Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary & Dam


Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary is just about 15 km from Medak. It is named after the Lake it is located next to. Rich in flora and fauna it used to be the hunting ground for the Nizams and was later declared a wildlife sanctuary.

Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary entrance
Sanctuary entrance

I wonder if they could hunt anything other than deer. As the boards show leopards and tigers on their wildlife list, but they are obviously not there in this small jungle so close to human habitation.

Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary and Dam

Spotted Deer at Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary
Spotted Deer we sighted at the sanctuary


Today you can go for a small ride or walk in the sanctuary where a 4.5 km path goes through the forest and the marshland. Water from the Dam comes into the forest area. So you need to be careful while walking around. Trees were not very high but their thin branches were intricately woven with each other making a net-like formation, and making the jungle look thick. We saw lots of Deer, most of the time in a bunch of 20 or so, but they ran away as soon as we went near them. There were peacocks, most of them roaming alone in the forest. Most abundant in the forest were butterflies and it was like being in a butterfly park. There was color flying on all sides, on roads, on leaves, on flowers, and just in the air.

Pocharam Dam
Pocharam Dam


If you can identify birds, you would love this place. There were many birds big and small, single-hued and multi-colored. A watchtower in the middle of the jungle lets you have a bit of a bird’s eye view of the lake and the forest around. I must warn you to climb the watchtower at your own risk. The wrought iron staircase is tilted and the elevation does not allow you to stand on any stair. In the case of an accident, there is no medical aid available insight. The view from the top is wonderful, though. Most of us urban people hardly get to see so much of nature around us.

Weekender's enjoying by overflowing Pocharam Dam
Weekenders enjoying by overflowing dam

Pocharam Dam

A little ahead of the sanctuary is a small dam on a tributary of the Manjeera River. Yes, the same river that supplies water to Hyderabad. This is not exactly a dam but a broad wall with perforations on it. At first sight, I was amused to see cars parked, motorbikes being raced, and a row of people standing below the water falling from the top. It seemed like a picnic spot, a kind of rudimentary water park for people to enjoy during and post-monsoon. We thought for a while and then decided to cross this wall by car and go to the other side, and happy that we did that.

There was a large reservoir with another equally thick but longer wall. Water was overflowing and walking on the wall was like walking through water. Those who knew swimming jumped into the water. And the rest of us had to be content with clicking the pictures of divers. Sun setting on the water and people jumping around in the water was such a serene and joyous time.

A good post-monsoon getaway!

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