Revisiting Mahabalipuram – UNESCO World Heritage


This was my third trip to Mahabalipuram in 13+ years or so. Every time I traveled to this place, I used a different mode of transport to go and a different camera with me. This time, I stopped by on my way to Chola Temple Trail. Saw the rock-cut temples and caves once again. Shore temple at dusk looked majestic as ever with winds of time showing on its sea face.

Carvings and Caves at Mahabalipuram
Carvings and Caves at Mahabalipuram

For the first time, I went to the backpacker’s area, or Mahabs as the happening youth of Chennai call it.

Mahabalipuram Visit – A UNESCO World Heritage Site

Mahabalipuram Beach

There are shacks and small guesthouses lined along the beach with the Shore temple jutting out on the right. You see only foreigners here and wonder where in the world are you. In my last visits, I do not remember the stone carvers whom I noticed aplenty this time, almost everywhere in the city, carving big and small idols as if keeping the ancient profession of the land alive. This time, we hired a Moped and drove through the lanes in city. And the far-off caves like Tiger cave.

Tiger Cave

Tiger cave stands in the middle of a water body with a stone in front that could be an uncarved Nandi. Or maybe a representation of the bull in a Shiva temple.

Tiger Cave, Mahabalipuram
Tiger Cave


Though I remember going up the tower on my first visit and having a 300-degree view of the sea. This time, I did not climb but captured the tall standing watchtower and many caves scattered around it. The place is the same but I have grown up and my understanding of architecture, and iconography has gone up. And hence, this time, I found my wanderings around these caves more meaningful. The commercial aspect of the place has definitely gone up. As I remember the whole fencing of the Shore temple was not there. And nor were there as many curios selling stalls around the monuments. But unlike Hampi, this place did not disappoint me despite catering to many more tourists.

Arjuna's penance performance at Mahabalipuram
Arjuna’s penance performance


In 13-14 years so many things have changed. In 1999, it was my first trip to South India. There used to be only three airlines in the country: Air India, Indian Airlines, and Jet Airways. I still hold the Jet frequent flyer number that I had taken up on my first flight with them. I used to have a film camera then. And there used to be excitement about how the photographs will turn up when they finally came. Next time I went about 5-6 years back I had a high-end point & shoot camera. But I only visited for the music festival that was happening there and the stage looked majestic with Arjuna’s Penance as a backdrop. This time, it was a backpacking trip with a DSLR to capture the details of the temples, caves, and beaches.

Wondering what will the next trip hold!

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  1. Sriram, I checked many pictures of Tiget cave and in more than half there is water in front of it. I guess the depression in its front would go dry only in dry months otherwise this is bound to collect water.

  2. Its good to be here, very nice post, the content is amazing, keep posting friend it will be very helpful for everyone, Thanks for sharing. I really liked it.
    Thanks And Regards

  3. The pictures give an impression that these places are yet to be over-commercialized. Pristine and beautiful. This blog gives one more reason to add South India to the list of ‘places one must visit’

  4. The pictures give an impression that these places are yet to be over-commercialized. Pristine and beautiful. This blog gives one more reason to add South India to the list of ‘places one must visit’

  5. Mahabalipuram aka Mamallapuram may be good place / temple. I also want to see this place if some company offer me best package to see this.

  6. mahabalipuram is one of the world heritage UNESCO recognized the sites. The best one-day getaway from Chennai. Keep Updating.


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