Mount Everest & Himalayas Top View From Mountain Flight


Climbing Mount Everest and getting a top view of the world from there is something only a few of us have the courage to achieve. Thankfully, there are easier ways to get a top view of the highest point on the planet.

Mount Everest peak, the farthest one
Mount Everest peak, the farthest one

Mount Everest Top View

Take a mountain flight from Kathmandu, and take a parikrama or around Mount Everest in less than an hour. It is expensive but still affordable. Every morning many flights take off from the Kathmandu domestic airport. most of the small planes that take you on this joy ride.

Graphic depiction of Himalayan Peaks
Graphic depiction of Himalayan Peaks

Mountain Flight, Kathmandu

Take the early morning flight to get a good view of the mountain range and to be able to identify the various peaks. We took a Buddha Air flight. But I assume the services offered would be the same across many airlines that operate mountain flights. Each passenger gets a window seat. So you do not have to fight for the view. But since the view is on one side at any point in time, you will have two people sharing the window most of the time. We were given a brochure with a graphic depiction of the peaks so that you can identify them.

One of the crew members also goes around pointing you to the peaks. At the end of the flight, they give you a certificate that says ’I did not climb Mt Everest… but I touched it with my heart.

Mount Everest peak, a closer look
Mount Everest peak, a closer look

Mount Everest and other Himalayan Peaks

After half the round there were some peaks that I could identify. How clearly you see the peaks depends on the weather and the clouds. So say your prayers before you buy the tickets. Gauri Shankar is a black-and-white peak, considered sacred and no one is allowed to climb. I wonder if it is because of the two distinct colors that it is called Gauri Shankar. Melungtse – a double-peaked peak makes it stand out amongst the single peaks. Mt Everest, of course, stands steadily behind a flat mountain, with its prism-like three-dimensional peak standing tall.

When I looked at it for the first time, being above it, the relative height of the peak did not stand out. But I could not miss the majesty on which it stood, like a queen amongst her friends.

The next minute I was trying to see if there were any people trying to climb it and shining on those snow-clad slants. Of course, I could not see any both because of height and limited time.

Himalayan Mountains
Himalayan Mountains

Annapurna Mountain Range

You can see the Dhaulagiri and Annapurna mountain range when you fly between Delhi to Kathmandu. If you choose your seats on the correct side. If it is the right time of the day and the clouds are helpful, you would feel lucky. Do not buy mountain flight tickets from your hotel, they usually charge higher for it. Just step out and buy tickets from any travel agent on the street. The price of the ticket is pretty standard. Indian passport holders get domestic rates while others have to pay international rates.

Graphics of Mount Everest
Graphics of the Himalayan mountains

It is an experience to go around this Himalayan mountain range and get a bird’s eye view of it.

Video of Mountain Flight

Watch this short video clip of a top view of the Himalayas I managed to capture, taken from a Mountain View flight.

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  1. Mountain Flight in Nepal is one of the exclusive flight throughout the World which mesmerize us to the Top of the World (Mount Everest 8848m) and many other mighty mountains during the flight. As so far from my experience, I have done this flight tour twice in 2018 during the season of September- November and that was my life time experience.

  2. Wow, This article makes me hungry to see one the Himalayas once again. Probably Frozen River Lake Trek in February 2021 in India and Continue to K2 Base Camp Trekking in Pakistan for July. 3 Months in India will be a big adventure for me.

  3. Beautiful post! Thank you very much for sharing this. Everest mountain flight is the cheapest and the fastest way of exploring Everest Himalaya and more. If people would like to reach the base camp of Mt. Everest within a couple of hours, the Everest base camp helicopter tour is the best option.


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