World Famous Pushkar Rajasthan And Its Mysteries


Pushkar is a small town on the outskirts of Ajmer, right in the middle of Rajasthan, with a population of a few thousand residents. It is world-famous for its Pushkar Fair which happens a few days after Diwali every year for 5 days. Festival has put the town on the tourist map of the world and millions of people flock to this city every year to see animals being traded. To enjoy the showcase of local culture through dance and other performances and to camp on grounds around this small city. Pushkar Mela is a great example of one of its kinds of tourism. Where the world converges on its ground for 5 days and the rest of 360 days people prepare for these 5 days.

Pushkar Lake
Pushkar Lake

Places to visit in Pushkar Rajasthan

Pushkar Lake

It is a town established around Pushkar Lake. This mid-sized lake is surrounded by 52 ghats. All of them are in sparkling white color. Most of them were built in typical Rajputana architecture. Various royal families have built the ghats over a period of time. As of now, there is not much water in the lake. The lake is under cleaning to prepare it for the next Mela. But when it is full of water, surrounded by magnificent white Ghats, it would make a splendid view. The small canopy between the lake looks beautiful. It can do without the audio equipment fixed on it in as unaesthetic way as possible.

White Ghats at Pushkar
White Ghats

Brahma Temple & Ghat at Pushkar Rajasthan

Just as it is common in pilgrim places in India, as soon as we reached the holy town, we were taken to a Ghat by a young boy. He claimed that he charges nothing and he lives to serve the devotees who come to see this most sacred place in the world. The ghat is called Brahma ghat and he told us the story. How Brahma wanted to perform Yagna at this lake, but Yagna needed him to be accompanied by his wife Savitri who could not be present at that time. On a whim, Brahma married Gayatri and performed the Yagna with her. Savitri obviously did not like this and cursed Brahma that he would not be worshiped anywhere else except in Pushkar.

This story is the basis of Pushkar’s claim of having the only Brahma temple in the world. This claim can be questioned, as there are other Brahma temples. But it is true that they are a rarity as compared to the temples of his other counterparts Vishnu and Shiva. Another legend associated with this place is that Lord Rama did the “Pind Daan” of his ancestors here during his exile. Since then people come here to do the same for their ancestors so that they attain ‘Mukti’. Or freedom from the cycle of birth and death. This is why this place is also called Tirthraj Pushkar.

Holy Water is the Deity at Pushkar Rajasthan

We were also told that the main deity is the holy water of the lake and not any of the idols. Though there is a proper temple dedicated to Brahma here. This makes this place comparable to Haridwar and Prayag, where also water is the holy element and worshiped.

Sadhu at Pushkar

If you are around the lake, many priests will offer to help you do Pind-Daan for your ancestors, using the holy water of this lake. Pooja can take anywhere from 5-60 mins depending on how much time and interest the Pandit can sense you have. At the end of the Pooja, he would ask you to commit some money to the charitable organizations there. Which would complete the Pooja? This is not required in any ritual in Hinduism to specify the money you would pay. You are always expected to pay as much as you want and if you want.

1000 Temples at Pushkar

There are beautiful bazaars around the ghats and the Brahma temple. It is said that this small place has more than 1000 temples. You would need to stay there for a few days to be able to visit all or even some of them. Most temples are not old, some of them are restored as they were destroyed during the Mughal reign. If you like trekking, you can climb up to the Savitri temple on top of a hill. I could not go there but am sure the view from there would be amazing. Especially if you can see the lake surrounded by its white Ghats. Brahma temple is a simple temple with an ancient Shivalinga in its basement. Literature places its date somewhere in the 15th century. You are not allowed to carry any bag or electronic item so legally you cannot take pictures here.

We were also told that the place is completely vegetarian. And no non-vegetarian food and alcohol are allowed here, but I seriously wonder if this dictum is followed during the festival.

Floating flowers and petals offered at the Lake
Floating flowers and petals offered at the Lake

Ajmer to Pushkar Rajasthan

The road from Ajmer is picturesque, as you cross the small hill separating the two cities. You get to see the city of Ajmer from the hilltop on one side and Pushkar on another. There are many small monuments that you would see in between. Some of them very obviously belonged to the Mughals. But unfortunately, not many people would be able to tell you much about them as they lie abandoned for ages. The group of monkeys would meet you at turns on the hills as if waiting for you to give them Prasad.

There are a number of resorts and hotels that are coming up around the town. Probably propelled by the popularity of its festival. It is still a small town and it is a nice place for a peaceful vacation if the dates of your vacation are not too close to the festival.

I look forward to going there again and exploring it at leisure sometime.

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