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Places to visit in South Goa – There is no dearth of tourist attractions in South Goa. There are beaches, waterfalls, wildlife sanctuaries, dams, hinterlands, heritage, museums, historical places and more.

Allow me to share a Glimpse of Places to visit in South Goa as I have seen it across all the seasons of long summers, sweet monsoons & short but sweet winters.

You choose the places to visit in South Goa, based on your interests, duration & the season of your trip.

Places to visit in South Goa on Vacation

South Goa Beaches

South Goa beaches are very different from the North Goa beaches. Beaches of South Goa have fine white sand. On a dry day, when you put your foot in the sand here, you almost feel you have put your foot in a pile of silk. Your foot just sinks in the smooth texture of sand here. The sand is not exactly white but quite close to it. Best times to visit the beaches are early morning & evenings. You can go for a long walk or jog or just relax. There are several watersports available for the interested. Explore some food by the beach shacks.

South Goa Beaches
South Goa Beaches

When you fly out of Goa, especially when you go south, if you are sitting on the right side, you can see the long straight line beach of South Goa. This 20 km or so stretch of beach is known by various names along its length. Most beaches derive their name from the village located next to it.

Popular South Goa Beaches

The most famous beaches of South Goa are Palolem, Agonda, Mobor, Betul & Colva beach. Beaches along the south are all tourist attractions and one’s place of stay and availability of vehicles to commute matter. Colva beach is best known for the water sports. It is a good place to go parasailing – the view from the top is beautiful, to say the least. Utorda beach is a quieter beach, just walk a little north of Colva beach and you will find yourself almost alone with very few shacks around.

Check out this tool to help you explore beaches in India by Expedia: Beach Map of India

While South Goa beaches are the preferred destination for the travelers, they are best visited early in the morning or in the evening. So what to do the rest of the day. There are many interesting Places to visit in South Goa within an hours drive. Know about them and plan your travel well and explore them as well

Waterfalls in South Goa

If you happen to be in Goa during monsoon months i.e. June to September most beaches are kind of inaccessible. This is the time to head to hinterlands in search of hidden waterfalls. While most waterfalls need a bit of trekking, here are a few that you can see without much of an effort.

Kuskem Waterfalls

Hidden deep inside the Cotigao National Park, Kuskem waterfall is a lovely waterfall. It is a seasonal waterfall, hence best to visit as soon as the monsoon ends or during monsoon breaks. You need to hike just a bit to reach it. For directions though you must depend on the villagers who live inside.

Kuskem waterfalls, Kuske, Cotigao, South Goa
Kuskem waterfalls, Kuske, Cotigao, South Goa

Dudhsagar Waterfalls

The most famous waterfalls of Goa, Dudhsagar falls need no introduction. However, remember these falls are best seen from a train. Unfortunately, there are not too many trains that take you there and bring you back to Goa. A visit to the Dudhsagar Waterfalls location is possible only after monsoons and opening date for tourists are determined by the forest department of Goa. It essentially is about safety and only forest department jeeps will ferry tourists to and fro from the Mollem village.

Dudhsagar Waterfalls with a passing train
Dudhsagar Waterfalls with a passing train., Image courtesy Shutterstock
Dudhsagar Waterfalls captured from train
Dudhsagar Waterfalls captured from a train
Landscape view of Dudhsagar Waterfalls
Landscape view of Dudhsagar Waterfalls

Netravali Waterfalls

Visiting Netravali falls requires a bit of trekking and a guide. Plan a visit accordingly.

Netravali Waterfalls - Places to visit in South Goa
Netravali Waterfalls – Places to visit in South Goa, Image courtesy Shutterstock

Wildlife Sanctuaries in South Goa

Goa is blessed with abundant nature – be it rivers, ocean, islands or nature reserves. Nature nurtures biodiversity. Goa is a perfect place to spend time with nature and for activities like birding.

Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary & Zoo

Bondla wildlife sanctuary & zoo visit ensures that you get an opportunity see dense forest area in the hinterlands, some animals in the zoo, many birds and if lucky some wild animals too. However, we recommend that you look for the crocodiles on the banks of water bodies.

Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary & Zoo, South Goa
Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary & Zoo, South Goa

Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary

Cotigao wildlife sanctuary is our favorite walking place in South Goa. Walk, go on top of trees and see the forests from the top.

Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary, South Goa
Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary, South Goa

Bhagwan Mahavir Sanctuary & Mollem National Park

You can visit this sanctuary when you visit Dudhsagar falls.

Museums in South Goa

South Goa museums preserve & present the heritage of Goa in their unique ways.

