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Jampore Beach is the hot spot of Daman City. The city is a big part of the small union territory of Daman & Diu, located on the west coast of India. It takes just 2-3 hours to drive from Mumbai to this city and even lesser from many cities in Gujarat like Surat. It is a favorite getaway from these cities – when people are looking forward to a quieter place.

Jampore Beach Daman India
Camel on the beach

People of Gujarat, of course, have a more significant reason to love their neighbor – it is not a dry state. Just jump into the union territory, drink your heart out, and go back home. It is not wrong to assume that Daman & Diu owe a lot of their incoming tourist traffic to the Dry Status of Gujarat.

Places to visit in Daman – Jampore Beach

Red Car racing on Jampore beach, Daman
Red Car racing

Since alcohol does not really impact my travel plans, I ended up discovering many things in the Union territory. Let me begin with the most colorful and lively part I saw – Jampore Beach – it is on top of must-see places in the Union territory. Located in Moti Daman which means Big Daman, but is actually the smaller of the two, this beach is located in a bit of isolation.

Jampore Beach

Trees along the beach
Trees along the beach

It is a simple beach with dark sand and mud-colored water. The sea tide here can vary a lot – so check the tide before you go. If it is too low, the sea would be too far though you would see a lot of activity in the space it has left. If it is too high you may not have enough room for yourself.

Take a Camel ride

Camel ride
Camel ride

Yes, Camel Ride. This is the only beach I have seen where you can have a camel ride. Tall camels against a vast sea are a sight to watch. As soon as you stand on the beach, one of the camel guys would approach you for a ride. I did not take a ride but I guess it must be fun for the kids. It reminded me of the bumpy camel ride in Wadi Rum.

Ride a fancy Horse Cart

Colorful Horse Carts
Colorful Horse Carts

Now the horse carts are not just other horse carts. They are the most ‘dhinchak’ horse carts I have seen. Each horse cart has its own design in bright colors. Some horse carts even had their tires painted in bright colors. Choose the one that appeals to your eye. And take a ride on the beach – a la vintage times.

Horse Ride

Landscape view of the beach with various tourist activities
Landscape view of the beach with various tourist activities

You can choose to have a plain and simple horse ride. Riding the horse on a not-so-crowded beach may make you feel like a knight in shining armor for some time.

Car Racing

Car Racing
Car Racing

They call it ‘Car Raiding’ here. These are small cars like Santro cut open to look like convertibles and painted in bright colors. This is a good family & friends ride. All of you sit in the car and the driver will zoom on the beach, taking you as close to a Ferrari ride as possible. I was stunned at the speed at which these bright cars were running on the beach. I have probably always seen them stuck in city traffic and never knew they could attain these speeds or maybe the drivers deserve some credit.

Statutory Warning – Ride at your own risk.

Ride an All-Terrain Vehicle

ATV Ride
ATV Ride

If none of the above suits you, there is an all-terrain vehicle that you can drive. I saw many kids enjoying the ATV or maybe the ATV lookalike ride.

Go Parasailing at Jampore Beach


Parasailing is now the hallmark of any beach development. You find them on almost all beaches that have some tourist inflow. So how could tourism be behind? Colorful umbrellas going up in the sky are lovely to watch, as is the scene from the top when you see the green earth on one side and the vast sea on the other, diving by a fine sandy line that we call the beach.


Cricket on Jampore Beach, Daman
Cricket on the beach

The beach is populated in a very balanced way. It is not too crowded and not too secluded. This means you have enough space to play team games like cricket and football. In the image above do not miss the empty coconut shells doubling up as wickets.

Sit Back & Enjoy at the Shacks

Shacks at the beach
Shacks at the beach

There is a neat line of low-ceiling shacks at the beach. The most prominent item you see there is coconut water of course. I loved the little Chana chat stall here.

Chana Chaat, Jampore Beach, Daman
Chana Chaat with Hot Chillies

Is it not amazing that this little-known beach offers so many options for visitors?

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