Whistler Zipline – Adventurous Way To Explore The Ski Town

Ready for Whistler Zipline adventure - Anuradha Goyal
Ready for Whistler Zipline adventure

Whistler Zipline adventure is one of the most recommended activities in this lovely Whistler village of British Columbia. I was asked if I am comfortable doing ziplining. My answer was if it does not require any special skills – I will go for it. I expected it to be a small experience lasting a few minutes with a minute or less than of it for actual ziplining. I was wrong. It turned out to be adrenaline generating a 3-hour experience that took us up and down the hills and across streams. Add to this the fact that it snowed all morning while we are out there ziplining in Whistler.

I landed in Whistler late night around 11:30 PM. Next day morning I met the Whistler Tourism officials and at 9 AM I was at the office of Ziptrek Ecotours in the Whistler market. After a quick signing off a waiver form saying that in case of any mishap, the company would not be held responsible, we were ready to Zipline.

Treetop walkways and platforms - Whistler Zipline
Treetop walkways and platforms

I took Ziptrek’s Bear Tour that includes 5 Ziplines, 4 Treetop bridges, and some walking and climbing.

A minibus took us to the middle of the hill. The path went through snow-covered roads lined with big and small trees spotlessly white with fresh snow. As someone who had just landed from the beaches of Goa, this was a sudden change in every which way. It was surreal to drive with everything white around including the falling snow.

Ziptrek Bear Tour – My Whistler Zipline Experience

Ziptrek Eco Tours - Whistler, British Columbia
Ziptrek Eco Tours

At the base, there was a small triangular hut like a cabin, where we parked all our bags including cameras and stepped into our harnesses. Helmets were fitted on our heads. It felt like we are going on some expedition. We walked a bit in the snow and then climbed a few wooden steps with a cushion of snow to reach the landing platform.

Snow covered wooden staircases
Snow covered wooden staircases

The instructor Shaun in his heavy accent said some instructions. I had to ask him to repeat it a couple of time before I got them well. I watched the two people zip across through the tall trees. As they stepped away from the platform, their faces went white with fear. Yes, even the white faces lost their color. This was enough to make me lose my confidence.

Ziplining through the tall trees
Ziplining through the tall trees

First Moments of Ziplining

However, I decided to go next, so that I am done with it. It was all fine until my harness was attached to the zip line. As soon as I was asked to step forward and step into the air, I went blank. All the ‘What Ifs’ flashed before me. What if I fall from the height? What if I hot a tree? And what if they are not able to break my speed? Rest of the group tried to encourage me and told me – they do it every day – it is safe.

In some moments, I closed my eyes and took the plunge. In less than half a second, I was enjoying the scenery around me. Fear had given way to excitement. Within seconds, I reached the other end – and my first words were – Oh, it’s over! A mix of relief and disappointment at the same time.

Hanging in the air experience
Hanging in the air experience

We waited for others to arrive while trying to capture a few pictures with the mobile hidden in the zipped jacket pocket. I thought this was over. No, this was just the warm-up zipline. We walked in the snow to another point through a snow-covered path to reach other platform perched on top of a tree. Officially they are called tree-top observation decks. There are small suspension bridges to go to these platforms. From here we could see a quite river which is rather a creek flowing below. With everything covered in snow, it looked another world.

Ziplining at Whistler Zipline Across River

Ziplines across Whistler Creek
Across Whistler Creek

From here we zipped across the river which was good 150-200 feet below us. This zip line was way longer than our warm up one. However, once you have been on the first one, you are confident of the next one. You are more focused on what you would see around you than worrying about your position on the zip line. To be suspended in the air above a creek covered with snow is something that I cannot describe in words. I can only say, I felt like a bird, albeit the one tied and controlled. Still, the view is what the low flying birds get.

After this we crossed the river two more times, now it was fun. We all looked forward to the next round of this fun.

Whistler Creek
How a Creek looks when it snows

At the last one, our instructor got adventurous. She showed us some moves on the zip line. She zipped upside down, she moved her legs rhythmically while ziplining. It was like watching an acrobat show. She, of course, challenged us to try and do the same. Some of us tried in small measures, but none of us could touch her.

In the end, we walked back to our bags, from where the minibus again drove us back to the town.

This was one trip that combines adventure, thrill, and wonderful natural sites. Snow added its own effect to the ziplining adventure.

Travel Tips for Whistler Zipline

Enjoying at Whistler Zipline - Anuradha Goyal
Me Enjoying Zipline
  • Zipline tours are available around the year in Whistler. Yes, they operate in all weathers.
  • The Ziptrek Bear Tour takes about 3 hours of time. I suggest you budget half a day for it including a bit of time you spend at their office or chatting with people post tour.
  • You need to wear closed shoes.
  • Your weight must be between 29 – 125 Kg to Zipline.
  • Unless you are in a group or can strap up your cameras, it is advisable to leave the cameras behind. The company offers GoPro Cameras to participants but you have to buy your footage.
  • If you have vertigo, please inform the company.

At the time of writing, this Whistler Ziplining tour costs CAD 119.

