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I traveled to Jhabua last year for the Bhagoria festival. On an evening stroll, we went to an artist’s shop that makes this microbeads jewelry in vibrant colors. Now I have seen this in many modern jewelry shops across India. And was surprised to know that it is made in remote villages in tribal belts of India.

Bangles and Bracelets from Jhabua Tribals
Bangles and Bracelets from Jhabua Tribals

The designs and color schemes of the bead jewelry here were pretty contemporary and inviting. There were sets, bangles, earrings, and bold multi-colored bracelets.

Multicolored Jewelry made by the tribals
Multicolored Jewelry made by the tribals

Microbeads Jewelry of Jhabua

On second thoughts I knew that plastic beads cannot be a part of native culture. They must have come to this region as part of skill development. Or employment generation initiative that the women of this region have well adapted to. Though when I asked the artist, he said the workers in his workshop had been working on this kind of jewelry ever since he remembers.

Multicolored Microbeads Bracelets
Multicolored Bracelets made by the tribals

A friend who works with a design institute later informed me that many NGOs and design institutes have been working with the artisans of Jhabua to design jewelry and other items that can be sold to urban consumers. Jhabua dolls that are made of cloth are also very famous. And many artists who make this bead jewelry also make Jhabua dolls. Most of these artisans work from home but have accolades accumulated from around the country.

Jewelry Set from Jhabua
Microbeads Jewelry set made by the tribals

I did pick up a very unusual black with multi-colored bead jewelry piece. Now I am looking for an occasion to wear the same…

If you too find an opportunity to find them on sale, do buy. It supports the tribal’s income for their skill and hard work. Spread the word, well someone may like these jewelry items.

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  1. I really like beading! And I really like the concept of creating interchangeable Jewelry items, especially necklaces and bracelets. What a cool idea!’


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