Strbske Pleso Lake & Around – Slovakia Tourist Attraction

Strbske Pleso Lake, Slovakia
Strbske Pleso Lake

Strbske Pleso is a star-shaped mountain lake, the second highest in Slovakia. Its source of water is underground streams. Being in the high mountains its surface remains frozen for good 5-6 months in a year.

Strbske Pleso Lake
Colorful boats at Strbske Pleso Lake

Strbske Pleso Lake – Slovakia Tourist Attractions

It is main tourist attraction of the region as is evident from the presence of the two high-end hotels around it. And a decent restaurant that serves the local food and a huge sports complex. This place is used as a base for small hiking / trekking day trips.

Carved wood artefact, Slovakia
Carved wood artefact
Exercise equipment
Exercise equipment

Early morning I walked around the lake on a mud path around it. It was a delight to see this quiet lake from all angles reflecting the shadows of mountains, clouds, trees, boats and buildings around it. The 2.5 km path had simple wooden exercise equipment along with a small park jetting out at one place. Where there are benches for you to sit and admire the sheer nature. Water was so clear that at the edges I could see the surface of the lake and the fishes floating in it. Located in a quite corner, there were not many people present in Strbske Pleso, and that could be its biggest draw.

Reflections in Strbske Pleso Lake
Reflections in Strbske Pleso Lake

Blue of the sky and the green of the trees along with the sun create a painting in the clear waters of the lake. At places, a bright colored boat adds a spontaneous vibrancy to the scenery.

Flowers near the Strbske Pleso Lake
Flowers near the Strbske Pleso Lake

If you like flowers, look out for some wildflowers here including the ones that turn the Tatra mountains pink.

Tatra mountains have many caves hidden in their belly. We will visit them soon on this blog.

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