White Tiger At Nehru Zoo Or Zoological Park, Hyderabad


One of the places to visit in this city for us was Nehru Zoo Hyderabad.

White Tiger at Nehru Zoo, Hyderabad
White Tiger at Nehru Zoo, Hyderabad

The zoo is something that most large cities in India have. But are somehow slotted as a place where only school children go as part of school excursions. Sure, you visit a Zoo and you have to make your way through the long lines of young ones in their school uniforms that are their only identity at the moment. School teachers work hard to keep them in lines, ensuring they do not talk to each other, and making sure that students walk in straight lines through the designated area. Stopping and admiring are not at all required and questions are well handled by saying listen to your teacher when she is teaching you.

Having said that, Zoos with so many kids around and your own memories of visiting them as a kid can invoke the kid in you once again. When you go around and wonder at the vastness of nature and get to spend time with species other than your own. That was the first thought as we visited the Nehru Zoo in Hyderabad.

Nehru Zoological Park – Places to visit in Hyderabad

Bengal Tiger at Nehru Zoological Park, Hyderabad
Bengal Tiger at Nehru Zoological Park, Hyderabad
Tortoise at Nehru Zoo Hyderabad
Tortoise at the zoo

Spread across 380 acres this 1963-born Zoo in Hyderabad is very much inside the city. In fact, the Old City wallahs, it is right in the neighborhood. And for most others a direct bus takes you there and if you drive there is ample parking. Its official name is Nehru Zoological Park and you can spend a whole day here. You get snacks and water inside but carry your own food. The mini-train takes you around the zoo in a few minutes if you find it too much to walk around and want to do a quick 15-20 min round. One corner of the zoo is by the side of a huge lake across which you can see the skyline of the city dotted with domes and minarets amidst the small hillocks.

Spotted Deers
Spotted Deers

Wildlife at Nehru Zoo

Apart from the expected various varieties of animals, reptiles, and birds, there is a safari that you can take and see some lions and bears in a small un-caged area. Though as your en-caged bus takes you through, you would be able to see the other side of the city across a wall. And wonder if these frail animals could jump the wall and go roaming in the city. The reptiles section is interesting and informative. In the nocturnal and rodents section, you can see miniature monkeys with sparkling eyes jumping around and performing acrobats on bamboos.

Butterfly Park

Butterfly park does have a lot of colorful butterflies. As we were trying to capture them in our camera, we wished there was some quietness around so that butterflies could rest on a flower for a while and not have to jump around all the time to escape the noise.

Butterfly at Butterfly garden
Butterfly at Butterfly garden

White Tiger & Bengal Tiger

In the Zoo, we were amused to see two tigers trying to make unsuccessful attempts at climbing a tall straight tree. Another white tiger was playing in the water and looking back and posing for the million cameras pointing at it. Almost humanly varieties of monkeys were sitting in thoughtful poses and moving around looking at all the onlookers. A huge deer family with its multiple clans was eating and playing in a very civilized manner. Near the scattered water bodies of the park, you can see numerous birds. But the big ones in huge cages are a delight to see. If you sit back and observe you can see them talking animatedly to each other. Colorful talking birds from the parrot’s family can scare you with their loud noise.

Cobras moving slowly and smoothly on tree trunks make a good sight. As long as there is a glass between you and them. Centuries-old tortoise makes you wish that they could speak and tell us the history of the place.


If there is nothing else that attracts you, go there for taking long walks. And get some fresh air for your lungs. Wide tree-lined roads are quite inviting to walk on. I am not too much of an animal lover. But I still enjoyed my day spent at the zoo.

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