Thoseghar Falls – Waterfalls Of Satara, Weekend Getaway From Pune

Thoseghar falls or waterfalls, Satara
Thoseghar Waterfall

Thoseghar Falls – Satara’s Monsoon Wonder

The best part of our trip to Satara and Kaas was the Thoseghar Falls. The roaring Thoseghar Waterfalls vie for the attention of both your eyes and ears as you stand on the viewing platform looking at the milky streams of water plunging down.

Thoseghar Falls in stages
Thoseghar Falls in stages

On our right were the twin waterfalls, falling into a U-shaped gorge. On our left, a single waterfall was plunging down in tiers reaching the bottom of the valley. And joining the river formed by the earlier waterfalls collectively called Thoseghar falls.

Thoseghar falls or Waterfalls one of the leaner streams
One of the leaner streams at Thoseghar Waterfall

As we took our eyes off these thick waterfalls and looked at the surface of the hill in front of us, we could see many smaller waterfalls coming down. Bit silently clinging to the surface of the hill. There are pathways built to take the visitors from this viewing platform to the upper part of the twin falls where you can see their source.

Thoseghar Falls landscape view
Thoseghar Falls landscape view

Roaring Thoseghar Falls

You can even cross a waterfall stream through a small metal bridge. The most outstanding feature of this place, for me, was the roaring sound of falling water – it simply overshadowed every other sound.

Thoseghar Falls and the mountains and valley view
Mountain ranges and the valley

There were birds but we could only see them but not hear them. There were quite a few tourists. They all kept quite listening to the roaring sound of waterfalls. But for the time of the day that we visited i.e. roughly noontime, this place has the potential to send you into a meditative trance.

Thoseghar Falls second stream
Thoseghar Falls second stream

When I came back and searched, Internet told me that this Waterfall is the third highest waterfalls of India after Nohkalikai Falls of Meghalaya and Jog falls of Karnataka. And I realized I have had the good fortune to visiting all of them.

Video of Thoseghar Waterfalls

Have a look at this brief clip of the Waterfalls. I captured it on mobile. As they say, seeing is believing.

Thoseghar falls a must visit waterfall in India. It is a tourist place to visit in Maharashtra. If you are visiting Satara and or like nature add this to your travel destinations.

Please refer to Maharashtra Tourism website on other places of interest around Satara and Waterfalls of Maharashtra.

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