Satara City Of Seven Stars – Heritage & Biodiversity


Satara City is surrounded by seven hills. The Seven hills defining the boundaries of this small town in Maharashtra give it its name.

Satara City Landscape

Metaphorically, it was also the capital city of the Maratha Kingdom for a long time, making it a star among the cities of the state. It is one of the important Tourist Places in Maharashtra.

Landscape view of Satara
Landscape view of Satara

Sajjangad Fort

Sajjangad – one of the seven hills, is popular with tourists. When our auto driver was driving us towards this hill, he kept telling us that we have to climb 200-300 steps to go to the top. While I could see a winding road going to the top of the hill. When we reached there it turned out that both of us were right in our own way. The winding road that I saw from a distance becomes a broad stairway that one has to climb on foot. It is lined with various Ganesh idols from various villages around. I guess it acts as a motivational force for the climbers. We did not go to the top where Samadhi of Swami Ramdas is. He is believed to have come here at the request of Shivaji Maharaj.

Landscape view of the Sajjangad Fort
Landscape view of the Sajjangad Fort

The view from the staircase is beautiful as you see the valleys formed by the other hills around. Sajjangad is obviously a name from the Mughal era. The original name of the place is Aswalya derived from an ancient sage Asvalayana Rishi‘s name, who is supposed to have meditated here.

Satara Windmills
Satara Windmills


Windmills can be seen all around the place on the hills. Giant fans moving on their own, generating power for us. Water bodies interspersing the many small hills is a typical landscape of the city. The tour guides will take you to a point where you can see the windmills very close by and you will find yourself surrounded by them.

Landscape view of the Lake
Landscape view of the Lake


In places, you can see the small waterfalls falling on the face of the hill. People stop by to admire them. At other places, the water bodies play hide and seek with the hills and your eyes join the game.

Satara city view at dusk from the hills
Satara city view at dusk from the hills

At dusk when the city lights up, the view from the hilltop changes. The inhabited areas shine amidst the hills engulfed by darkness like a shining bowl. It is lovely to see how at different points in time the different landscapes get highlighted.

Valley view landscape
Valley View Landscape


As we moved on the roads leading to Windmills, Thoseghar Falls, Kaas Plateau, and Sajjangad, there was no way to miss the hues of green color spread on the various valleys, with animals grazing in some of them, flower beds on another. Explore the above places to visit during your tour.

A lovely small town of Maharashtra with Kaas as its crowning glory… It is an ideal weekend getaway from Mumbai & Pune.

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  1. I have been to Satara once and it was a great experience. When it comes to art and history, Satara has a rich heritage. I had a great time reading about your experience and picture are really amazing. Thank you for sharing your experience.

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    Nice article about Satara. We are planning to visit Satara during Sept 2015. Can you please recommend any lodge/hotels for family to stay at Satara for a day or two.

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  4. Wow !! Breathtaking !! Belong to satara but have missed out by virtue if being out for many years !! Plan to get the kids this summer and expose them to our beauty !! The pictures are gorgeous !! When will the kaas valley be in full bloom ?

  5. I think this is the first time that I am hearing of this place. Never Heard Before. Anyway, thankyou for this piece of valuable information. I am surely going to this place!

  6. I’ve actually been to Satara City and this article is bringing back memories. Breathtaking photos and well written article! Good job.


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