Kuskem Waterfalls – Secret Monsoon Wonders Of Goa


Kuskem Waterfalls, also called Kuske Waterfalls, is a seasonal Goa monsoon attraction at the edge of the Western Ghats in South Goa. It is about 20 km from the Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary entrance off National Highway 17.

Milky water at Kuskem Waterfalls
Milky water at Kuskem Waterfalls

Kuskem Waterfalls, Goa

The motorable road leads up to the idyllic Kuskem village. Greenery abounds, this 20 km road journey is all about the cool breeze, rivulets, small bridges, forests, and green paddy fields. In short, nature is at its best all the way.

Kuskem Waterfalls landscape view, amidst lush greenery
Landscape view, amidst lush greenery

As soon as you reach Kuske village, the landscape view of this rainwater-fed waterfall can be seen, surrounded by greenery. About 30 meters deep-plunge waterfall, is a relatively small waterfall, however as natural as it can be in the modern era.

How to reach Kuskem Waterfalls

Public transport to these Goa waterfalls is poor. You need a private vehicle or rent a cab to reach this place. It is about 100 km from Panjim, the capital of Goa state. From Margao the commercial hub of Goa, it is about 70 KMs. This route is on the national highway up to the entrance of Cotigao wildlife sanctuary and is comfortable to travel. A landscape view of the waterfalls and milky lines in the vast green canvas welcomes you as soon as you reach Kuske village.

It enthuses you for the further 2-odd km of trek/walks through thick and unsafe vegetation for 20-30 minutes. There are no more signboards, better check with the villagers before you embark on the way ahead.

Trek to Waterfalls

An easy walking path starts getting riskier midway as the water stream flows 10-20 feet deep right next to the path. There are no barricades and the path further can be potentially slippery due to moist mud/grass.

The narrow pathway one needs to take
The narrow pathway one needs to take

While the flowing water sounds are enchanting the path gets rocky. And the waterfall is not visible throughout the trek. Bringing in an element of suspense and surprise the moment one almost reaches there. It is a mesmerizing sheet of white waterfall plunging down from the ghats fed by rainfall upstream.

Streams by the rocks
Streams by the rocks
Water gushing down making its own way
Water gushing down making its own way

Enjoy the sight of pristine white waterfalls, the roaring sound of the plunging water, feel the water, and those adventurous drenched in nature’s gift. Take pictures, appreciate the might of nature, and add one more beauty to your travel memories.

Plunging down streams
Plunging down streams

Kuskem Falls step-wise waterfall

What else to see nearby

It is all about nature, en route you can stop by the river, feel the greenery, take a long walk & cherish the cool breeze all precious for those living in the choking cities. The Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary is nearby and one can easily spend half a day there as well. You may read a separate post I have written on Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary – A Walker’s Paradise. They also have a butterfly garden there to visit.

What are the safety measures required to visit?

Step-wise monsoon fed waterfall
Step-wise monsoon-fed waterfall

The area is not covered by the mobile phone towers. It will be hard to reach out to seek help in an emergency. The rocky base needs extra caution and the support of co-trekkers to explore. You may not find more tourists there. There are no safety instructors or instructions at the falls. It may be slippery, and parts of the way may be muddy due to the rain. The water flows further like a natural canal about 15-20 feet deep, by the approach way.

You have to also cross the water about knee-deep to reach the main waterfall. Therefore be in a group of capable trekkers. Keep general safety needs in mind if you intend to visit, get beneath the waterfall, or just play in the water. Be safe. Be prepared for unexpected heavy rainfall as well. Take care of electronic goods like cameras you may carry.

Seek the advice of Villagers

Take the advice of villagers before proceeding by foot on the latest developments and precautions. There seems to be planning to develop it for eco-tourism. A proper footpath to proceed to the waterfall, and footbridges, besides developing the site for a camping facility is on the cards.

On the way back if you still have the appetite and energy for the Goa Holidays fun, spend a leisurely evening by Colva, popular among the Goa beaches, near Margao. You can read my post on Colva Beach here.

Trekkers, enthusiasts of adventure travel, and environmentalists on Goa Holidays will find this Goa monsoon attraction among the places to visit. It is not on the list of popular Goa tourist destinations. Hence one can find solitude amidst nature here. Due to the rains, the vegetation is also rich in greenery.

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  1. Wah..what a description. I felt I am walking and reaching towards waterfall. Thanks for beautiful writing.
    It might be a hidden gem that is why no boundaries on path and very less people visit also maybe.

  2. yet another vivid description of incredible india…nature at the best.
    yr. reviews always brings forth memories and parallels.
    this 1 takesme back 2 mymost recent holiday with family.
    COORG in karnataka where i stayed in a nature home ie., a house with all ghar ka khaana and ambience.
    the host family was as homely as 1`s own relatives.
    on one such morning they arranged a visit 2 ABBEY FALLS.
    which very much resembles yr. pics and writings.
    i m not that able 2 put it in ink,,err… computer and share it with readers…browsers.
    thanx 1nce again.

  3. Yaa, It is around 12KM from Hathipal near Cotigao Wildlife sanctuary. This is a must see place. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi Anuradha!
    It’s really great of you to post this article. I’ve heard from many visitors and travelers of the place and the special instructions on pre-planning to avoid disappointments. I truly feel like, I can just download your article and get on board for this natural treasure without any guide or navigator.

  5. I like to read about different places in India. Good that i joined this community. Nice to know about new places in our own country. The description and the photos are wonderful.

  6. Hye. Alok here. I was planning a lone trip to Kuskem falls this saturday 27 Aug 16. The GPS location shows the place as 45 km from Vasco and some 20 odd km from Madgaon. However as per your description it’s more. Can you plz Correct me here. Your expertise will be great full in planning my trip. Thanks

    • Alok, Google maps show Madgaon to Cotigao 40 kms and for Kuskem you have to go further few kms inside the sanctuary, so it should be roughly 50 kms from Madgaon – add 20 kms for Vasco.


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