Review: The Deltin Daman – A Luxury Resort At Daman


Deltin Daman lobbyDaman and Silvassa had been on my mind for some time. So when The Deltin Daman invited me to their property, I promptly accepted the invite. Next step was to sit on Google and research the destinations, as both Daman and Silvassa were just the names for me. I knew a little about their Portuguese connection, but nothing more. It was also an opportunity to try a new hospitality brand that I have not used to so far. Being a resident of Panaji, I, of course, see the Deltin logo every other day. Their logo is the first one to welcome you when you land in Goa, as soon as you step out of the aircraft.

Here are my top reasons why you should choose The Deltin, Daman for your next holiday, especially if you live in driving distance from Daman like Mumbai, Surat, Vadodara etc. For those seeking an offbeat destination to explore this is more or less an unexplored corner of India. I was quite surprised by the presence of a luxury property in a small place like Daman but then I remembered Vapi in the neighborhood is a major industrial hub and so is Daman.


The first word that comes to mind when you talk about The Deltin Daman is its spaciousness. Everything is spacious – be it their rooms, be it their coffee shop, restaurants, lobby or swimming pool. I am sure they can lure a lot of Mumbaikars just on this one factor.


SIngle Bed Room at The Deltin Daman
Single Bed Room at The Deltin Daman

Rooms are spacious and you feel the space when you move around. They have been creative in designing a room, that they call the King & Queen room, for a family of four. It comes with two double beds and a family of two adults and two children of any age can easily sleep enjoy the room.

Twin double bedroom at The Deltin Daman
Twin double bedroom at The Deltin Daman

The suites come with a lavish sitting area, a powder room, and a small dining area. You have to go around a lobby to reach your room and you could be lost, but I guess to follow the signboards is a good advice to follow.

Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool at The Deltin, Daman
Swimming Pool at The Deltin Daman

Not many hotels in India can boast of a long swimming pool as The Deltin, Daman. It runs through the length of the property with pool chairs all around and it and some even floating in the pool for you to sit. A small sit out and a gallery that overlooks the pool are good places to sit and chat with your family & friends and maybe your colleagues. Now, what the length of this pool does is that it lets you have a space of pool to yourself even when there are many other guests using the pool. Usually, we end up bumping into each other and that can be annoying at times.

Some of their higher category suites also come with a private pool and they even have a smaller pool that they call VIP pool.


There are two restaurants – Vegas and Emperor.

Vegas restaurant at The Deltin Daman
Vegas restaurant at The Deltin Daman

Vegas serves as a 24-hour coffee shop, and this is where they serve breakfast and a buffet lunch and dinner. Of course, A la carte is always available. Their buffet & breakfast has a separate section for Jain food – so fellow vegetarians you have an additional reason to choose The Deltin, Daman.

Emperor restaurant at The Deltin Daman
Emperor restaurant at The Deltin Daman

Emperor is their Asian Cuisine restaurant and before I talk about the food, I must tell this is the most curiously designed restaurant I have seen in a high-end hotel. Designed as a series of caves that are disjointed yet form a train like formation. It reminded me of dining in Deccan Odyssey – the luxury train.

The kitchen team at The Deltin, Daman experiments with the crockery and cutlery. I had an Aam Panna in a food bulb and another drink in a glass bottle styled mug.

Food at The Deltin Daman

Can you have a good holiday without good food? I would let the food pictures do the talking.

Gujarati Food at The Deltin Daman
Gujarati Food
Thai Food at the Deltin Daman
Thai Food
South Indian Platter at The Deltin Daman
South Indian Platter
Chocolate Art at The Deltin Daman
Chocolate Art

Video of Bajra Tikki by Chef

Watch the video of Bajra Tikki recipe & demonstration by Chef Brijesh Modi at Deltin Daman


Spa at The Deltin Daman
Spa at The Deltin Daman

I am not really a spa person. I enjoy it but every time I am asked to choose a therapy, I let the therapist choose it for me. This time too, I enjoyed it at The Deltin, Daman as well liked their calm and soothing interiors with Buddha images adding to the ambiance.

There are a well-equipped gym and an indoor games room where you can play board games, pool, and table tennis.

Art display

Wall Art at The Deltin Daman
Wall Art

Most rooms and the approach to Vegas carry the artworks of a similar nature that revolve around the logo of the Deltin group.

More Wall Art at The Deltin Daman
More Wall Art

Some of their upholstery is in sync with the logo as was the chocolate tray in my room.

I wish they had put some of that in their building design as well. It looked like a giant indoor stadium as I entered the premises.

Events @ The Deltin Daman

Spacious Seating at The Deltin Daman
Spacious Seating

A week before I visited The Deltin Daman, they played hosts to the Femina Miss India 2016 finalists. They are also fast emerging as a preferred destination for weddings. I am sure all that space comes handy for big fat Indian weddings.

Being not too far from Mumbai – it takes about 3 hours from Mumbai Airport – it is a good alternative venue for large corporate events. The banquet space is proportional to their rest of the spaces is also large.

Above all this, what I admired most about my stay is the friendly staff at The Deltin, Daman. Now, I know I was an invited guest and I get special attention, but I sat back and saw their team helping young mothers deal with overactive kids, or running to help a guest who looked confused and smiling all the time.

Stay tuned for more things to do in Daman.

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