand giant sails that you can see from anywhere. It is a nice place to walk around.

This is where you can Flyover Canada. I saw a lovely interactive exhibition in one of the halls as I waited for my session of Flyover Canada.

In general, it is a multi-purpose place with a waterfront convention center, some shopping malls, and venues for big events.

During summers some walking tours are conducted here called The Canadian Trail.

Eat your Heart Out

Fusion Food - The cuisine of Downtown Vancouver BC
Fusion Food – The cuisine of Downtown Vancouver BC

Vancouver BC is a great place to explore fusion food. Being a place with so many immigrant communities, there is no dearth of cuisines you can find here. The highlight is the experimental fusion food which essentially means that the food you get at these outlets is unique.

I tried my hands at as many types of food as I could in downtown Vancouver BC and around.

In my next post on Canada, I will take you slightly on the outskirts of Vancouver BC across the Lions’ Gate Bridge.


  1. Thanks for the tips! I especially want to take the train sometime, and the Flyover thing looks like a cost-efficient way to see Canada. 🙂

  2. awesome, I love the crafts on sale at the market. Do you have any more details about the fusion food you tried? I’m a foodie and always try the best local cuisines when travelling 🙂

  3. Whenever I see the blog of Canada; the only thing I want to do is pack my bags and travel there. I love the view of the bay and city from the lookout. It surely looks like the beautiful city

  4. What a beautiful town! I love the Olympic history in it, we just returned from another Olympic site (Lake Placid) and loved taking a look at all of the buildings and memories.

  5. Lots of great ideas, I love the photos Stanley Park, what time of year was the photo taken? I’d really like to visit during the autumn as the colours are lovely.

  6. Nice one! Can you believe Vancouver was the first US city that I wanted to visit as a kid?! I was an X-Files addict…! 😉 But I realised by reading your post that I didn’t know that much about Vancouver. I didn’t realise there was so much nature in this city. I’m more a nature lover than an X-Files fan nowadays. And I miss these Fall colours that we don’t get much in Australia. So I may consider adding a few sites that weren’t an X-Files filming location if I visit Vancouver one day ahah

  7. I’ve never been disappointed about the places in Canada. The more I think about it, the more I get inspired. Anyhow, I hope you’ll get a chance to visit Australia too. Especially Sydney and Melbourne. I Thanks for the tips.

  8. It’s great to know that Vancouver is fit for walking. I like all the detail about the history and the different attractions. Would love to experience the vibe in Yaletown and take a stroll through Stanley Park.

    • Fiona – you should read my post on First Nations and you would know how much cultural history Vancouver and British Columbia have. Gas Town has a nice vibe – it is the oldest part of the city but with lovely designer stores and eateries.

  9. Reading this post and seeing the photos brought back some amazing memories of my visit there back in 2015. And I cant wait to get back there in a couple of months time. Love Vancouver. One amazing city. 🙂

  10. I had no idea Vancouver was so diverse. And to have a rainforest to boot is quite impressive. But it’s the art scene that really intrigues me. The public market at Granville Island looks dangerous with so many cool artsy things to buy!

  11. Thank you for this useful introduction to Vancouver. The view of the city from the Vancouver Lookout looks amazing, especially at night when the city’s skyline lit up. Vancouver Art Gallery looks interesting too. I also love how close Vancouver is to a rainforest – good location for those like me who love camping ⛺️

  12. You had me at ‘fusion food’ 😉 I love when the influx of different cultures turns into excellent food choices! We are visiting Vancouver for the first time in May this year, and I can’t wait to explore Gas town, and Stanley Park! And if I can get my husband to manage his fear of heights, the Vancouver Lookout!

    • Hannah, Vancouver Lookout is totally closed and you do not even get close to the glass. It is perfectly safe, please tell your husband. Even I have a fear of heights and I was perfectly fine there to visit it twice in a day.

  13. Haven’t been to Canada yet, but hope to visit some day and that too during autumns just to see the colors you mentioned. Wish the flyovers of Bangalore were half as beautiful as the one in Vancouver. Love those little pendants so creatively made.

  14. I love that Vancouver is a walkable city, though out of the city itself, we really loved the amount of access to nature. And Stanley Park obviously is such a beautiful space too! I was also fascinated to see the seawall – hope you have the opportunity to head back on a sunny day on your trip trip through 🙂

  15. Vancouver looks like an interesting place to go. Really enjoyed going through your blog as you have detailed about the best places to visit and things to do. The birds eye view is really incredible .

  16. Thanks for the detailed information about Vancouver – we are planning a trip there with my boyfriend so it is a real help. I really like the idea of The Flyover Canada and we will definitely go there, is it a nice and exciting way to learn about the city for sure!

  17. Ahh I love Vancouver! It’s such a beautiful city. I loved Stanley Park so much, even though it started pouring rain halfway through my bike ride and I got absolutely SOAKED. And omg that food! This post really makes me want to go back!

  18. I love Vancouver so much — it’s such a beautiful city. Granville Island is a really fun place. I always come away with great souvenirs (and a fully belly, of course). The Flyover Canada experience sounds so cool! I need to try that someday!

  19. I have yet to visit the west coast of Canada, though I’d love to. Planning an Alaskan cruise at some point, so was considering spending a couple of days in Vancouver before departing.

  20. I have to admit that although I used to live in Bellingham and made several trips to Vancouver, I never really explored the city. That flyover sounds really fun. I do enjoy them myself. I wouldn’t mind visiting Stanley Park either. I missed the Capilano Suspension Bridge when I was there, although I did make it to the cheaper Lynn suspension bridge (I think that’s the name). Someday I’ll be back there.


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