Kaas Plateau – A Valley Of Flowers In Satara, Biodiversity Hotspot

Variety of Flowers at Kaas Plateau
Variety of Flowers at Kaas Plateau

Kaas Plateau – Valley of Flowers

Kaas Plateau is also called the valley of flowers – Maharashtra’s answer to Uttarakhand’s famous valley of flowers. Both the valleys bloom around the same time during the late monsoons season in India i.e in the months of August and September.  While the latter requires you to trek through the tough Himalayan terrain after reaching the foothills, you can drive right up to the Kaas plateau that lies on one of the many hills of the city of Satara.

Micro to the Macro range of sizes - Flowers at Kaas Plateau, Satara
Micro to the Macro range of sizes – Flowers at Kaas Plateau, Satara

Our first encounter on the way to Kaas Plateau was with a 2 meter or so long snake that just appeared on the road and took its time to cross the road. Next morning when we walked to the Kaas from MTDC resort where we were staying, we met many of them – peacefully loitering around. Unfortunately, many of them were dead, probably under the wheels of some vehicles but we spotted some mongoose too, so you never know. There are lots of butterflies to spot and enjoy. Due to spread out vistas, capturing them needs a lot of patience.

Blooming tall Kaas Plateau Flowers
Blooming tall Kaas Plateau Flowers

Changing Colors of Flowers

We were told the color of the flowers at Kaas changes every week or so. In the third week of August, it was white flowers that dominated the plateau. Some of them carried hues of pink. There were a lot of micro flowers that needed an eagle eye and a sturdy camera to capture them.

Kaas lake had some of the blue flowers in its bed. This is also a place where you can get something to eat.

Mono to Multiple flowers at Kaas Plateau, Satara
Mono to Multiple flowers at Kaas Plateau, Satara

UNESCO heritage value for Biodiversity?

Kaas being a part of the Western Ghats is a part of the UNESCO world heritage site. UNESCO has taken the initiative to barricade the main plateau so that flowers are protected and visitors remain at a safe distance. We were told that before this, tourists would play football in these fields. And destroy the small flowers and flower beds. Unfortunately, we could see enough cutouts in those barricades to allow people in. On the plateau, there were paths marked for the people to walk around.

Road passing through barricaded heritage site Kaas Plateau
Road passing through barricaded heritage site Kaas Plateau

Tips for Kaas Plateau Visitors

  • The place tends to get cold and strong winds do blow so pack accordingly.
  • There are lots of mosquitoes & flies, cover yourself as much as possible. They tend to get into your eyes. Between the two of us, one person fanned away the mosquitoes while the other clicked pictures.
  • Wear closed shoes – snakes and other reptiles are in abundance.
  • Carry a magnifying glass. There are lots of micro flowers that are difficult to see with the naked eye.

    Magnifier lens helps to get a close view of Flowers at Kaas Plateau
    Magnifier lens helps to get a close view of Flowers at Kaas Plateau
  • MTDC has a small 5-room resort at the base of the plateau from where you can walk to the flowers. It is like a light trek that allows you to see the flowers on the side. And the valley views on both sides of the plateau.
  • In a book on Kaas plateau, there are about 80 varieties of flowers mentioned. On close study, we found that most of these flowers are found around the country. So, be prepared for that.
  • En-masse flowering happens for a very small period. It seems that week place is too crowded. For the rest of the season – you do see some flowers and flower beds. The week we were there, there were ample white flowers and other regular flowers. So, keep that expectation in mind.

    White Flowers galore at Kaas Plateau
    White Flowers galore at Kaas Plateau
  • We found a lot of similar flowers on other hills of Satara. Do venture out and look for flowers in the vicinity of Kaas too.
  • Public transport is very limited and unpredictable from and to Satara. There are no buses after 5 PM.
  • Check the bloom time before you head to Kaas plateau, though in general mid-Aug to September end is a good time.
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  1. I went a few years ago but didn’t see as many flowers as you did, I think it was early. Still, it’s very beautiful there, there is a small kind of information place with photos of different varieties and also a waterfall…

  2. Visit Bhambavli Vajrai Waterfall and Bhambavli Flower Valley nearby merely 5 km away from Kaas Flower Valley. Best place to visit. It is situated in Satara. for any details, contact Ravindra More @ 9821967717


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