Goa Chitra & Goa Chakra Museum

A tribute to wheel and the ethnographic past of Goa. Visit this museum to get a perspective of the then precious wheels which enabled mankind to travel once upon a time

Bigfoot Museum, Cross Museum & Heritage Portuguese House

Goa in all its simplicity can be seen at Bigfoot Museum. Do you know the world’s largest Cross Collection is in Goa?

Museums in South Goa
Museums in South Goa

Naval Aviation Museum

The museum hosts some of the flying machines & naval history. You can see a model of INS Virat here.

Hinterlands, Dams, Botanical Garden

South Goa hinterlands scene
South Goa hinterlands scene

Goa is home to small dams like Anjunem Dam or Amthane Dam. South Goa though has a unique dam – Salalulim Dam. Built with duckbill spillway technology this is a semi-circular dam with no gates. The excess water just flows into the river that in turn takes it to the sea.

During monsoon season you admire the dam like a waterfall.

Salaulim Dam & Botanical Gardens

One of its kind duckbill spillway Salaulim Dam is a vast lush green campus. Head there if you like some serene moments. The botanical gardens are also worth a visit for the interested.

Salaulim Dam & Botanical Gardens
Salaulim Dam & Botanical Gardens

Budbudi Tal or Bubble lake & Spice Farms

Mysteriously bubbles arise from this small temple pond if you clap. Curious about the Budbudi Tal visit it. Next door is a spice farm with homestay provisions. Netravali falls is also nearby to this place.

Butterfly Conservatory

Personal initiative of physician couple, Butterfly conservatory is home to several butterflies. Visit if you are interested in butterflies and their conservation.

Temples in South Goa

Goa was full of temples once upon a time. Most of these now live in the Ponda region of South Goa. We have designed a small trail of the most famous temples of Goa that you can do in half a day easily.

We do recommend the Mud Festival of Devaki Krishna Temple – it is the most fun festival that we have ever seen anywhere.


Portuguese era houses

Chandor in South Goa was the ancient capital of Goa. There is not much that is left of that era, but it is still home to large palatial houses of the Portuguese era. Some of these houses like Menezes Berganza house are open to the public.

Rachol Seminary

One of Asia’s oldest & largest seminary. The Architecture of the complex is also interesting.

Ancient Places

Do you know world’s oldest know labyrinth is located on a river bed in South Goa? Head to Usgalimol or Pansoimol and on the banks of river Sharavati, you will see various petroglyphs depicting animals, human birth, and a world-famous labyrinth. These prehistoric sculptures are a living proof of the continuous living civilization in Goa.

Not too far from here are the Rivona caves.

Go Birding in South Goa

Birding in South Goa - Places to visit in South Goa
Birding in South Goa

Goa is one of the most bio-diverse states of India despite it being the smallest Indian state. You can find birds in most fields, wetlands and by the riversides. In South Goa, we recommend walking in quaint villages like Maina, preferably early mornings.


Several trekking programs are conducted in Goa for the enthusiastic explorers of hills and western ghats. Check out local newspapers

Check-out the cartoons of Mario Miranda the son of the soil cartoonist in several public places.

Which of these Places to visit in South Goa interests you? Enjoy your Goa Holidays.


  1. The falls is really fascinating and the peacock and other animals and the forest. No wonder to be called a kind of tourist attraction. Thumbs up for those places in South Goa

  2. Dudhasagar waterfall is a joy to watch. It has been the awesome experience. The beaches of South Goa is also clean and peaceful. Thank you Anuradha for sharing.

  3. my humble add-on –
    the navy museum nearby which shud take less than 2 hrs. 2 c. completely.
    it is near one of the village beaches(walkable distance ) that u mentioned.
    a retd., admiral also stays there closeby.

  4. A beautiful narration about Goa.the amazing and charming tourist attraction of India. my hearty congratulations to the author, Madame Anuradha.

  5. Thanks for sharing great, inspirational and very informative travel story. Waiting for my 2nd visit to Goa. Amazing place to visit in India.

  6. I am reminded of my stay at Colva beach almost 20 years back (that was my honeymoon) and all the places we covered then!! About two years back, we again went back to Goa, but this time to North and stayed at Candolim beach. We (me and my husband duo) have started a blog to capture our experiences together. Had never thought of starting a blog when we started out! Better late than never!

  7. The post is worth. A lot of people visiting Goa thinks it is only about wine, dine and pub. I also had that impression but while my stay at Nestle chocolate plant at Ponda, I went to see what exactly Goa is all about. It has well maintained temples majorily centred around Ponda, clean beaches, friendly local, and bountiful nature. Even villages are well connected. I still miss Palolem, Vagator and our favourite Martin’s corner. You should write more on Goa. A whole book could be written on nature’s paradise all alongWestern Ghat.


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