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If someone asked me what is the most innovative and creative place in Hyderabad – I would say go to Sudha Car Museum. It is whacky, it is crazy, it is funny and most importantly it is original. I do not know of any other similar collection. If Guinness Book Records and Limca Book Records are anything to go by, it is probably one of a kind. Again, it is one of those gems of this city that few know about and fewer have seen.

Cricket Bat shape car at Sudha Car Museum
Cricket Bat shape car at the museum

Sudha Car Museum – Places to visit in Hyderabad

World’s largest working Tricycle

World's largest working Tricycle at Sudha Car Museum
World’s largest working Tricycle on display at the museum

As you enter this nondescript building close to the Nehru Zoo, you would see a giant tricycle. With a Guinness record certificate stating that it is the largest tricycle in the world. You would see some whacky stuff outside the museum too like funky benches, insects made from auto parts, and a workshop behind it. Enter the museum and you would be at least smiling if not laughing at the whacky cars. For some like toilet seat cars or cricket bat car, you may wonder where the driver would sit and where are all the controls. Most cars have neatly hidden controls, so what you see is a model object. Be it a football or a cricket ball, a bed or a dining table, a brinjal, a fountain pen, a helmet, a computer, a cup, and even a Shivalinga.

But it actually is a running and working car that can be driven at speeds that are perfect for city driving. Read the writings on the wall and they will tell you that all these creations are in working condition. A video film actually shows the models in working condition.

Toilet seat Car or Commode shape car at Sudha Car Museum
Toilet seat Car or Commode shape car on display at the museum

Cars in various shapes & sizes

Some vintage car lookalikes have also been created from usual cars and displayed. A small information board tells about the car, its year of making, its body type, and the time it takes to create it. You see the basic Maruti car in an unrecognizable Avatar. There is Rolls Royce on the fiat engine. Some cars were made to commemorate an event like a car in the shape of a long cricket bat for the Cricket world cup in 2007. Some for a social cause like a condom-shaped car for World AIDS day.

Fountain Pen shape Bike on display
Fountain Pen shape Bike on display at the modern museum

Designed Cars

The cars made me visualize what if we do not have to move around in mass-produced cars or vehicles and our individual cars could be designed as we liked, how bright and brilliant our roads would be. Imagine choosing your own style, your own color, your own size and shape and proudly displaying it to others. I know in our lifetime it is a fantasy. But you never know when the era of mass-production changes to a period of custom-made. After all, these trends move around in cycles.

Insect-shaped artifacts on display
Insect-shaped artifacts on display at Sudha Car Museum, Hyderabad

Till my fantasy comes true, please visit this amazing museum, where creativity is on display in every corner and sometimes it can pass the spark to you too. This place deserves a much better placement in the Hyderabad landscape. To see this museum well, keep about 2-3 hours with you.

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