Jeep Safari At Satpura National Park, Madhya Pradesh


Sipping steaming hot tea with views of Moonlit Denwa River backwaters is likely to make a great beginning for a day set aside for exploring nature at its best. Imagine soon you are going to cross over a kilometer of brimming backwaters on a boat before sunrise, under the watchful moon, to explore Satpura National Park on a morning jeep safari starting sharply at 6 AM.

Moonlit Denwa Backwaters
Moonlit Denwa Backwaters

Some of the best sunrise moments, nature lovers cherish.

Sunrise lights up the path of Satpura National Park
Sunrise lights up the path in the jungles

Satpura National Park – Early Morning Jeep Safari

By the time you board the jeep safaris operated by the forest officials and experience the cool breeze in the dense forests, the Sun rises lighting up the path and activating the life out there.

Wildlife we met at Satpura National Park
The wildlife we met

The jeep ride begins with twists and turns, going up and downs on the mud path following the resounding calls of monkeys, deer, birds, etc. One can start spotting the herds of alert but still, at ease, Spotted Deer grazing their morning breakfast. Sambar’s alert ears turn around sensing the scene. Wild boars and Gaurs (Indian Bison) munching in herds on the way. While the rest of the animals keep a safe distance, 1000 kg adult Gaurs are comfortable being close to the jeeps, though at least one of them keeps an alert eye on you.

Hundreds of giant spiders can be found connecting the tree branches with their net throughout the forest. Chirping birds of various kinds can be heard throughout the circular paths of the jeep ride. Langurs dare to block the path demonstrating their prowess a la Bheema in Mahabharata.

Reflecting rocks landscape view of Satpura National park
Reflecting rocks landscape view

Breakfast at Satpura National Park

Another cup of tea in the dense jungles, diligently arranged by Denwa Backwater Escape staff, by the rocky side of the backwaters with mesmerizing reflections provide an opportunity to spot water birds. This is something restricted in a moving jeep for photographers to compose. The warmth of the sun’s rays and the hot cup of tea make it a cozy place to sit back and admire nature and birds.

We make a few more rounds of the jungle, trying to spot the elusive Leopards and Sloth Bears. No luck and it is all you need to meet these predators.

Pink Water Lily's lake at Satpura National Park
Pink Water Lily’s Lake

The safari ends at about 9 AM, besides a tiny lake full of by now blooming pink Water Lilies.

Afternoon Jeep Safari

We are back in the afternoon for another jeep safari at the Park. This time around lots of birds including the common kingfisher, Indian Roller, Drongo, Malabar Giant Squirrel, and antelopes were spotted and heard.

More Wildlife we encountered at Satpura National Park
More Wildlife we encountered in these jungles

At the end of the day, the moonlit landscapes, sunrise, and sunset over the backwaters of Denwa are what we would remember the most from the visit. Play of light and colors is an experience to cherish as is the call of birds.

Scenic Sunset at Denwa River Backwaters, Satpura
Scenic Sunset at Denwa River Backwaters

You can find some more details about the park to plan a trip here.

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