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  1. You are very brave doing zip lining in the snow! I have only done it in Costa Rica in the heat and was so scared! My husband would love it though! The weather must of been a shock after being in Goa!

    • Lucy – the moment I was to step in the air for the first time, I was scared, but after that it was fun. I was mentally prepared for the snow – thanks to The Great Google otherwise it would have been a shock.

  2. zip lining is one thing… zip lining in the snow.. never heard of it and now I have to try it!!! wow looks awesome, I love your photo’s. Those trees are so beautiful, I zip lined from one island to another In the Philippines and I though that was cool but this just looks like it was an amazing adventure. Well done for giving it a bash.

    • Lisa – It was awesome. I did not think of it much when I was doing it, I think my whole focus was to stay safe and have fun, but looking back it does look like something I would cherish for a long time.

  3. That’s just something perfect for me! I love all kind of rope courses and ziplining tracks! But I have never done in a snow – the surrounding area is so beautiful! Kudos for braving the adventure 😀

    Happy travels,

  4. This looks like SO much fun!! I’m so glad you were able to move past the initial fear, it sounds like a truly unique experience! Those views won’t be forgotten anytime soon, what a special way to see the natural beauty of Canada! Thank you for sharing and well done on completing it 🙂

  5. Wow you’re so brave! I’m not sure I could do something like this – I much prefer my feet on the ground! And I love your tip – if you have vertigo to let them know! I’m so impressed if people with vertigo do things like this. Much braver than me!

  6. Wow, this looks amazing!! Whistler has been on my list to go to for so long, but I had no idea you could go zip lining! The views as you sails down are beautiful. I am going to add this to the list of activities if I go!

  7. Wow, this looks like my kind of adventure! I’ve been ziplining multiple times and absolutely love the adrenaline rush! I’ve never been ziplining in the snow, what a fantastic experience to fly through the trees with the beautiful snow as a backdrop. I can see that the snowfall makes for some great photography opportunities as well. Thanks for putting this experience on my radar, I won’t hesitate to look into Whistler Ziplining when visiting British Columbia.

  8. I love zipline adventure courses like this! I’ve mostly done them in tropical places like the Caribbean and I did a zipline course underground in a cave in Wales, which was really cool. I bet the snow dusted trees and over the river is so gorgeous to experience in person. And I have definitely never seen someone zipline upside down! Did you try that?

    • Nope, Jennifer – I am not as brave or even as lightweight to try this. This was our guide cum instructor who showed us some awe-inspiring stunts. Snow I think added the excitement to the environment of Ziplining in Whistler.

    • Agness – I guess the weather does not matter much except that each weather will give you its own views. So, I would say choose the weather according to the views you would like to see while Ziplining.

  9. Now we are talking action Anuradha! =D
    This is something I would do even in the biggest cold. Maybe not necessarily in a snow storm because visibility would be 0, but as long as I can enjoy the wonderful view while ziplining, I am a happy kiddo. I feel going there with friends should be even more fun because there is always one who in a circle of friends who will turn the outing even more fun!
    Did you get an adrenalin boost and would you do it again?

    • Helene – thank God someone did not think I was brave. I was scared before the first zip line but after that I enjoyed it. I think am too old for the adrenaline rush, I enjoyed the fact that day 1 in Canada and this is what I was doing.

  10. I LOVE ziplining but I am not a fan of the cold so I might have to wait until summer to try this out. I bet it felt pretty amazing whizzing past the trees. What was the coolest trick you managed?

  11. hah! Exciting and adventure! It feels so great to be ziplining with a beautiful scenery covered with snow! It’s so thrilling and breathtaking at the same time and I could feel exactly how you felt, at first was very nervous but eventually, you’re enjoying without even realizing your position in the zipline! haha so cute! I’ve not done this in winter coz always do in tropical places!

    • Cathy – it seems most people do it in summers or in tropical places. This is the first time I did it and it happened to be the day of snow. I guess universe was transpiring to give me a different story.

  12. What a brave human being you are! I am scared of heights and open waters. I just tried ziplining once over the waters. It was fulfilling but I am not sure if I am going to do it, again! Hahaha. this is the first time that I’ve come across something about ziplining over snow! It must’have looked fantastic (if you were able to open your eyes). Did you take a video while ziplining?

    • Haxel – so many people do it every day, it has to be simple enough 🙂 Oh, I had my eyes open all the while. No – I was too scared to lose my camera, but I do have videos of others in the group.

  13. The Ziptrek Bear Tour sounds awesome! I love ziplining – it’s such a rush, and an amazing way to immerse yourself in nature for the day. I’m quite obsessed with ziplining, so have sought it out as we travel quite a lot, though I’ve never had the opportunity to jump on one over winter and zip through a snowy landscape like you have in Whistler here – everything looks so magical!

  14. Thanks for writing this awesome article. I’m a long time reader however
    I’ve never been compelled to leave a comment. I’ve bookmarked your site
    and shared this on my Facebook. Many thanks again for a quality post!

  15. I live a few hours from Whistler, so I’ll have to check this out! I love ziplining! I can only imagine your shock arriving from Goa to the snowy landscape! It sounds like it was a ton of fun.


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