Visakhapatnam’s RK Beach Or Ramakrishna Beach


Ramakrishna Beach, more popularly known as RK Beach in Visakhapatnam is located in the heart of the city’s coastline. If you stand in the middle, on the right you can see the Dolphin’s Nose, and on the left, you can see the INS Kursura parked just by the sea. Beach gets its name from the Ramakrishna Ashram which is located across the road from the beach and I assume may have one of the first public buildings there to lend the beach its name.

RK Beach or Ramakrishna Beach
RK Beach or Ramakrishna Beach

From the Hotel Novotel Varun Beach, where we were staying, the view of the beach from each of the rooms is awesome and what you see above is a shot from the hotel’s rooftop restaurant.

Ramakrishna Beach or RK Beach, Visakhapatnam

Sculptures adorning the beach
Sculptures adorning the beach

One evening we just strolled past the beach after visiting the Naval Museum and Submarine Museum, and it was a pleasure to see the various art installations on the beach. I have not seen this anywhere else in India. There were mermaids and maidens at the base of the lampposts. There is a park that has sculptures that imitate the Buddhist sculptures reminding the visitors that Buddhism flourished in this place in the past, and there is a monastery not too far from this beach.

Modern sculpture of a kid at Ramakrishna Beach
Modern sculpture of a kid

Sculptures along RK Beach

There are modern sculptures depicting kids, traditional ones depicting fishermen with their boats, and cultural ones depicting conch shells. There are small temples or statues providing a bit of divinity. I would not say they are the best art installations you would see, but nonetheless, add color to the beachside and break the monotony.

Radha Krishna sculpture at Ramakrishna Beach
Radha Krishna sculpture

Many small parks are maintained between the road and the beach, where you can sit and admire the beach from a safe distance and I think it is a great place for both the too-young and the too old. VUDA, the local authority that maintains most of these parks is doing a great job at maintaining these parks.

A depiction of a lady
A depiction of a lady
Enthusiasts exploring rocky locales
Enthusiasts exploring rocky locales

Rocky RK Beach

From nature’s perspective, beaches in and around Visakhapatnam are rocky and not too safe for swimming or even venturing into. There can be rocks with a sudden cliff and the sea is also not too gentle. Seen from a distance, rocks create beautiful landscapes. There is even a memorial on top of a rock that is like a signature rock outcropping of this beach.

Chaat food vendor
Chaat food vendor
Mahatma Gandhi look-alike in the silver color painting
Mahatma Gandhi’s look-alike in the silver color painting

Lively Evenings at Ramakrishna Beach

In the evening, the beach comes alive when people come here for their evening walk, to have a small snack by the beach, or to just breathe some fresh air. The curio shops, especially those of seashell items came up. Pushcarts or kiosks with chaats and snacks came up, as did the game counters. We met an old man who had painted himself as Gandhi Ji with a donation box in front. This is something that is seen quite often in Europe but not much in India. As tourists, the movement of ships on the horizon itself is a pleasure to watch.

How I wish more beaches and public places were developed and maintained in the same spirit.

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