Sun Temple Modhera or मोधेरा का सुर्य मंदिर

Sun Temple Modhera, Gujarat
Sun Temple Modhera, Gujarat

 मोधेरा का सुर्य मंदिर

कर्क रेखा पे
अपने ईष्ट देव की और
मुहँ बाये कमल पट्ट पे खड़ा 
मोधेरा का सुर्य मंदिर
पुष्कारणी में माला से
गूँथे हैं छोटे बड़े मंदिर
जिनकी छवि से हैं खेलते
जल जन्तु कच्छ और मच्छ
सभा मंडप है समेटे
कथाएँ राम और कृष्ण की
जन्म से मृत्यु की यात्रा
मधी है बाहिरी वर्ग पे
कोख रहित गर्भ गृह
कथा कहता प्रहारों की
जो खंडित तो कर गये, पर
क्षीण ना कर पाए तेज को
आठों दिशाओं में
दिशा देवो का वास है
शिलाओं में समाया
संगीत नृत्य उल्हास है
पुष्पावती है जिसे सहलाती
अपनी जल धार से
सूर्य जैसे हो प्रहरी
अपने इस प्रतिबिंब का 

Sun Temple Modhera

A Rough translation….
On the Tropic of Cancer
Looking towards its deity
On the inverted lotus
Stands the Sun Temple of Modhera
In the Stepwell, stung like pearl string
are big and small 108 temples
With whose shadow 
play the fish and turtle
Assembly hall treasures 
stories of Rama & Krishna
Journey from birth to death
is carved on outer periphery
Womb-less sanctum tells
story of the invasions
that left it in ruins, but
could not diminish its aura
In the eight directions sit
guardian deities of each direction
each stone celebrates life
through music and dance
Pushpavati nurtures it
with its waters
The sun looks over it

its own reflection on earth.

PS: After a long time was inspired to express myself in poetry rather than usual prose. Tell me how you liked the change.
Dedicated to Sun Temple Modhera.

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  1. Hi Anuradha, I am subscriber of your blog since last 1.5 yrs & really enjoys it…it was interesting to see you write so well in Hindi in poem…so i thought to leave a message that i appreciate it very much…
    bye & keep writing

  2. This certainly sounds like ‘Chayawaad’ with style & diction hailing from last century (when Hindi poetry was on its pinnacle) ! Never knew you are equally well at that too … loved to read it !


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